Tuesday, October 16, 2018

There are two kinds if Chechen refugees here in Poland, but all are Russian citizens.

Never forget why you came to new country....I wouldn't even go into issue of many here who feel opposed to me related in some way to those who supposedly have burned their homes(have tortured them and so on and because of whom they left), but are inclined to colaborate against me in Poland with same enemy...its because I am not interested to turn into either of above(in video) mentioned forms and that includes Chechen one, but since you push it for...let's do it.

First of all, here is Europe and country is Poland(accept it and that includes Polish language or get lost)....If I had different plans, I do choose different destination prior to arrival here(how pathetic of Russia that victim totally non related to one is even stalked abroad with idea to violently introduce one to the system which he rejected on all possible levels).
Russian language(language of terrorists, rapists - cowardish killers is all I know one for) is for me temporary a dead language and am not interested in one not even a bit. 

It's hard for me to state this, but it's all I ever got from one and it's easy for Russians to accept violence against other Slavs.

Here is also an update in respect to pay discrepancy, rental issues, and few more  things...bizarre situation.....I.

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