Thursday, December 10, 2020

Israel only a tool - a neonazi hostage for entire Mideast which Battenbergers would like to burn to the ground along Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and others - its just a part of colonial mosaic which is assembling itself back

 I am not against Israel, I support one and call Muslim neighbors for recognition of Jerusalem as its historic capital - I call them all on cooperation / friendly relations with Israel as Israel always was and will be part of the world where they are and should share, but on plate is much more and in this game Israel too will cease to exist again - its more than just about regional tensions with Lebanon. Its about Brexit, about Putin's nuclear shield which he installed in Kazakhstan with fear of retaliation from Pakistan...its about tensions in Kurilsk area, AmeroGerman tanks on Belarus border not only along Ukraine...its about Iran, Jordan, Africa and so on....and I condemn those who tend to push world on the brink of existence regardless of where they are from. Its is fascism !!! Its is fascism not zioniam and not partisan movement when same issues are concerning eastern Europe where same types of NetanyahuSS are hiding behind legitimate national liberation front movements !!!

It started with one man torture it must and will end with this very man terminating them for good for the benefit of the world or entire humanity will drown in own blood.

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