Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Policing of Auser Times

Video can be also seen at
I don't like it because it was based on violence, and killings which I tested on my own skin for no less than 49 years. If you have a problem with my views, keep it to yourself. Don't ask stupid questions as per "why" as you don't even have the right to ask(QUESTION) nations sovereignty's decisions as per what too and what not. With whom and with whom not.

@Serbia/Russia - when you clean your homelands from your criminal politicians and condemn crime as crime...whenever that may be is when.

American blogger platform also indicates as if no one would read/see my news along with youtube channel(both owned by google) which is in total contrast with truth as is evident from other channels. We are talking about most severe censorship here therefore along Facebook and several other social media oppressive tools. 

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