Tuesday, October 16, 2018

PAY UP MERKEL! Poland DEMAND Germany NOT to hand over MORE World War 2 reparations as this ROYAL newspaper from Britain titles article, but instead for one to finally begun paying real reparations for Adolf Hitler's annihilation of Poland

I rate present Polish government as real Polish government; other Eastern European governments whose representatives have sold WWII reparations of own countries for the sake of curuption and war in Ukraine(Russia made oil purchase deal with Germany and technology transfer deal instead - ignorant Belaus, Slovenia, Serbia complied with it) should take a note if it and learn from one.

POLAND has told Angela Merkel’s Germany to cough up further war reparations as Warsaw’s populist government reopens a decades-old feud with Berlin.

The Polish deputy foreign minister Szymon Szynkowski vel Sek believes Germany has only handed over enough money to cover just one percent of all the damage and loses throughout World War 2.

Germany may have paid around €1.3 billion to Poland in the early 1990s but the ruling Law and Justice party are attempting to extract more money from Berlin as they reopen the issue.

Mr Szynkowski vel Sek told Politico: “In a situation where Poland received only 1 percent of all damages paid as the country that suffered the greatest destruction and losses, the question is whether there can be only one answer.

“So yes, we have the right to expect such a discussion.”

Poland's PiS is currently engaged in a long-running battle with the EU's German-influenced European Commission over Warsaw's judicial reforms.

Critics claim plans to the move to lower the retirement ages of Supreme Cost judges from 70 to 65, which forced 27 of the 74 sitting judges to retire, goes against basic democratic principles.

Poland blames Germany for the EU push to crackdown on the changes and has returned fire with its demands for further war reparations.

Last March, Warsaw said it could demand as much as €740 billion as compensation for destroyed property and the loss of life during World War 2.

According to analysts, the Poles stopped short of making a direct claim in order to preserve its crucial trade links with the EU's largest economy.

Germany is Poland's largest trade partner, while the Warsaw is the biggest recipient of aid from the Berlin-influenced European Commission.

At the time Arkadiusz Mularczyk, the head of the parliamentary committee on reparations, said: "We are talking about very large but justified sums for war crimes, for the destroyed cities, the lost demographic potential of our country."

PiS believe they never received reparations from Germany because they were paid to Poland while under Soviet control.

Nazi Germany, together with the Soviet Union, attacked and occupied Poland in 1939.

Adolf Hitler's Nazis were responsible for the death of most of the 3.2 million Jews that lived in Poland.

Poland never surrendered to Nazi Germany and endured the loss of around 3 million of its non-Jewish citizens during the war, including many of its intellectuals and elite.

Warsaw was virtually reduced to rubble by Nazis in 1944 after a failing uprising in which 200,000 citizens died.

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