Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Thanks to Mr. Putin and Mr. Vucic who procalculated truth about what went on in Slovenia in respect to cancer of epidemic proportions would come either way, I will now commenced posting even live about what/how went on during my absence in my family and broader surroundings

 I would like to thank most sincerely Mr. Putin and Vucic who both bagged me(and numerous threats were involved in it) at first NOT too for what they anticipated(after they realized that truth will become unstoppable element - from death of neighbors to my family and even what became epidemic proportion cancer war within parliamentarians of which some resided even in Germany - as I stated, two are deeply in bed with Germany) would lead politic of these two individuals forwards via Donald Trump. Thank you very much to Mr. Putin/Vucic for disclosing(attempting to use killing spree in Slovenia) for own political advantages as explained at https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2020/12/russiaand-serbia-too-today-is-hostage.html

If you think Czech republic or Poland was bad and where deaths were on epidemic proportions, just wait to see what went on within my own circle in Slovenia...then you will understand.

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