Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Father who acted totally demented individual have had ready with police dangerous scenario - play with car keys

 Not capable to operate car as was told by mom and others, however, he asked for keys today on several occasions(according to MK Ultra scenario if I would turn against one despite hundred manipulations involved in it used to soften my stand toward abuse - not even him as one is used to drive insane only) as they even extorted me under with my publishing audios about them about b.s. they created. You say how is this possible, well they told me that

if I wouldn't play audios about his dementia via which they extorted tolerance for violence with social issues, father would no longer act demented and would instead involve police against me they insisted...when considering stated, he could have reported me for holding his car keys to myself. Know that I have audio proof of my giving keys to mother - also know I never ever used car for personal interest of any kind. I use one and therefore get car keys only whenever they alone are in question(doctor appointment etc) or for shopping - of which on each occasion I get keys from mother.

As far as his car for which he believed I would be crazy about - I don't even want to seat in one(or see one) to be honest. I am trying to get car of my own, but government does best for me to stay at home instead. I am kind, but these people have totally wrong idea about it all.

Note, no email(contact of any kind) ever from individual and his family involved in this case for over 25 years - that's US president Joe Biden. Nothing up to date...

Sleep deprivation is now a new weight loss technique...with Warp speed heh !!????

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