Tuesday, April 27, 2021

MK ULTRA YESTERDAY - Identified were Slovenian gentleman involved in MK Ultra as far as to 1995 from Novo mesto city who also was in Poland

 Got surprise yesterday when I identified first Slovenian departure to Poland(not confirmed yet and psychiatrist Kaps had problems with it - contemplated on conditioning his involvement in case with his chetnik ideology) - key here is Slovenian and its what went into the nose of "Slovenian" politicians badly badly badly during MK Ultra and so badly that those threatened(even that I insisted during MK Ultra for the 99.99% of the time to want to have nothing to do with MK Ultra, time when told stated here resulted in my insisting on MK Ultra as to bring one all the way to the end) to end one as it wouldn't be good for Slovenians to get involved in it or to have any grip on the situation whatsoever. Gentleman also has a daughter(not confirmed yet) which idea to marry sometimes in 1999 I declined and what insulted both. 

CONFIRMED: I pointed out proximity of his "house"(really are apartment where he stays), since it was not house I told him where in apartment building his apartment was/is located, color of his car he had and what one looked like more or less(it was not red Citroen AX, but instead red Renault 5), workplace as Renault(IMV) in Novo mesto - he traded one for security officer position in what I think was Krka pharmaceutica thanks to this case but this is not confirmed yet...

They wanted foreign enemy to deal with foreign powers over my personal MK Ultra case right on the territory of Slovenia with idea to deprive country(turning me in every way possible against Slovenian state - trying to instill in me million and one conspiracy theory against my own people/country) of its independence.

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