Wednesday, December 30, 2020

In Yugoslavia - I was beaten up since age 5 up(attacked by groups of selected classmates whom system incited in violence)

 and have seen roofs falling down from properties of Croatian people at age 49 while nearly avoiding fatality just few days earlier when yet another attempt took place to get me either crippled or even killed. I have gone through this in my birth city of Novo mesto where brought for torture even from US. NO, HOWEVER, REMAINS AND WILL REMAIN FOR MY LIFE TIME AS DEFINITE NO.

Even for this thing did American blogger ensured I would be signaled as seen bellow...

Blogger whose editors read my posts as I even type them(THEY ARE ON DRAFT EVEN WHENEVER I CLICK PUBLISH OPTION - STAY LIKE THIS FOR FEW SECONDS) ensured this time page would remain black.

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