Sunday, April 25, 2021

MK ULTRA - One of earliest families involved in MK Ultra identified on Trska Gora Meckovec Novo mesto city

Video can be also sen at
Identified and all confirmed were her weekend vineyard house ownership, presence of her husband in her weekend vineyard house, daughter issue, her level of education and her profession as educated for(economist who works along accountants), husband's level of education, her place of previous employment and fact she moved onto another location, type of the house she owns in the city(Meckovec) and fact that she owns one(her husband does and one is not same as her father's house), height and weight of her husband, and probably more.

NOT CONFIRMED YET: Daughter left Slovenia abroad in latest in 2018 if not in 2017(could also be a Czech rep. not only Belgium or GB), I also pointed out that she most likely left Labod company in 2000/2001, pointed out her husband works at Krka and has a supervisor position(he works in production area along machines with crew of 6 people or something per his shift - workers wear protective clothing as is the case in pharmaceutical industry), her next job was at Krka terme in Smarjeske Toplice, most likely her husband's education is either high school gymnasium or economic technician(I rated him boring), her house location is next to some business in same street and is most likely Pod Trsko Goro 53 or in very same street and more...

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