Thursday, April 8, 2021

Navalny too had second woman, but not in Moscow(possibly Perm city in Russia)

 Yeah, you get it Moscow also followed up with scenarios for which they knew(they heavily evaluated me on them) on how I will react. This translates that whole thing was used to discourage real people(frustrate - morally and ethically kill). They did all this with full pact of journalists/politicians from West - it can be clearly seen what media represents these days. Trump/Putin plan goes on make no mistake and you will feel it on your own skin like it or not...well evaluated and well calculated.

Its bigger - something like this but better more modern.

When you are serious about something like this, you contact person first - talk to one and then follow whatever is that you have on mind. World of LIES.

And probably third/fourth here and then...there were beautiful women around him all the time. As stated, he had a really decent life with his real identity.

Navalny has a house in Perm - a brand new structure. House is now probably 12/14 years next to some pond...

Got I think new home also for his mom - something like this...

Navalny is doing okay idiots.

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