Thursday, October 4, 2018

ALREADY SUBMITTED TO POLICE WITH AUDIOS: Avsec Bostjan from Grotiniki here to report yet another incident with KGB - all audio recorded and confirmed by eyewitnesses(by security officer personally)

Dear International Police Co-operation Bureau at National Police Headquarters,

Since you have previously assisted me by forwarding my email(this is yet another police report on KGB) to proper police department, I would like to ask you to repeat the same again this time.
This is yet another police report(on incident involving physical violence) on KGB in Grotnikih suburb of Zgierz city(near city Lodz).
On today's date September 4th, 2018 at approximately 0845 hours(morning hours), I was assoutlted physically infront of Security officer(at the front gate) after declining to get in confrontation with Russian KGB officer Rostislav(think this is his name) in gym area.
Detailed description of incident:
I started day early and was in the gym already at 0615 hours this morning to learn Polish language and possibly exercise. I did so till about 0700 hours when here mentioned Rostislav(from Volgovgrad) appeared to play pool(its where I studied as lightning is poor in area and there is no place to seat - notebook on pool table and seating on chair), blasted TV and begun to insult - his regular routine to which I do not object at all. Its when I left area for the first time(was out at 0715) and have returned back again at 0815 hours after discussing expenses issues with lady from building bureau.

Bureau lady ordered me to return in about half an hour, so I used again gym for about 20/25 minutes on what Rostislav appeared again. Begun to insult immediately(same routine) and even search my belongings(this time postal office paper which I was about to discuss with bureau lady was of his interest) placed next to my telephone and backpack. I advised him to leave paper and then to return one on several occasions as he wouldn't let go. He finally let go, but as I was about to leave gym for the second time. He would grab paper again and begun to insist on how one can do with it as pleased and how(despite being asked on several occasions to return one) he just didn't know to whom one belongs to. I asked him for his ID so he could retrieved the key from security officer at the front gate where I left my own, but he declined to give me one. I took key for which I have given my iD to security officer and headed to front gate where I explained security officer that gym is unlocked as Rostislav just wouldn't exchange my ID with his and that he is inside on what Rostislav rushed out of gym and have assaulted(have with force pushed me and hinted on hitting me also with fists)  me on several occasions in front of security officer who witnessed physical attack.
I have avoided any kinds of physical altercations and have as told by security officer proceeded to bureau office to report incident. Security officer confirms physical assault on me as reported here. Just two weeks or so earlier,  another KGB officer(from Belarus by the name Valerio with another individual - I was placed inside of the same room despite protesting and these were people who arrived with me from Debak, Warsaw’s reception area) have assaulted me when I was pushed around and even plate was pushed into my mouths. Already reported incident also with video and audio recordings.
Rostislav, however, doesn’t only have problems with me inside of the immigration center Grotniki. He also has a problem with whomever I associate from outside of the center. Consequenlty has he accused me and library lady of screwing around in local forest and have bashed on how he will inform about it her husband who will latter kill me. And on how he already spoke to elderly ladies  from area on how she and I go to forest and(pardon me) "fuck" while  her husband works(its also why library was closed for three days according to him).
Rostoslav have stolen among other things(and admitted) my US passport(have created photos of one and when I caught him placing me one back in my pocket he admitted but then changed version to how one have fallen out of my pocket – I have audio recorded his admission and is also available), tea(was consequently left without tea for almost entirely months), and probably more(large destruction of electronic equipment took place, but there were other Russians who took part in it).
Based on evidence, I am asking you(I filed for political asylum in Poland due to circumstances  in Slovenia which match and in my case even exceed by far those in Ukraine) to implement legal procedure against  this Russian KGB sabotagers(all of them) who are here to create(have created me already enormous) nothing but problems.
No longer is about words(I don’t care much about those  and don't even care about being followed around as case is – they also hate my learning Polish language), but instead my personal property and physical assaults – something I will not tolerate.
Sincerely yours,
Bostjan Avsec


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