Saturday, October 27, 2018

Message to residents at Ośrodek dla cudzoziemców(Grotniki) - Orchidea where am staying

Peter and Egyptian guy no longer have to worry about one. I will not handshake with individual who suggests me in face on how he is with Russians(and Infront of others Peter) or is pushing devide an conquer game for the sake of Moscow with extra abnormal issues.

Group at Grotniki have selected(when subjected to MKultra) as a leader of the group a Belarus police officer by the name Valerio. This, however, was and is a waste of time from my point if view, so those interested in giving me their account about my case will have to do better.

Valerio's mission was/is to primarily block/stop truth from going forward(violence was used) or destroy my perception about reality(if you can't stop one, create disinformation about him and if only possible in him) to the point that I would begun to follow more and more destorted views from Moscow which are implemented greatly across the Eastern Europe either via corruption or even terror(terrorism as person develops own vision based on all sorts of events that are injected in his/her life).

Beginning tomorrow(for those interested), I will take your personal accounts about my MKultra case and do my best to assist(reward) you when circumstances permit me.

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