Saturday, December 19, 2020

Another wave of "COVID 19" is coming and people are making another wave of INVENTORIES(older can attest to this) - created and anticipated by government

Die by the lie or live by the truth !!! Its all mater of priorities and in this case US doesn't have even credible government beginning at the very top inside of the White House. Those who support vaccination should take note of it. MORE GOVERNMENT MEASURES MORE NONEXISTING COVID 19 AND REAL DEATHS - IN REALITY ITS NOT HOW IT WORKS.

I wouldn't leave eye of those INVENTORIES if I were you, because your death will hide in there during your absence(when away from home). Close to ZERO of Tea party members(right wing neonazis as this is what Trump represents) died so far while list of pro democratic personalities is extensive

News from December the 19th(almost like COVID 19), reads

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