Wednesday, October 31, 2018

NOTICE: I am moving to a new PRIVATE location

Probably as early as Monday, but will start to remodel(help him paind and such) place with owner already this Friday.

New address will be:

Ulica Traugutta 19 
Zgierz 95-100

I have recognized this morning even beautiful pensioner with his dog today who gave me a green light about MKultra

Have made a mistake about his profession, but I even remembered his walking trail from MKULTRA in the local forest (he disappeared in the forest, but memory kicked in about his regular trail, so I waited him at the end of his trial;)... video and much more coming on this subject.

Daughter of a pensioner was diagnosed as schisophrenic, and works near Grotiniki in office which deals with people who are experiencing immotional difficulties (Chechen people were mentioned). This is also how we got to know one another. The pensioner is the second person (first one was Mr. Marcin Rau) who agreed (as seeing one).


After obtaining extremelly powerful recognition from here mentioned individual, they tried to intimidate me a local hospital. Individual whom I have met under MKultra and is a great friend of female doctor there have posed for me, but denied knowing me in my face(I wouldn't back down from my claim do as individual was 100% involve in MKultra just as the female physician)...I asked him about MKultra details almost infront of her(was told under MKultra two versions - one that I would be observed/monitored by her alone and security personnel to se just how assertive I am with my claims in public when questioning people which could brought me a load of problems, but then on how I have to ask her afterwords as well about MKultra procedure so they would understand that I know whole thing). I did not proceed with asking her about details, but I am making a public claim that she was involved just as this man(both are team) and will absolutely return when the time is right to get recognition from her as well.

Further(coming next)...

My android's screen got broken the day before yesterday by my roomate. Have about three hours long documentary about my roomate coming to explain in details what I was subjected to and not only under MKultra, but afterwards again in real time. Will explain in details what fear mongering and terror are.

My roomate is a good person despite stuff I will stress about him(he did lots of wrong things, but he could have done many many more and much much worse if he only wanted too), but its KGB which used him to get their things done the way they imagine it should be.

Tomorrow is a hollyday here what means that libraries are again closed(work on whatever is left of my two androids).

I recognized yet another lady(doctor) involved in MKultra

Her residence is located behind postal office's building on ground floor(about middle of the building).

Video can be also seen at

Yet another person involved in MKultra identified. Americans were horrified by Russian RAPE culture back then, but I was guilty for it all.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

International Criminal Court well updated about my situation - nobody will say "I didn't know or we were not told"


People do not realize just how mentally sick(dangerous to societies) Donald Trump and his family are

Main stream media is collecting(his offenses) on daily bases, but suggests on how criminal is doing well at poles because this is how it's done...they(the one whom Trump cruised) are selling us bricks for freedom and before you know whole world will be deployed once again in dark.

Obama was the one who made this traitor(disgrace to the nation) and so if you will America, try to find at least semi normal person as your next president...

Being thrown out if US by criminals as honorable US citizen(not only blacklisted on job market/apt. rental), but even life threatened(and tested as insane - tortured by psychiatry) is nothing to be proud about America !!!

JUSTICE will be served America !!!! Laws and international treaties respected !!!!!

@Trump...Why not to label Auschwitz survivors as insane !!???? You can do it and it's what USA stands for now !!!

Here is how physical examination went

Part 1

Part 2 and special message for Trump family(Ivanka Kushner, Trump Jr., Eric and and so on).

Monday, October 29, 2018

Polish police updated with my situation in respect to KGB

Here is additional information which was submitted to them in respect to Russian terrorism within Polish immigration.


Dear International Police Co-operation Bureau at National Police Headquarters,  

Most Poles want permanent US military presence: defence ministry

And what have Putan Putanowich managed to accomplish for Russia in the end !!????
Less than nothing...I was asked bye top Eastern European politicians(Slovenian, Polish and so on) about issues concerning investments into Serbia and Russia almost 18 years ago and my answer is still the same, "DO NOT INVEST IN THEM FOR THE PRICE OF YOUR OWN BECAUSE 60+ YEARS OLD MISTAKE WILL REPEAT" !!!

And most likely will repeat now as the result of such mistakes...why does it matter more to politicians on what nation gets the money(West gave one to Russia in form of technology and oil purchases and so on while Slovenian taxpayers were ripped of about 40 billion USD, so Serbia could rebuilt disaster to which we witness again today - NATO stopped one in war against our nations just so we could have again same safety and economy problems 20 years down the road to which we witness today) vs what nation could do with money(produce money and help other nations rather than to favor nation as nation) also for other nations !!???? I mention this as am asked why Yugoslavia have fallen apart and so on...we have about the same problem when considering Poland and Russia and so !!?????

Poland could help build democratic Russia and economically self sufficient Russia, but the opposite way was and is proven impossible.


Am I correct Mr. Milan Kucan !!?????


More than half of Poles support government efforts to ensure a permanent US military presence in the country, the Polish defence ministry has said, citing poll findings.

Film maker Oleg Sentsov, who has been described by Vladimir Putin as a terrorist is given human rights prize by European Union

Its hard to imagine that you can be called a terrorist by the uncivilized Russian terrorist(a real animal) who just happen to invaded your country, but it is real....

A Crimean dissident sentenced to 20 years in Russian prison has been awarded the European parliament’s prestigious Sakharov prize in a sharp criticism of Russia’s human rights record likely to provoke anger from the Kremlin.

Former Russian businessman, who spent six years in a Moscow prison and a mental health unit after having tried to expose corruption in the construction sector in Russia, is now fearing for his life.

Fugitive businessman: Spies masterminding pro-Russian bloodshed coup in Ukraine (Video)

Dushutin claims he accidentally learnt about the Russian spy ring.
Fugitive Russian businessman Alexei Dushutin, who is now residing in Canada, claims that a Russian spy ring is masterminding a pro-Russian coup with bloodshed in Ukraine. 

PUTIN REALIZES HIS FLOATING NUCLEAR PLANT DREAM: Russia launches controversial floating nuclear power plant

Whose profile fits perfectly to the one of the terrorist !!?????

Who would be crazy enough to take Putin seriously !!?????
Man in the White House did and few others and its why we have what we have...WHY WOULD BE ANYBODY AFRAID OF THE SCHIZOPHRENIC LUNATIC WHO ISOLATED HIS PEOPLE(20 million Russians are on less than $140 per month and vodka sells better than bread) AND HAVE BROKEN SLAVIC WORLD OF AFFAIRS INTO BITS, I HAVE NO CLUE...
fFukushima never existed...lucky are Russian neighbors(some things never change for better, but go instead even in reverse).


Russia launches controversial floating nuclear power plant

FREEDOM IS NEVER GIVEN, BUT IS INSTEAD TAKEN: Terrorist who already blew Eastern part of Ukraine(murdered more than 10.000 Ukrainians and ripped portion of Ukraine from Ukraine) now threatening with new security issues to those that are unwilling to settle for his new Soviet scenario

Russia will target European countries if they host U.S. nuclear missiles: Putin

America arms its allies while Russia disarms and kills those who associate with one(what is word Slavic to Russia anyways - NOTHING) - historically proven fact !!!


Related to:
Why this would be the case I wonder NOT.
Russian terrorism exploded across the Europe and USA since Donald Trump's appearance behind the political stage.

Several people claiming to be Russian citizens have been detained in the United States, a spokesman for the Russian consulate in New York told Sputnik.

Lock was broken for no less than three days and here is the photo of one.

Just to document event.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Another two psychologists recognized/identified in Grotnikah - now keep your word Polish association of psychologists

You promised that if I would ever get so far to recognize publicly my case as MKultra case

Does this car to belong to second psychologist or not ?

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Message to residents at Ośrodek dla cudzoziemców(Grotniki) - Orchidea where am staying

Peter and Egyptian guy no longer have to worry about one. I will not handshake with individual who suggests me in face on how he is with Russians(and Infront of others Peter) or is pushing devide an conquer game for the sake of Moscow with extra abnormal issues.

Group at Grotniki have selected(when subjected to MKultra) as a leader of the group a Belarus police officer by the name Valerio. This, however, was and is a waste of time from my point if view, so those interested in giving me their account about my case will have to do better.

Valerio's mission was/is to primarily block/stop truth from going forward(violence was used) or destroy my perception about reality(if you can't stop one, create disinformation about him and if only possible in him) to the point that I would begun to follow more and more destorted views from Moscow which are implemented greatly across the Eastern Europe either via corruption or even terror(terrorism as person develops own vision based on all sorts of events that are injected in his/her life).

Beginning tomorrow(for those interested), I will take your personal accounts about my MKultra case and do my best to assist(reward) you when circumstances permit me.

Same day as I published news about Russian destruction of my electronic equipment

Both of my telephones were again destroyed. My best telephone now no longer has option for headphones as speaker sound is played along with headphone option at the same time  for anyone to hear what I would listen...second telephone doesn't acknowledge SD cards and is experiencing other issues as well...

Day earlier, my roommate "experienced" almost same type of issues and so I knew what will follow(Rusky Rostislav did same on what telephones were severed - I shouldn't worry according to KGB logic as is new "normal" that things are falling appart)....

Other than that I had fun with local Polish children for three days and creating seen movie....

VIDEO - Facts about psychologist involved in MKultra with whom I have fallen even in love(things like this happen too)…

Even that totally censored(your people Netanyahu have done this and much more), I decided to publish this video series on YouTube first due to file size.

Here are proofs about MKultra that involved one of the psychologists in whom I got even inloved(still am and deem her to be a great catch;) with when brought on regular basis to Poland via US government...
Video can also be seen at

Video can also be seen at

PS. have left other details like fashion preferences out and did spared Melania and Donny of load of embarrassment as well...

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

By far the biggest threat to civilisation is no one else than Russua

They also abduct/hijack more people(specially women - sexual slavery) than any other country. Terrorism across the Europe and even US...meddling in elections everywhere on globe...threats with nuclear war and so on...

Why incident involving two security officers is important even more

Under MKultra, Ruskies have orchestrated lemonade(continuation of incident to which "residents" from center even loudly cheered) that involved via this very incident even replacement of security personnel with some sort of currupt international crew(international non Polish uniformed personnel that would support KGB option). Not likely to happen, but just about anything is possible here.

It is possible that KGB criminals have only instigated in racism to destroy individual with gimmick mentioned here or is there more in the game....It's what they have done and do since I had first encounter with them in 1996(nothing but Moscowy fascism/Nazism against neighboring nations and the wall if hypocrisy/lies behind which they are hiding)...Moscow is of course innocent and knows nothing about stuff like's Americans who do stuff like I right ?

Moscow = hatred hatred hatred hatred...pure evil.

Related to:


KGB strikes again: The two security officers have NOTHING to do with incident that took place two days ago

The two are nothing more than victims of higher level officials(corrupt).
Part 1

Part 2

One of the officers even saved my life with his witnessing. I recognize the situation as is.    

I have already chosen my side and the name is POLAND. Trump dreamed of picking sides at this point... I DID !!!

Related to:


Monday, October 22, 2018

Psychologists strike my overconfidence, but truth will prevail

I got very cold "shower" this morning.
Video can be also seen at
There is hope ;) for Donnie/Angela(no there is none - I already won and will get done more without absolutely any hesitation).

Way better than ice bucket competition this morning...

Sunday, October 21, 2018

I hear that I am negative about Islam and other races

Not at all, but have to remind you that this is Europe, country is Poland, and that human trafficking is forbidden here.

Respect goes both ways and laws must be respected.

REPEATED: 1 of 2 Destroyed android and bacpack by Russian KGB in Poland where filing political asylum...
Have posted wrong video is the right one.

So who is guessing and who is based on memory so far !!????

Germans dreamed something about what would be guessing...

@Merkel whose father did to million Slavs just as she have done to me....

How are details so far !!???

Best is for the last...."last" will be played this week...will confront face to face those who participated in MKultra and have tried to challenge with doubts this very issue to the last(for no less than 12 years).

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Anna Rajnd was chosen by social engineers as companion for Ivanka Trump in Poland(spec. this area).

To cater(make her feel at home as much as possible) Donald Trump's daughter, Polish government came even with what you see here...
This were local candidates this year for this area...Anna(if I remember properly) was brought to this town from elsewhere in Poland, but can't remember every little detail do(I think either hour or two away from here or even Zakopane/Nowy Torg  area - perhaps other part of Poland...this is what I call guessing and going a bit too far with it perhaps/chance taking).

Just to remind you and your miserable daughter Donnie....

1 of 2 Destroyed android and bacpack by Russian KGB in Poland where filing political asylum...

 lmagine for KGB to go as far as destroying physically even Android to victim if one would dare to charge telephone overnight.. nothing but damage by KGB is to report. Part 2 will be repeated video from Facebook but more suffisticated as far as video quality and few extra details.

Crazy MKultra ideas which Russians and their Kadirov friends from Chechnya had(and still even have) were and will remain in their heads only.

Grotniki's immigration center neighbor identified

I know where she resided in the past(incl. her private spots in forests - favorites), her ex boyfriends and list goes on... 

There will be also other psychologists who were involved in MKultra I will go after... 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Library was closed entire week(tomorrow will be closed too).

There was a blah blah on how my case will be only used by Warszaw for private interests and for the state to obtain whatever is needed

Its why I call it blah blah...I am Poland and Poland is I...more physical proofs will come out !!! State here will be confirmed !!!

I am happy to here :)))))) its abit hard, but sure am happy !!! I love you Poland(have done already so much for me that I could never ever get disappointed about one).

THE STRONGEST PROOF YET ABOUT MY CASE(don't worry, you will get hard core proof in your hands): Personal message for US Government(to the Ruskies which wanted another freeby through to me too) who placed in me in present situation

You(you too Russia) are going to pay either 3% of trade that took place between 1998 and 2018 or sumę of 200 bln(whatever is greater) US Dollars. Related to but changed(whichever companies became involved between 1998 and 2007 are also liable for remaining time up to date - it didn't stop in 2007, but will perhaps in 2018 - this is why you owe) and here is why !!!

Hunger games AmeroGerman way
Here is the proof about what elites have played with, but didn't know who(with what) they play with.

Here is the video I have talked about...not whites, but Slavs instead. 

So called "whites"(and Israel along with them) have only repeated in my case what they have already done in WWII against our people....thats all.
DO YOU KNOW THAT VLADIMIR PUTIN(to obtain weapons technology for the war against Ukraine and others) HAVE EVEN SOLD SLAVIC(Polish, Slovenian, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian etc.) PEOPLE IN AMERICA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, AND ACCROSS THE WESTERN EUROPE !!????



Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Second Chechen who was transfered to this very location with me from Warszaw was a police officer in Chechnya(Kadirov's cop basically) is what I have found out

This was one of the individuals I have talked about earlier today and who also was involved in MKultra. He orchestrated under MKultra abduction to Kaliningrad....

Interesting political asylum procedure for me here in Poland...isn't it ?

Chechen refugees in Grotniki area - who are they(not all, but for the most part yeah) !!???? Here is what Russia have orchestrated in AGAIN in Poland with assistance of Kadirov

Being silent about it, doesn't do anything for me and nor does for real Chechen people who arrived here for the right reasons. Here is my account on how things were under MKultra. 
Russia may try to reduce this case to Kadirov issue(on his level since individual is seen as terrorist in his part of the world), but Russian terrorism across the Europe(world) is a fact undeniable and must be stopped.

KGB Rostislav Pobjedin disappeared today(have they let him go or did he disappeared on his own I do not know) is also what am computer was available yesterday or today in Grotniki area for me to update complain with Polish police in respect to his case...

This is Europe and not Russia or even Chechnya(I am fedup with both) and we also want to live like Europeans(civilised people). I didn't come to Poland for this.

There are two kinds if Chechen refugees here in Poland, but all are Russian citizens.

Never forget why you came to new country....I wouldn't even go into issue of many here who feel opposed to me related in some way to those who supposedly have burned their homes(have tortured them and so on and because of whom they left), but are inclined to colaborate against me in Poland with same enemy...its because I am not interested to turn into either of above(in video) mentioned forms and that includes Chechen one, but since you push it for...let's do it.

First of all, here is Europe and country is Poland(accept it and that includes Polish language or get lost)....If I had different plans, I do choose different destination prior to arrival here(how pathetic of Russia that victim totally non related to one is even stalked abroad with idea to violently introduce one to the system which he rejected on all possible levels).
Russian language(language of terrorists, rapists - cowardish killers is all I know one for) is for me temporary a dead language and am not interested in one not even a bit. 

It's hard for me to state this, but it's all I ever got from one and it's easy for Russians to accept violence against other Slavs.

Here is also an update in respect to pay discrepancy, rental issues, and few more  things...bizarre situation.....I.

Every KGB agent here(and Rostislav and Valerie both involved in MKultra) have records of abuse in Russia/Belarus - don't ask how or why

Refugees who didn't document abuse(have nothing more than government forms) on internet and are not actively fighting against Moscow(here some are openly collaborating with one) are most likely not real refugees.

Russian language us for me temporary dead.

FAKERS ALERT: As for the people who are tortured in their own countries(or exiled due to war what case is with many Chechens) and those no longer know what they immigrated for

To another countries such as Poland....I do NOT care.

Collaborating with your own enemy against someone who has same enemy rates you into category of animals.

I have done something about it...gathered facts and turn them into complain...what have you done on the other hand...not what you are doing in Poland, but what have you come here for !!???? Lies on how you are on the button of the society(discriminated by Polish people) and just need to collaborate with KGB, you can stick in your a***.

Many of you are not real refugees, but here for other purposes. That's all

Publishing with android

Sucks...sorry :)))

PAY UP MERKEL! Poland DEMAND Germany NOT to hand over MORE World War 2 reparations as this ROYAL newspaper from Britain titles article, but instead for one to finally begun paying real reparations for Adolf Hitler's annihilation of Poland

I rate present Polish government as real Polish government; other Eastern European governments whose representatives have sold WWII reparations of own countries for the sake of curuption and war in Ukraine(Russia made oil purchase deal with Germany and technology transfer deal instead - ignorant Belaus, Slovenia, Serbia complied with it) should take a note if it and learn from one.

Monday, October 15, 2018

I refuse to speak in Russian with staff or Chechens(they are all Russian citizens and some in bed directly with KGB).

Why only one person so far spoke English(Debak near Warsaw location) no longer is a mystery to me....

Mystery to me, however, us why Poland is allowed to remain in NATO.

NATO is predominantly operated in English language...if you want Russian, join Russia in that case...declare yourself to the world for what you are.

Today and tomorrow, library was and will be closed

Russian wreckage of my computer and other equipment paid off well to Kremlin.

Nearest town with library where two computers are available is 8 kilometers(one way hour and half if walk) from here...

No substitution for librarian whatsoever. 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Except two Russians and two Arabs, everyone here is Chechen

What is Chechnya ?

Chechnya officially the Chechen Republic is a federal subject (a republic) of Russia.  Source

I wouldn't get into this, but two Chechens who arrived with me and the two Russians from Debak, were involved in demonstration of abduction to Kaliningrad under MKultra...according to stated above from Wikipedia, every Chechen is a Russian citizen. Which are good and which are pro Moscow's terrorists is also not a difficult thing to guess, but it takes want too...some floated with here mentioned Russians already for many years inside of the Polish immigration system...question is because of whom and not even why...

So far in Slovakia and Poland nothing but FREE service to Russia

It is questionable where whole thing is taking to. I didn't get even 18Euros(70) Zloty which are given monthly to immigrants. There is much more that goes on in the background that I can't even say. 

I did profit in Poland as I have proven that MKultra existed, but question is who wants to profit from within...

Moscow acts in my case as the one who decides about it if I am owned by one, but who gives one support for such perversion(distortion of reality).

Saturday, October 13, 2018

KGB would prefer my not studying Polish language and physically exercise inside of the gym in Poland or 

KGB would prefer my not studying Polish language and physically exercise inside of the gym...more physical confrontation threats recorded which I will serve on Monday with other material to Polish police for international crime prevention.

VIDEO - There was more Russian(Putan Putanowich and his criminal associates/team) rape involved in my case(concerns Poland), but will not release any further details till I get green light from people that indicated under MKULTRA that issues as seen here actually matter to them

Part 1
Part 2
Some in Warsaw have even dreamed of using my case to advance business relations in Russia(at my expense and at expense of females as well), so extra caution is not too much to consider for me in this case...

VIDEO - 2 of 3 My account was hacked today by KGB criminal via computer which I always use in public library

KGB tried to remove my Facebook page as well AND librarian agrees on how I didn't use public computers IN LIBRARY yesterday.

VIDEO - 3 of 3 My account was hacked today by KGB criminal via computer which I always use in public library

Will Polish police finally grab KGB criminals from Grotniki's immigration center and take them away !!????

Here is Rostislav's criminal activity during my absence on computer which I always use in local library which clearly shows that he even had my password in his possession.

VIDEO - Facebook cuts my videos to 30 seconds length

Facebook begun to cut my videos into first 30 second videos which is yet another act of sabotage(is coming next). In this video and what will be reported to police is again concerning KGB criminals at this center.

And here is the perfect example of can be also seen at

VIDEO - 1 OF 3 My account was hacked today by KGB criminal via computer which I always use in public library

KGB criminal Rostislav doesn't only follow me around, but is instead also using opportunities as see here to log into my personal Facebook account.

My account was hacked today by KGB criminal via computer which I always use in public library. I am asking you to secure my account and ensure that nothing was deleted from one. Thank you.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

By Nkosi Zwelivelile: My grandfather Nelson Mandela fought apartheid. I see the parallels with Israel

It took an international effort to end institutionalised racism in my country – now it must happen again, for Palestinian people
My grandfather, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, would have turned 100 this year. The world is marking the centenary of his birth and celebrating his leadership in the struggle to end apartheid in South Africa. But while my country has long been free from racist minority rule, the world is not yet free of the crime of apartheid.

Poland Honors Diplomat Who Saved 800 Jews During the Holocaust

Looks like present Israel under Netanyahu failed yet again.
Polish president unveils new gravestone for Konstanty Rokicki, who served as vice-consul in Switzerland and issued fake Latin American passports to Jews. His story remained unknown until now.

'Russia is the only conceivable threat to Poland'(Former Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski told DW why he sees Russia as a threat to European stability – and why he supports a possible US military presence in Poland.).

From DW:
I agree, but Poland should depend more on itself in terms of security than on so called "Fort Trump"(biggest KGB ass in America that seats in the White House). Poland just as Ukraine(both do and the two should create military pact), has the right to protect its existence via nuclear arsenal(even Germany has one).

Moscow buys Hungarian alliance(Budapest even wonders why Ukraine moved military on border with such a great neighbor) in war against Ukraine for about 10bl. Euros

From rferl.orgRussian President Vladimir Putin and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban have agreed to move ahead with a project to build two new reactors at Hungary's Paks nuclear-power plant. The cost of the project is set at 12.5 billion euros ($14.6 billion), most of which will be provided by a 10-billion-euro ($11.2 billion) loan from Moscow.

Russian terrorists(UNCIVILIZED/BARBARIC UKRAINOPHOBES) murder another 4 Ukrainians in Ukraine and open fire on Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

Four Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in action and three more wounded in combat over the past day, the Ukrainian military said on Oct. 11.

This feminine predator feels as being most bullied person in the world

From and
Her father who murdered(individual has a criminal UDBA record) numerous natives in Slovenia feels the same...

Did you know that even Belarus has NUCLEAR bombs !!!??????

It was about Poland and Ukraine whether those should posses them to protect its sovereignty from Moscow and Berlin which claimed so far some 30/35 million lives...

So tell me about it...

Belarus(about 10 million people) does have NUCLEAR bombs ICBMs and you can trust my information because I said so...I will not disclose information on who and so on, but stated here is a fact.

ICBMs can be used as silo nukes and can be easily stored(assembled) in almost any industrial facility/warehouse...

The question for Ukraine and Poland is not "if" but instead when and why not already !!!

Here is why we have Russian terrorism going on across the Europe and Northern America

I don't think its difficult to understand what is going on(by whom and why).

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

VIDEO - Polish assistance program for immigrants changed temporary on behalf of director - I understand

Polish immigration director, I understand, decided to temporary terminate 750 Pln/Zloty(180 eu) per month for those who wish to rent(includes also food cost et.) outside of the asylum system. News came t me right after I begun to post my own advertisement on studio rental.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Russian UKRAINOPHOBE(a regular terrorist) in UKRAINE definant in the face of over 10.000+ murdered Ukrainians - calls Russia a friend(NOT agressor).

This criminal is also part of Russian Gambino family(closer to Putin than any other Russian terrorist in Ukraine). Amazing to note just how gutsy terrorist(they all are incl. those in imigration center in Grotnikih where I am) can be in the face of the nation whom his regime have caused so much pain/sorrow.

Russia should have been isolated(all Russian citizens should be banned from entry to European union) from world entierly till one signs basic treatis with UN/ICC and so of right now, Russian terrorists are not even liable infront of internartional laws/treaties. 

Just compare Russian entry to Russia(we have a KGB/Mossad tourism going on in EU and US) laws for foreign citizens with EU/US laws and you will see exactly what I mean.


Sunday, October 7, 2018

Both videos on KGB

We're done on 50 euro Android(1gb ram that loves crashing) without even glasses(dioptry no longer works with them and may even be fogged with something) as Polish doctors feel there is no need for them(my dioptry is about 3)...will make video on this subject as well.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

2 of 2 KGB second physical and public slender attack with idea to stop me from filing political asylum in Poland in 2018

Video can be also seen at

2 of 2 KGB second physical and public slender attack to stop political asylum procedure in Poland in 2018

On original two hours and half long tape can be heard how I work out and also another individual whom I do not wish to involve in situation. 

ACCORDING to Rusky KGB agent Rostislav whose last name I will not mention as whole thing is already pathetic enough:

Librarian girl is a whore and I am "Alfons" because I f*** women for money(I must have f*** many bye now according to Rostislav).
Interesting and opposite from physical attack which Rostislav exercised against me in front if security officer because I left gym without arguments after he declined to give me even his ID in exchange for key, Rostislav allows himself to verbally insult me when asking same from me.

In USA where severely tortured per KGB(it's what seats now even in White House as insane as it sounds), I was bullied by CIA which performed MKultra torture(Guantanamo style on US citizen of Slavic origins) in respect to my last name "Avsec"(they used instead name "upset" because KGB' plan was to ruin my life completely via CIA when in USA /W. Europe and via Belgrade once in Slovenia - which criminals did it). You can hear KGB criminal using this exact language.

I am again called Jew per Mossad(it's how murderous criminal Netanyahu is using KGB as criminal needs excuse for genocidal involvement against me as well - insults/ harassment/ physical and all sorts of other attacks are okay as long as he get "excuse" to point finger at me - its a Jewish payback for what state of the Isreal have gotten through to me when negotiating businesses deals throughout Eastern Europe between 1998 and 2006).

Rostislav imitates me in Russian as per how I work(pay attention to using word "work" in Russian language with which he imitates American accent of Russian language - doesn't even apply to me, but he is severely sick and sees things that do not exist) on what is going me where my money is and so on...he has lots if problems per what I do...and my work bothers his boss in Moscow - obviously.

Rostislav also keeps disturbing Polish president Andzej Duda - wants aliby for his KGB activities and to disturb(in his mind get both things done, but is wrong - to disturb/(gets alibi for disturbing Duda), he writes nonsense letters also to other politicians in Europe and USA)...

Minute 17 second audio starts...I am dirty whore and so is librarian girl and so on...too many audios like this, but also too many problems as my equipment gets effected all the time...

Related to part 1