Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Involved in MK Ultra torture, she assisted Trump with scam(lies) tactics all the time - is a dangerous radical lunatic

Talking off course about Sidney Powell https://www.yahoo.com/news/sidney-powell-retweets-claim-she-190851631.html - tried to act from shadows and remain as such as invisible as much as possible, but lady is no stranger to insane radical(I anticipate she greatly contributed to violent outbursts/ insane views which Trump displayed during his presidency) ideas - she is inciter into those.

She was very much involved and very much afraid of me(she feared me as hell - understandable as spitting into US flag and US constitution is not exactly cat's cough) as per what future has in it for Trump's team due to US constitution rape which Trumpets afforded themselves through this very case.

She was loosing sleep and sanity over issues concerning me during MK Ultra. With very very good reason as you see today.

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