Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Our house upon arrival of Vladimir Putin was discovered is in epicenter of earthquakes of the entire region

There were several super blasts that shook house like you wouldn't believe beginning since 2010. Blasts(it felt as someone would detonate something under the house to make myself clear - talking about blasts not earthquakes - solid solid blasts) so bad that one had feeling it was for earthquakes. Who would have thought father picked the wrong spot when building new home in this village https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2020/12/strong-earthquake-hits-croatia-girl.html

Yes, there is a cave under our house and this village - was told even a lake and when brought from US some gestured me that certain passages of these caves were also filled with earth. They used anywhere from cave explorers to divers to exploit area - whole thing wasn't just a small joke...

@Aleksandar Vučić - e, pa baš nemaš sreće. LUD SI ČOVJEČE. LUD

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