Thursday, December 31, 2020

ABOUT TRUMP卐 卍AND卐 卍HIS COVID19: When I met Chinese beauty sometimes in 1997 when brought to China by US Government(drugged up and in her little village), I have fallen in love with one simultaneously

It was in her mountain village about 23 years ago...little did I know that she will become my lover in Miami in real time as it did happened in 2006 before exiting US for return to Europe...she, however, was noticed globally - all the way to Japan not only US. AND as years went bye and Donald Trump kept returning to China, HOWEVER, it was Wuhan that attracted his attention more than any other city in China - Wuhan eventually became Donald Trump's obsession !!! 

Go figure out why Wuhan what was it that Donald Trump(he wanted to pro卐f卍it via poverty - ca卐 卍sh on poverty in other part of the world via poverty in China and its why specially Donald Trump or people alike Trump with money are so dangerous for this world) wanted to do with Wuhan and how. 

Gospod Borut Pahor ki me je VEDNO prislil(posilil) v epicentre krvavih dogajanj za Slovenski narod z svojimi dejanji prav gotovo ni imel iskrenih namenov je kako in zakaj

 Hrvatje so vedeli zelo dobro za Srbska potresno območna poizvedovanja na Hrvaškem območju in Putinove igrice v Sloveniji ki so se dobesedno dotikale celo hiše v Novem mestu pa so ugotovili da do potencjalnih potresnih žarišč Srbov ne bojo pustili živeti niti zraven. Ambiciozni Vućić je vabo ugriznil kakor za stavo v nadaljevanju pa boste videli še eno Balkansko čistko kar pa je tudi vse če bo seveda še kaj od koga ostalo.

@Borut Pahor

 Tebe je treba na Evropsko sodišče pod nujno.

The one who caused all this is Borut Pahor

 There is a Pahor/Šarec political fraction right here in Slovenia which is trying to desperately Balkanize our people and this for the cost of lives its not like this Mr. Pahor. We are civilized nation - not animals as you would want us to be.

Why did West promised wealth in my case if I ever manage to point out what took place

#1 so they were capable to steal one from own taxpayers(Vucic, Putin, Babis and many others didn't live only like tsars, they have also THIS WAY accumulated wealth via public theft from own taxpayers).

#2 so they(West) were capable to terrorize own congress/senate members - present them with financial threat rather than to allow concern for US constitution/treaties to be alive.

#3 Because this is a Buckingham palace Berlin imperialistic fascist politic with which they hoped for would lure more and more victims into their net.

#4 To stimulate(hypnotize) people into total lunacy - crime. To create market in which people compete for failure is why - they needed to expand fascism and to do just that one has to find the way for people to tolerate(allow) one on the first place.

What took place in Croatia in respect to earthquake was/is a Chetnik Ustasha politics

Both sides along with major powers knew very well about what was coming next. Another Balkan war is listed as next. War with which I refuse to have anything to do with now or in the future as my place is in Slovenia - not in Poland, nor in Zagreb or Belgrade or in Moscow for that matter. Its a lunacy politic like this that Donald Trump had desperately hanged himself onto with hope to be seen either as a hero or simply use criminal connections to release US Government from responsibilities for its blunders against me alone.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Individual who also knew ALL about coming attack on me at Gedžo also was Mike Tyson

 Who met and got to personally know one during his visits to Novo mesto. It was not only Sergei from Belarus...

I call Russia and Serbia to CONDEMN Vladimir Putin/Aleksandar Vucic - acknowledge them as criminals !!!

 Criminal perpetrators and move on with inter Slavic relations for better and not even worse from what situation is already.

I have already stated once and will repeat - capital of Yugoslavia should be based in Croatian Zagreb(NOT Belgrade and even less in Ljubljana or anywhere else)

 Everything is pointing out my views as correct. Country must be based on vibrant aspects of life; not terror/terrorism and violence - fear(something Serbs gave in long tie ago already).

Croatia survived(withstood) violence because one is larger than Slovenia and Bosnia. 

Recent earthquake in Croatia, however, signified Croats with condition to choose in between total submission into terror(either way to reject mentioned above idea about vibrant aspects of life in possible multiethnic state) or raise above one by continuation of war for civilization from which Serbs alone would also benefit from within if ever fit for such union. PERIOD.

Policing of Auser Times

Video can be also seen at
I don't like it because it was based on violence, and killings which I tested on my own skin for no less than 49 years. If you have a problem with my views, keep it to yourself. Don't ask stupid questions as per "why" as you don't even have the right to ask(QUESTION) nations sovereignty's decisions as per what too and what not. With whom and with whom not.

There were many reasons for "Basic Instinct" between Vucic and Donald Trump few days ago

On Vucic's request a Montenegrin Ambassador also arrested in where else than Poland

 Fort Trump seems to separate from Belarus criteria when it comes to Balkans

Homeland is not where you are beaten up(physically attacked by herds of people on daily bases) since age 5 and up - brought from abroad for torture as a adult and

 incarcerated on bogus mental health charges. Donald Trump has EXACTLY EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT.

In Yugoslavia - I was beaten up since age 5 up(attacked by groups of selected classmates whom system incited in violence)

 and have seen roofs falling down from properties of Croatian people at age 49 while nearly avoiding fatality just few days earlier when yet another attempt took place to get me either crippled or even killed. I have gone through this in my birth city of Novo mesto where brought for torture even from US. NO, HOWEVER, REMAINS AND WILL REMAIN FOR MY LIFE TIME AS DEFINITE NO.

@Borut Pahor/Aleksandar Vucic/Vladimir Putin

 You left exactly ZERO space for future Yugoslavian state from my view as a result of your terrorism. You succeeded with pushing us further away from one another toward West what I believe your plan was.

Aleksandar Vucic is a real real gangster - hardcore criminal who owned in cash over 500 million USD already in 2010 - money leaked in his pockets from side of Vladimir Putin

 Aleksandar Vucic even that he loves to pose via media as someone who purged Serbian criminals is a criminal himself and this a heavy duty one. 

Pa imali su me već ovdje u godini 1998-1999 - ovdje je gde su postavili u dubinu đavo(Trump) samo zna što već ispred 15 godina

Cesta več je u godini 2010 nakazivala razdrtine - ma da ne ovakve, bila je u vrlo lošem stanju a prolaznici koji bi se šetali kroz ovaj teritorij dali su mi na znanje kako neće ništa da pamte i tako i ovako !!!

Road was like this already in year 2010 - not as damaged as seen here, but visibly cracked. It was determined for this place already in 2000 is potential earthquake epicenter. People seen on video participated in setup - individual filming this as he stated case would be is two/three homes down from this neighbor's location(is not immediate neighbor of individual, but his friend instead for 20+ years).

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Vučić was well well prepared for terror in Croatia


His body guards were like shadows - watching/inspecting everything prior to his arrival and even just prior to consumption of were used to measure possible toxicity in liquids on what those were served to big man. Thats how that was and is done. Private locations protocol had different rules - if anything would go wrong as was told, they would know where and whom to look for.

Thanks to Mr. Putin and Mr. Vucic who procalculated truth about what went on in Slovenia in respect to cancer of epidemic proportions would come either way, I will now commenced posting even live about what/how went on during my absence in my family and broader surroundings

 I would like to thank most sincerely Mr. Putin and Vucic who both bagged me(and numerous threats were involved in it) at first NOT too for what they anticipated(after they realized that truth will become unstoppable element - from death of neighbors to my family and even what became epidemic proportion cancer war within parliamentarians of which some resided even in Germany - as I stated, two are deeply in bed with Germany) would lead politic of these two individuals forwards via Donald Trump. Thank you very much to Mr. Putin/Vucic for disclosing(attempting to use killing spree in Slovenia) for own political advantages as explained at

Russia(and Serbia too) today is a HOSTAGE of domestic terrorism linked to global neonazism !!! Hostage of Donald Trump's hateful politic for which mentioned politicians would give anything in this world to go on !!!

 You can see what news is served parallel to mine today and where

ACT NOW OR DIE BYE THE LIE: @US Democrats and Minorities in US - they(Serbia and Russia) are pushing us into hands of Germans for the sake of Donald Trump's presidency

 They want plan to go on at all costs. Putin/Vucic extort Serbia and Russia by gesturing own top which  breaks down lies to Serbian and Russian nation as "we have to comply with plan or they can flashpoint at us with truth". This is what Trump has used my MK Ultra case for - its why they provided with proofs as his entire presidency is based on here stated.

YOU THE PEOPLE OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA STILL HAVE TIME TO STOP MADDNESS BY CONFIRMING MK ULTRA CASE FOR WHICH THOUSANDS OF PROOFS I HAVE ALREADY SUBMITTED ONLINE - From there on, I will do whatever it takes to purge world from evil which nested itself on top political spheres of this world.

I cite Germans from Austria in 2003 or so, "As long as it won't go to Austria"...

 Related to


Our house upon arrival of Vladimir Putin was discovered is in epicenter of earthquakes of the entire region

There were several super blasts that shook house like you wouldn't believe beginning since 2010. Blasts(it felt as someone would detonate something under the house to make myself clear - talking about blasts not earthquakes - solid solid blasts) so bad that one had feeling it was for earthquakes. Who would have thought father picked the wrong spot when building new home in this village

Strong earthquake hits Croatia, girl killed

@Aleksandar Vučić - Germans even knew about this one coming. Too damn bad


Never ever existed anywhere in he world - not even in heads of sickest people in this world, but when brainwashers get you in hands anything is possible.

Monday, December 28, 2020

I hope Russia and Serbia commence IMMEDIATE INTERROGATION OF VLADIMIR PUTIN AND ALEKSANDAR VUCIC as per crime immunity laws which two granted to one another

 My first question is who are the two of you to grant yourselves such laws !!???? 


 Question to Putin and Vucic...nor did Tito, Stalin or even Tsars acquired about such laws...what is it that two of you need them for !!???

NO STALIN AND NO RUSSIAN TSAR EVER HAD ANYTHING LIKE THIS: Putin Grants Lifetime Immunity to HIMSELF and Ex-Presidents and Their Families

While NO Russian president needs what Putin proclaimed, Putin does and fears of something deeply

Ni Tito ovo nije tražio: u Srbiji se sprema zakon o zaštiti Vučićeve i drugih obitelji vladajućih političara od vrijeđanja 

V Sloveniji se cepite takrat ko bojo kakor v Srbiji na voljo poleg Fajzerjeve prav tako Kitajsko in Rusko COVID19 cepivo

 Nikar ne nasedite lažem in zahtevajte pravico kakršno imajo ostali vzhodno Evropski narodi SICER boste lahko krivili za vse samo eno stran kar pa vam garantiram se obeta v bližnji prihodnosti.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Slovenian president Borut Pahor in this very room(2003/2004) to me infront of computer, "YOU WILL BE LIKE THIS...YOU UNDERSTAND SONG...YOU SEE ITS YOU...YOU WILL BE LIKE THIS YOU UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING"

Video can be also seen at or or or 

Slovenski predsednik Borut Pahor meni leta 2004 v tej sobi pred računalinikom, "TAKOLE BOŠ TI...TAKOLE V BOLEČINAH RAZUMEŠ ETC. - TO SI TI....TAKO BOŠ TI"

U slučaju da niste znali, Aleksandar Vučić IMA sestru !!!

 Pa nikde to nije bilo napisano(barem ja sada nisam ništa pronašo) pa evo vam istina 

@Aleksandar Vučić/Boris Tadić

 Hajde pa da vas dva pa kažete Srpskom narodu istinu.


1995-1996 - Kaži evo kako se nas tri(tvoja prva žena) nikako nismo mogli dogovoriti o bilo čemu(bilo je to još i Bosni i Hercegovini jer tamo sam privi puta i došao u kontakt sa Srbima) pošto sam ja htjeo tvoji vlastitu ženu a ti šta drug nego Amerikanske pare. Pa si ju kao što sam čuo još zaključao u neki manastir. Evo...


1996 - evo pa kaži bre lažove Srpskom narodu tko ti je htjeo majku da ti pokara u godini 1996-1997 što je u tvog oca izazvalo razvod. Tvoja mi sestra(izvinjavam) nije bila tako interesantna i ako i ona mogla da bi mi poslužila kao žena(čak je i htjela majmune jedan) ali lagao si laživče...lagao si priču narodu o meni pa da ti lepo prođe dan - još bolje da ti prođu godine sa Putinom koji te naučio laganja. E, pa zajebali ste i meni a sada i sebi svoj život.

Jacqueline Kale's fiance is from Lekenik near Sisak(between Zagreb and Sisak area) area

 She dated one for already some 10+ years(his entire village knows me - I remember his house and other personal info. he entrusted me with)...thank you but no thanks.

Has nothing to do with me and its nothing I want to have to do with - Those who felt the need for me to feel their needs from(or for the sake of) their point of view 

Friday, December 25, 2020

I got today strong slap(serious insult the least) from newly elected American president Joe Biden

Mr. Biden expresses to Slovenian Borut Pahor his deepest empathy for political cooperation.

@Americans in respect to Coronavirus vaccines

 If you waited for no less than 12 months in vain for nothing, you can wait another 25 days(Jan. 20th, 2020). Yes, it does makes difference. Think about it.

Iz same žlehnobe in žalosti - Lojze Peterle Sloveniji 19 let po prvi diagnozi raka

 V sramoto Slovenskemu narodu, gospod Peterle/Janša siknejo še zadnji mjaw(zanikajo čisto logiko zdravo pamet - sporočijo narodu popotnico v grob) narodu - iz gneva in onemoglosti

Nič ne vidim nič ne slišim in ničesar nevem ima svoje čudežne prizvoke v "osamosvojitejih" popolnoma osamljene in prodane od tujcev Slovenije(tujci iz Berlina/Washingtona so Sloveniji in ostalim vshodnoevropejskim narodom v Sloveniji pokazali pred Slovenskemu narodom že kar leta 1995 kako se zdrogira, posili, in ubije oyiroma pobije brez kakršnih koli skrbi pri belem dnevu stera in sterorizira narod v šupak traumo iz katere ni ven poti) katerih GLOBALNI interesi močno odstopajo od pisanih na papir Evropskih vrednot - osamosvojiteljev kateri bi pa za ceno melanholije še kar naprej čvičili in momljali molitvice(prekletnice laži ki posledično dodatno stanejo življenj nedolžnih) narodu četudi vedo da je bilo že davno davno vse zgubljeno prav z vidika tistih katerim se navkljub vsemu obupano zatekajo v najverjetneje besnosti(niti ne v sanjah ker ne verjamejo lastim iluzijam tudi sami ampak iz čistega maščevanja samemu sebi) iz svojih kletnih prostorov. To je klasična zgodba o Slovenskih slabičih znanih prav tako kot grofih žlehnobe in žalosti...

Thursday, December 24, 2020

DNA Inherited From Neanderthals May Increase Risk of Covid-19 - be careful or perhaps not

As soon as Schwarzenegger, Ron Paul, Bush and other neonazi elite commenced their fascination about bio marking in as early as in 2002, I knew they were up for real problems against humanity and nothing more...Related to:

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

MK ULTRA - I present local MK Ultra staff members who accompanied me from Slovenian birth city of Novo mesto also abroad or to Novo mesto from abroad

Video can be also seen at

Street maps disabled around property where assault on me took place just two days ago - fishy unfenced yard like this for already a decade

Video can be seen also at


You can call this news a day after or a day prior - to me its all the same. Reality, however, for the difference of some remains as my main goal 😉


IN SLOVENIAN LANGUAUGE: Gdo z Novega mesta me je vodil med postopkom MK Ultro lokalno in je bil občasno udeležen prav tako mednarodnih potovanj

Who from Novo mesto city was involved in domestic and at times international procedures - meet MK Ultra staff from Novo mesto. Video in English language coming sometimes tomorrow. Nisem posnel ker imajo oni vse posneto.
Gdo z Novega mesta me je vodil med postopkom MK Ultro lokalno in je bil občasno udeležen prav tako mednarodnih potovanj
Video can be also seen at

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Involved in MK Ultra torture, she assisted Trump with scam(lies) tactics all the time - is a dangerous radical lunatic

Talking off course about Sidney Powell - tried to act from shadows and remain as such as invisible as much as possible, but lady is no stranger to insane radical(I anticipate she greatly contributed to violent outbursts/ insane views which Trump displayed during his presidency) ideas - she is inciter into those.

MK ULTRA - Updated news on Lauren Kwei(thanks to AOC) is I believe a sister from Mr. Max Lee(now a youtube star)

This is an update as I made several crucial mistakes to ensure a proper MK Ultra account. Blogger also had a very strange problem updating page during publishing 


Mr. Max Lee(he became youtube start sometimes in 2015 and commenced to review electronic gadgets for major companies) first started with his own tiny repair shop in a shopping mall....I was at his parents house seen on THIS VERY video and he was in this very house in Slovenia on several occasions - his involvement in MK Ultra case goes back as far as to year 2000(I think his father was the first one who got involved in my case already in 1995 in Miami - his father who became wealthy in 1996 moved up state from Miami in 1996 and shortly after have separated from his Chinese wife - two separated in New York as early as in 1996) or so...

Inside of this very little room in city of Novo mesto - there was over 1200 different people from all over the world is what I was told in 2017 probably(if not already in 2015)

 You are talking about this little room of mine and not number of people I met from all over the world during my 26 year old MK Ultra case.

MK ULTRA - Lauren Kwei(thanks to AOC) is I believe a sister from Mr. Max Lee(now a youtube star)

Mr. Max Lee first started with his own tiny repair shop in a shopping mall....I was at his parents house seen on THIS VERY video and he was in this very house in Slovenia on several occasions - his involvement in MK Ultra case goes back as far as to year 2000(I think his father was the first one who got involved in my case already in 1995 in Miami - his father who became wealthy in 1996 moved up state from Miami in 1996 and shortly after have separated from his Chinese wife - two separated in New York as early as in 1996) or so...

According to police alone when subjected to MK Ultra, Mr. Gedzo's restaurant cameras(including vicinity parking lot cameras) connected directly to local police station in Novo mesto

 These are not regular cameras either. Local police prevented crimes against Gedzo family in the past already. Serghei from Belarus(MK Ultra participant and test subject) about whom I have already created video was one of the guys who got into a brawl with this family and latter became good friend with them. He also took me upstairs in their house ;)

I am in so much pain that I can't sleep

 The core idea of yesterday's attack appears to me was to crack my neck. Mr. Gedzo squeezed with everything he had and I may well have to go on a visit to a local hospital.

It was not Mr. Gedzo or his family that cooked problem - it was the Slovenian neighbor located in the back of the property

 Mr. Gedzo never ever was violent with me, but his neighbor was extra violent(unleashed a barrage of verbal abuse against me under MK Ultra and added one a clause used frequently amongst dog owners in Poland and in Czech rep. as "if I see you near I let dogs loose" <= I never ever ran from anyone or anything in my life time and such statement to me is just invitation for questions from my side) and so were few others located in this street. As far as Mr. Gedzo and his family were in it from beginning to end to help me. Gedzo wouldn't let opportunity to help me out pass bye, so he did whatever it took for me to identify them all through backyard incident.

Third police officer - older man(the oldest guy) probably same age(max 5 + years) as myself also identified

Remember him involved in my case since 1997 when he got assignment to patrol this very area. His specialty became near shopping malls(I am uncertain, but was he a security officer just before one became a police officer ?). I believe man is rom Novo mesto or its vicinity. Related to

Video will be translated tomorrow

 Have a GOOD NIGHT 👌

Son of Mr. Gedzo and Mr. Gedzo alone were trained for brawls by Slovenian police when growing up(they groomed him for police officer position), but

 he committed a major offense at his age approximately 19, I think(he then proceeded to college as police career fall apart) and it all ended for him(he was updating me religiously with his situation) on what Mr. Gedzo was, I understood, extremely upset. I think his son involved in brawl completed university despite all.

AUDIO ALL IN SLOVENIAN LANGUAGE: Original audio of post MK Ultra assault - all recorded today(Dec. 21st, 2020) at approximately 1945 hours

Video can be also seen at
You hear me screaming from pain and due to 30minute chokehold attempt to put me to sleep and if only possible on floor by two adult males - both weighing well over 110kg each vs myself about 73kg - two didn't not succeeded while I refused to throw punches(have only defended myself with twisting arms and body away from them who wouldn't let me go after initial attack - called for help what also seems to bother them - there were several other individuals who observed incident and what appeared to me as family members) at any of them to the time when police appeared.

Monday, December 21, 2020

And everything WAS(you can say IS audio recorded ;) audio recorded

 I hold original audio recoding

Slovenian police(SAME AS IN CZECH REPUBLIC AND SAME WAS USED IN POLAND) created another setup against me and was physically assaulted tonight - however, police will now have to confess to MK Ultra crime

At restaurant Gedzo in Novo mesto. Family was involved in MK Ultra as early as in 1995(mother was). In 1996/1997 she took as tenants two individuals of which Mr. Gedzo was told is Serbian from Bosnia. Another individual whom I have also seen tonight latter became waiter or restaurant helper.
Time and date when written.

Father Gedzo(tenants who married Slovenian) who physically assaulted me is a power lifter. Has 100kg weights upstairs(took me up there demonstrated them to me) which he lifts due to amount of cevapcici food he consumes. His son a judo wrestler sportsman who learned sport from his father since his young hood(before high school).

Identified tonight as the two exited restaurant and I was passing bye were also wife of Mr. Gedzo(blondie) and one of the first tenants who still(at one point went away and then returned) works there I believe.

Police officers who responded:
#1 Individual(I think half Serbian or Serbian) was transferred from Maribor to Novo mesto because of this case sometimes in 2008.

#2 Individual who also responded was transferred to Novo mesto I believe from Krsko but sometimes in 2013.

There were another two police officers for whom I am not completely certain as far as identifying them.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

@PRINCE HURRY: Forget about CRESSIDA BONAS - how about Rhodesian South African 卐 卍AWB卐 卍 bride !!?????

Media talks about Cressida, but how about Mr. FAST AND FURIOUS's neonazi South African bride with whom one spent some decent amount of time before regaling himself to Meghan !!??? Yes, I know - life is hard.

COVID19 in South Arica(virus which plagued Italy already in December of 2019 and who knows whom else) prefer to murder young rather than old - new scientific fact about o called Coronavirus.

My prediction is that US Government took you all for a ride and Trump will win totally lost presidency before New Year's day if not already - dead people in US mount record high under COVID 19 and whole thing at least looks like patient waiting game with KKK boss in which you loose as January 20th of 2021 is still 30 days far from today.

 We have never ever had KKK boss advertising/offering virus vaccinations either to American nation and sure is a matter of priorities. Real priorities of which Trump alone is number 1 emergency in US.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Another wave of "COVID 19" is coming and people are making another wave of INVENTORIES(older can attest to this) - created and anticipated by government

Die by the lie or live by the truth !!! Its all mater of priorities and in this case US doesn't have even credible government beginning at the very top inside of the White House. Those who support vaccination should take note of it. MORE GOVERNMENT MEASURES MORE NONEXISTING COVID 19 AND REAL DEATHS - IN REALITY ITS NOT HOW IT WORKS.

I wouldn't leave eye of those INVENTORIES if I were you, because your death will hide in there during your absence(when away from home). Close to ZERO of Tea party members(right wing neonazis as this is what Trump represents) died so far while list of pro democratic personalities is extensive

News from December the 19th(almost like COVID 19), reads

Facebook disallowed me a login into 3 other accounts for already 2 years

 To make myself clear about it. How-why. 

House doors, garage entrances - all hacked.

Video can be also seen at

Friday, December 18, 2020


 I will take Battenbergers on a so called "royal" court, and give you every reason and the right in this world a nation can have to get read of "royalism" once and for good(for better not worse as they are nothing more than a waste - don't serve even as embarrassment or disgrace to Britain since they are non British)

Its time you treat yourself like real owners of Britain and as people(humans) in US alone where majority of whites now even claim are of German origins.

@Putan Putanowich

 You are gonna go to jail. Your super mine(your entire wealth - EVERYTHING) with minerals(wealthiest main you bragged about) which you robbed from Russian taxpayers will go back into hands of Russian people.

Hope to have answered to Slovenian police who was behind it all and how

 You are a real disgrace for this country and this nation - humanity on general.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

With what we see in Poland(not only in Russia), neonazis worldwide have the right to celebrate Adolf Hitler and its where the whole thing is leading

 Eastern Europe scored NEW HISTORICAL LOW in respect to international and domestic relations. Every Andrzej Duda/Morawiecki/ Andrej Babis/Vladimir Putin's news(nails dodged in coffins of their own and normal part of humanity) helps Germany score higher and higher on international reputation ladder.

Poland can win on the hysteria of the Democrats. They will not be able to start a relationship reset with Russia

American democrats called by Polacks as insane/hysteric - "Poland could profiteer more out of American democrats hysteria" states Polish MSN.
I think I had a great reason to feel genocided against - not only discriminated as Americans brought me to Poland for torture first time in 1995 and for what followed for the next 26 years against me. They have one god that one is green color and fits in their pockets for the most part. 

American paradise some are dreaming about, but what main stream media almost never ever talks about

The richest country in the world for a great reason. People here retire without social security benefits what is considered as young in other countries - homeless/dead saving state a lots of $$$$.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

I must congratulate Vladimir Putin to finally confirm Joe Biden as new US president(a big step forward for Russian president and a big step backward for Russia who allows such self embarrassing conduct to its president)

When Putin/Trump are in question, nothing is too crazy - the real story about two very very clumsy(awkward) pigeons on a global chess board.
@Russia - you do realize(I assume) that Donald Trump is seen by the world as a full time KKK neonazi individual !!????

"SIR ALFRED MY REAR": When brought to French airport to meet this anti Iranian anarchist lunatic, It came to me as clear that Buckingham palace has a double plan for me - under no circumstances such thing as "help" as Battenbergers(known also as Windsors) claimed case was in year 1995

Everything played out well for Buckingham palace which was in war with not only myself, but also Iran(and Iraq, and Syria, and Libya, and Afghanistan etc. and with whole Asia and with whole Africa and with whole world including British in Britain) from where individual was/is - little they cared about Persian people or other races as they had and have nothing but war against them on their mind. It was different that time or least cosmetically different for a while till again people figured them out.

I was forced to identify an individual per want to become now(1998) politically correct Buckingham palace which did nothing in prior years than neonazi brainwash on me - nazi brainwash didn't stop and went on instead and all depended on situation/needs they had in mind. Therefore order to me was to identify Mr. Mehran as white British(or otherwise as was told) knowing that drugged up as I was and without rest I would decline to have anything to do with insane airport situation on the first place. This explains Mehran gesturing on video how one is from Sweden or born in England(came up with it in 1999) and finally "SIR ALFRED" issue as one was taken from airport to Buckingham palace where UNOFFICIALLY knighted by queen Elisabeth and ordered too from there on to state his name as "SIR ALFRED" and no longer his real name if he is to continue to receive financial aid. 

Why !!!???? Well according to Charles as his new "SIR" will prove to be extremely lucrative for him financially - type of Buckingham palace scam in which everyone should see him/herself in it. Soon he was scheduled for movie by Steven Spielberg as money pored in even more in his pockets at the airport, but MACDONALDS EMPLOYEES WHO CAN CONFIRM HERE STATED(Asians) NO LONGER SAW ME AS RACIST, BUT INSTEAD BEGUN TO PROTEST ME HIS BEHAVIOR AS WAS RATED AS VISCIOUS INSENSITIVE BULLY WHO WANTED FOOD FOR FREE/ BEST SERVICE POSSIBLE WHILE LOADING HIS AIRPORT BANK ACOUNT WITH TONES OF DONATIONS. "SIR ALFRED" entrusted me how much resents me for rating him as non white and had therefore nooo plans on leaving airport till I would apologize to him or die homeless - basically whatever Buckingham palace brainwashed him into. 

@United States of America

Electoral college completed presidential transition toward Joe Biden

I fulfilled my part toward expectations of normal Americans(not because you deserved it, but because you matter as human beings), and will now peruse my goal as whole(that includes also whatever was told not too for the sake of Joe Biden in 2020)

Monday, December 14, 2020

@Washington DC/ Berlin/ BattenbergerWindsors in London

 You didn't only ruin my life - you spat on Slavic flag through my case for no less than 23 years. 

ETHIOPIA POINTS FINGER AT THE MAIN TIGRAYAN CIA FASCIST ASSET: Ethiopia accuses WHO chief Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of supporting Tigray region

Slavs(entire eastern Europe) are as a result of my case as I one was used on behalf of Berlin and Buckingham palace entitled to public apology from Washington in front of world - Washington was using me as a live shield(brainwashed neonazi hostage-slave) during their operations for no less than 23 years.

Praised by American Central Agency to hold 1/4 Africa on knees(artificially cut from sea Ethiopian state and this way blocked from international trade) Eritrean dictator Isaias Afwerki's main asset Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who commenced to engage in war against Eritrea also in Tigrayan region of Ethiopia, gets a straight warning from Ethiopia who points genocide charges against one. United States of America who repeatedly hijacked me for the purpose of extraordinary abductions/renditions(brought me also to Eritrea and Tigray for putpose of war in Tigray), used Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus for no less than 23 years as a tool to depict me to world as fascist asset in war against Africa - beginning with Clintin's administration and what led under George Bush into even entering Tigray region where they also posed next to me years ahead of what you see took off in full motion under American con artist(nenazi gangster appointed into White House) Donald Trump. Main fiunction of  Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, however, was a crime cover-up against me - anywhere from torture to even what led in 2018, 2019, 2020 into spine crippling/ poisoning/directed energy torture. 

Saturday, December 12, 2020


 He have stolen and I bet destroyed bunch of other things along the way. Explained me that local Novo mesto police is helping one out as one can't get job other than self employed car mechanic due to extensive crime record. One of the cameras stolen just few days ago as I tested them found its way back to room as I searched for one yesterday, but not other two.

@Borut Pahor - I will make stops at parliament and your palace as well as at partisan commemorations to make hell out of your life by handing leaflets to people before I rip one apart totally on court.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Israel only a tool - a neonazi hostage for entire Mideast which Battenbergers would like to burn to the ground along Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and others - its just a part of colonial mosaic which is assembling itself back

 I am not against Israel, I support one and call Muslim neighbors for recognition of Jerusalem as its historic capital - I call them all on cooperation / friendly relations with Israel as Israel always was and will be part of the world where they are and should share, but on plate is much more and in this game Israel too will cease to exist again - its more than just about regional tensions with Lebanon. Its about Brexit, about Putin's nuclear shield which he installed in Kazakhstan with fear of retaliation from Pakistan...its about tensions in Kurilsk area, AmeroGerman tanks on Belarus border not only along Ukraine...its about Iran, Jordan, Africa and so on....and I condemn those who tend to push world on the brink of existence regardless of where they are from. Its is fascism !!! Its is fascism not zioniam and not partisan movement when same issues are concerning eastern Europe where same types of NetanyahuSS are hiding behind legitimate national liberation front movements !!!

Putin's hasty hateful politic did few things - global competition for deep neonazi state sympathy(global loss of morality - integrity which they learned from Putin) and total deterioration of inter Slavic relations leaving Russia 100% dependent on West with even competition for oil pipe which is now substituted with EastMed

 New cars powered on electricity can confirm you more about what is coming next for all of us in eastern Europe and foremost Russia with whom we have barely anything anymore going on.... and all this for the cost of Donetsk/Crimea where every Russian was more than welcome and could call it a second homeland.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020



@Drinkers(Serbian musicians involved in MK Ultra) who dedicated me what you see bellow

 If I wouldn't be a b*** as I was during MK Ultra, you wouldn't even know what went. The only crime I will be ever guilty off will be turning even nazis into good people(this is how evil I was told I was and have seen happened with my own eyes).

Your game saw nothing, heard nothing, know nothing will result in same as the case was during MK Utra torture - I will express support for Donald Trump

 I requested million times from people who observed torture a police intervention - nothing ever happened so I begun to F**** YOU PEOPLE IN YOUR LAST PARTICLES OF BRAIN. I will repeat procedure. Tired of your saw nothing, heard nothing, know nothing game. Waiting game to be exact.

LIVE UP TO THE TRUTH OR DIE BY THE LIE: Trump vows to intervene in Texas election case before Supreme Court

Donald Trump says isn't going anywhere

MK ULTRA - Slovenian company Valher identified along with its Bosnian employee, neighbors of Valher company, local road, city of Prnjavor in Bosnia

In remote parts of Slovenia far from home in Novo mesto and in Bosnia...

Video can be also seen at

Steven told me gave daughter name Eve because his own name - St Eve ;)

Ask her

Doctor Fauci by far one of the nicest people I ever met - have NO clue, whatsoever how one ended next to Trump

He and his wife had me in their house. But....yes, there always is that "but"😄 I flattered also his wife and not only daughter and it was time for me to go father and husband Fauci concluded. 

Fauci who observed me acting careless(I didn't commit to idea of taking his daughter as truth love, but would instead continue act as if killing time by flattering whatever walked past me) demanded from me seriousness which translated in my vocabulary to soberness even when subjected to MK Ultra - that was a NO NO for me as I figured out in my head it would really potentially hurt my feelings if I would made commitment as big as this even that only under MK Ultra and one would fell apart for the sake of ridiculing me yet again... Fauci and his daughter Jennifer who just finished high school(I think she didn't have a year break in between, but instead talked about it only... but she did enrolled a bit late to university which entrance she passed with ease as is very intelligent young woman) then decided it would be best to part....

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

About new war in Karabakh and "new" Slovenian arms transaction - is not so new trust me

First loss was well anticipated and orchestrated, but new conflict of much much greater proportions is coming next in which Armenia would use weaponry against Azerbaijan sold to one by Israel with much greater sophistication than what was previously sold.

Excerpts from MK Ultra:

"Because Azeris would win this war against Armenia in Karabakh, Moscow would dispatch us to purchase weapons from Israel...when something like this happens we must find out and get hands on whatever is out there" for whom everyone knew were sold to Azerbaijan - this would be a scenario happening today but Netanyahu bragged about one next to our Slovenian politicians and Putin already in 2012.

WARNING TO SLOVENIAN NATIONAL LIBERATION(Osvobodilna Fronta Slovenije) FRONT: Slovenian president Borut Pahor wasn't behind crime in Czech republic and Poland only - he was/is involved in theft of the my car from free parking lot in Budapest as well

@Borut Pahor - thank you very much for warning me(threatening me repeatedly a decade) what the case would be if I would reveal who and what you are to public. 

@Slovenian National Liberation Front - if I get bill$$$ Mr. Borut Pahor threatened me also with AMERICANS INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA AND SLOVENIAN LOCALS(he used variety of instruments to make himself clear about his "backup plan"), I will no longer see you as his hostage but rather his instrument used to cloud reality about not only who did what, but also for Janez Janša who serves his interests and is currently dispatched on weapon purchase spree to Israel - for the cost of one billion Dollars and extension of NEONAZI global plan with which Borut Pahor has EVERYTHING TO DO. 

HYPNOTISED INTO SELF DESTRUCTION: What fear mongering dictatorship is or how US Government and Buckingham palace Battenbergers for the sake of Berlin attempted to decapitate world via Donald Trump

Decapitation of the humanity commenced via one single individual this time - myself - when above mentioned governments introduced me drugged up(LIVE TOY) to eastern Europe in 1995 where anyone got to see a human being drugged up for which 250 billion US Dollars was offered to one if he only could prove his case via detailed account of what took place - this would be done/accomplished via "HELP" on which Trump insisted from people who volunteered to help(to me) we now have drugged up individual(a Christ a real bait) in need of help and concerned portion of society willing to help one even for the sake of $$$$ offered by governments mentioned above - no longer morality alone...

Monday, December 7, 2020

Glede množičnih povojnih pobojev(odkritja grobišč) v Sloveniji z mojega osebnega kota samo tole

 Naj se na množičnih grobiščih padlim Slovenskim in ostalim bivšim pripadnikom Jugoslovanskih narodov ki so bili zavedeni v vrste Nemških sil med drugo svetovno vojno postavi enak spomenik kakor se je postavil partizanom in to prav tako z rdečo zvezdo - na spomeniku naj se poudari besede "ZAVEDENIM IN PRISILJENIM OD STRANI NEMŠKE DRŽAVE BORCEM". Naj se preživele ki niso imeli izbora pridružitve partizanom oziroma možnosti opustitve složenja vojaškega roka v Nemških vrstah če so bili tam prisilno mobilizirani prav tako prizna vse kakor se je priznalo in se prizna partizanom. NIKAKOR PA NAJ NE PRIDE DO KAKRŠNIH KOLI POGAJANJ ALI CELO POUDARJANJ RAZLOČENOSTI OD SLOVENSTVA NA SLOVENSKIH TLEH KI BI CELO POUDARJALO NARODOVO DRUGAČNOST OD PARTIZANSTVA V KAKRŠNEM KOLI POMENU.

MK ULTRA: Slovenian Sara Juvančič and her boyfriend Assissi Yassin(I met him first under MK Ultra and he became #1 friend in Morocco) both involved in MK Ultra

Yassin became over the years #1 MK Ultra connection in Marocco. 8 years ago or so one came with me(accompanied me either from Italy or straight from Morocco) to Slovenia and everything was okay till Ms Juvančič begun to flirt(one out of 1000 woman at least that I came across like this under MK Ultra) with me. I expressed most sincere interest in her just to be humiliated yet again(this repeated 1000 times UNESS if I rejected female based on her physical looks and then politicians begun to insist what a racist I am while they wanted only top models for themselves - TORTURE AND MOST SEVERE) and this time with guy whom I have used in Slovenia to humiliate Slovenians alone during MK Ultra. 

Czech republic video recorded me while throwing in my face verbal gestures(confirmations when drugged up and with knife under my throat) on how I agree to support anti Chinese pro Taiwan politic - played me German alike commercial in my face and videorecorded whole thing using me as a human hostage for own NEONAZI blunders as an excuse

Will explain same as I did for Buckingham palace who laughed along German to Japanese emperors to my stupidities in which they incited me - I love Japan and China(I LOVE ASIAN WOMEN TO MAKE MYSELF CLEAR - ADMIRE THEIR BEAUTY)

INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA: Jacqueline Kale came from Macedonia(Macedonian) to Slovenia some 22+ years ago via my case(hot)

I know about her close to a lot, but not everything everything. Before she settled in Bela Krajina, she used to live in Velenje - NOWHERE WRITTEN UP is one of her residences...

Sunday, December 6, 2020

We are not allowed to purchase anything related to electonic/electric in store - why are they either closed or prohibited from selling electronic equipment during winter and how is one related to COVID 19 for which they state is reason for such "protective" measures !!??????

 Electric tea pots, electricity powered heaters....its winter time and you are not allowed to buy one because of COVID 19 !!????

And this is counter COVID 19 measure !!????? How !!!????

@Czech republic - sell cars to us NOT GERMAN NEONAZI POLITIC or get the f*** out with your garbage !!!

@Czech rep. - Its not gonna be lie like this.

It wasn't capitalism that lost war, it was you employed by US state who defeated capitalism - its a real problem once you THE PEOPLE OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA loose touch and sense(need) with/for reality(FOR MEANING OF LIFE)| either in capitalism or communism or in whatever incl. God/bible/constitution

DEMORALISATION OF THE NATION AND NATIONS VIA CRIME CURRUPTION AND LIES HAS ITS PRICE. I call Taiwan to kick US military(NATO) out per ASAP. US politic defeated itself via lies not via productivity. 

Once you get into the game through a smallest guy(myself) through smallest Slavic country Slovenia, and you endup giving deadly cancer pills to opponent against smaller guys(because you are into global NEONAZI plan and your plan is to simply realize one by disregarding smaller through engagement with the biggest one which in this case was Russia) like Slovenia, Poland, Czech rep, Slovakia, Ukraine(FINANCE WAR AGAINST ONE WITH IDEA TO BREAK SLAVIC UNITY) and then feed smallest guys into RRRRRUSSOPHOBIA by inciting them to poison own people so they could blame it all on Russia and you support NUCLEAR ARMED tiny Taiwan idea because one is situated next to your biggest competitor China - world knows damn well who and what you are Mr. Deep American NEONAZI STATE. 

Friday, December 4, 2020

Winter swimming in Krka river Novo mesto

Video can be also seen at

SLOVENSKI IZDAJALEC KI SE SKRIVA ZA JANŠO IN PARTIZANSKIMI PROSLAVAMI: US Gov. didn't give f*** about me - they wanted me to memorize MK Ultra events for the sake of Trump's politics as they wanted one and all others on top to be pressured(even threatened - obligated to agreements as such)

Like this, one can become sleepy Joe sure...more and more sleepy(POISONED) as Trump indirectly insisted for me on whom he had his entire presidential career hanging(its why US Government and British monarchy and Berlin wanted me to have everything memories - not because they wanted to help - they wanted to unite via this case due to "fear" as they wanted me to act like a big bad wolf) - not Biden. 

Vladimir Putin and his assistants Borut Pahor(visiting partisans commemorations and hiding behind Janez Jansa while ensuring violence against me per Vladimir Putin) alike believed more in Trump's presidential career than Trump alone as they needed one and felt protected at the same time as was forced to hand dearly for my life - you have no one to turn for help to. No EU court, no UN, and forget about government agencies...will give you a lots of proofs as many as you want and for you to hang on to your life for bare survival.

@Borut Pahor - you are more fascist than Janez Jansa is. After another war for me was won, Kekec from Ljubjana states his public opinion(not before Dec. 1st - one month after US elections), he acknowledges Donald Trump without even stating his name its how courageous one is on how one is 
..It also does not address "rivals", but merely stigmatizes them as enemies, deals with them only as much as he can cruelly and insultingly treat them, and at the same time strengthens the condition of his constituency. "(2/2)


@Borut Pahor - ti si JEBIVETER in pa predvsem IZDAJALEC SLOVENSKEGA NARODA kogar politika je temeljila in temelji na družbenem nasilju proti posamezniku.

@Ostalim izajalcem ki se vidijo v Pahorju - kar pojte mu slavo naprej ampak za ceno lete se boste še veliko dreka najedli ker vam ne smrdi bolj od resnice.

About depleted batteries inside watches

 Related to batteries were also from Sony(bought in 2018 and dead as it gets - if I left watch unattended anywhere in the house, battery from watch also became depleted).