Wednesday, April 28, 2021

NO BOSNIAN FEDERATION TERMINATION FOR CHETNIKS: United States Department of State REJECTS bizarre Slovenian chetnik proposition in respect to Bosnian border changes -


Slovenian proposition(which is bye the way anti Slovenian as it gets - idea here is to destroy Bosnia, Slovenia, and Croatia and not Bosnia alone) about resolution of Bosnian federation didn't find as Mr. Milan Kučan and Borut Pahor(claimed me - brainwashed me under MK Ultra case would be if those would issue with Janez Janša open request statement for termination of Bosnia) claimed me is an accord with European Union and US in respect to Bosnia which they have made in advance - I know so because both REJECTED the type of manipulation(speculation paranoia) which Slovenian chetniks learned to implement from their mentors in Serbia and Serbian part of Bosnia - type of psychological warfare used to mass(broad) convince targeted population on how to view reality as. 

Its and issue which also Poland pushed forward quietly what demonstrates even greater concern(total inequality withing Slavic societies which doesn't concern Russia alone and is present today in 2021) since one doesn't border Bosnia or is even in region....


And what is the difference between so called Slovenian right and what they claimed was/is even Slovenian partisan(national resistance) movement !!???? They work well with one another. From Islamophobia to other issues that touch deep cores of developed societies on which democracy is based on.

What is this "solidarity" anyways huh !!???? Perhaps Walesa/Pahor !!????

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