Monday, December 7, 2020

MK ULTRA: Slovenian Sara Juvančič and her boyfriend Assissi Yassin(I met him first under MK Ultra and he became #1 friend in Morocco) both involved in MK Ultra

Yassin became over the years #1 MK Ultra connection in Marocco. 8 years ago or so one came with me(accompanied me either from Italy or straight from Morocco) to Slovenia and everything was okay till Ms Juvančič begun to flirt(one out of 1000 woman at least that I came across like this under MK Ultra) with me. I expressed most sincere interest in her just to be humiliated yet again(this repeated 1000 times UNESS if I rejected female based on her physical looks and then politicians begun to insist what a racist I am while they wanted only top models for themselves - TORTURE AND MOST SEVERE) and this time with guy whom I have used in Slovenia to humiliate Slovenians alone during MK Ultra. 

Hell broke out once again(they threatened me more times than I can count with death but I didn't care even a bit and became under MK Ultra even more viscous determined to hurt) - I cooked yet another b.s. situation during which I don't even remember whom or how I attempted to insult but he too along her was on the list. 

The two understood do and continued to remain my friends - on my surprise as I surprised myself ongoing under MK Ultra with just how evil and nasty I can be. 

Sara Juvančič just finished her education(gymnasium - high school) in Slovenia back then - she was struggling with employment market(I met her first during skiing when I assume she was even 16/17 somewhere in Switzerland trip) and feared for her future, so about year/two the most she was gone from Slovenia to Morocco, but as I stated both strangely to my MK Ultra understandings(I couldn't understand why and how someone possibly could have remained nice to me after my being such an asshole)  remained friends with me...they both understood.

Assissi Yassin was presented to me by top Moroccan government official. I liked Morocco because of fishermen who would go to fish on Mediterranean sea each day. This(water and women) was exciting to me under MK Ultra. Mr. Yassin was self professed super hardworking entrepreneur - a fanatic admired by locals and even top government officials for his dedication to success. Sara too was ambitious I wish a couple my best of the best. Plenty of happiness(love) in Slovenia and Morocco.

ps. In Bosnia where I have fallen for local women who claimed to be interested in me, I almost caused second civil war as above story repeated(she smoked weed with two other guys wo popped up on picture next to her and then was a group sex between three - in memory, they video corded event and guys called themselves Roma people who screw Tamara) Belgrade where most famous Serbian porn guy lives same happened and so on...I retaliated for b.s. severely but do regret as learned that whole thing didn't have anything to do with people, but instead TOP government officials who took even greater advantage of MK Ultra stupidity. I was just a perfect tool in hands of politicians for anything they desired to do to people...26 years, but in 2020 Trump was destroyed as the first on what will become known cleansing of political garbage saga - hopefully return of the will to the people !!!!

Porn went on through Russia, France(had black beautiful babe flying to Paris from South Africa) , Great Britain where I assisted prince Andrew drugged up humiliating local British women till those opened legs for him, Germany and so on and so on....mad house. 

I must say despite above that quite a few successful(beautiful) marriages, however, formed out of all this mess.

Why I tortured when drugged up under MK Ultra !!???? Because I hoped to piss people enough to revolt against all and get police for me....the plan was simple - if I anger them enough, they will revolt eventually and I would manage to gain freedom as they would demand police despite political elites involved. I had nothing to lose if worse would meet worst.

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