Monday, October 8, 2018

Russian UKRAINOPHOBE(a regular terrorist) in UKRAINE definant in the face of over 10.000+ murdered Ukrainians - calls Russia a friend(NOT agressor).

This criminal is also part of Russian Gambino family(closer to Putin than any other Russian terrorist in Ukraine). Amazing to note just how gutsy terrorist(they all are incl. those in imigration center in Grotnikih where I am) can be in the face of the nation whom his regime have caused so much pain/sorrow.

Russia should have been isolated(all Russian citizens should be banned from entry to European union) from world entierly till one signs basic treatis with UN/ICC and so of right now, Russian terrorists are not even liable infront of internartional laws/treaties. 

Just compare Russian entry to Russia(we have a KGB/Mossad tourism going on in EU and US) laws for foreign citizens with EU/US laws and you will see exactly what I mean.

Former lawyer, politician and businessman Viktor Medvedchuk, who is considered to be Russian President Vladimir Putin's best friend in Ukraine and who counts Putin as godfather to his daughter, has reiterated he does not think that Russia is an aggressor country. 

"I don't consider Russia to be an aggressor," he told on Russia's TV Center channel on Saturday, October 6.

He also mentioned findings of public opinion polls about Ukrainians' attitude to Russia, without naming the organizations that conducted the polls.

"In February 2018, two sociological centers asked the citizens of Ukraine the following question: How do you feel about Russia? So, the attitude of 38% was 'bad and very bad,' and that of 45% was 'good and very good.' Two days ago we received [fresh] findings that say the share of 'bad and very bad' is 32%, and that of "good and very good' is already 47%," he said.

When asked whether he considers Crimea to be part of Ukraine or Russia, Medvedchuk replied: "According to the current legislation of Ukraine, Crimea is Ukraine. Unfortunately, it is now Russia de facto."

However, he said, Crimea has been and will be a destination for his vacation: "Crimea is the place where I have spent and will spend my vacation. It's no secret – I was there last and this year, and will go there again."

As was reported earlier, Medvedchuk stated that Putin considered Donbas to be the territory of Ukraine, and it could be possible to agree on the return of the uncontrolled territory to Kyiv on terms of broad autonomy.

On January 18, 2018, the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament, adopted a law on the reintegration of Donbas, which recognizes Russia to be an aggressor and occupying state.

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