Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Pollacks insisted in 2008/2010 that I would obtain Polish disability retirement based on crippling via employment in Poland - it will be a form of help Kaczynski/ Andrzej Duda/ Morawiecki/ Walesa and others insisted

 Reality is that after crippling via employment in 2019, it was time for Poland to move to next issue in line - use previous MK Ultra spine X-rays to LIE ABOUT WORST POSSIBLE CRIME. Push via job market onto next work position with idea to cripple more(involved as next was electronic parts sales company where I was instead moving heavy cables). Its also why I know Polish hospital Marii Skłodowskiej Curie in Zgierz(not only criminal employer) FAKED LIED COMMITTED SECOND offense crime in respect to deliberate crippling.

Individual who also insisted on disability issues under MK Ultra was a physician in Zgierz from Miejski Zespół Przychodni Rejonowych w Zgierzu Przychodnia Rejonowa who accepted me when complaining to one aftermath about spine injury(he then proceeded to drive me insane instead with lies). Because of elections in 2020, I deem for a whole thing to be a matter of culture and yes I do have problem with it.

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