Tuesday, October 30, 2018

People do not realize just how mentally sick(dangerous to societies) Donald Trump and his family are

Main stream media is collecting(his offenses) on daily bases, but suggests on how criminal is doing well at poles because this is how it's done...they(the one whom Trump cruised) are selling us bricks for freedom and before you know whole world will be deployed once again in dark.

Obama was the one who made this traitor(disgrace to the nation) and so if you will America, try to find at least semi normal person as your next president...

Being thrown out if US by criminals as honorable US citizen(not only blacklisted on job market/apt. rental), but even life threatened(and tested as insane - tortured by psychiatry) is nothing to be proud about America !!!

JUSTICE will be served America !!!! Laws and international treaties respected !!!!!

@Trump...Why not to label Auschwitz survivors as insane !!???? You can do it and it's what USA stands for now !!!

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