Tuesday, December 22, 2020

MK ULTRA - Lauren Kwei(thanks to AOC) is I believe a sister from Mr. Max Lee(now a youtube star)

Mr. Max Lee first started with his own tiny repair shop in a shopping mall....I was at his parents house seen on THIS VERY video and he was in this very house in Slovenia on several occasions - his involvement in MK Ultra case goes back as far as to year 2000(I think his father was the first one who got involved in my case already in 1995 in Miami - his father who became wealthy in 1996 moved up state from Miami in 1996 and shortly after have separated from his Chinese wife - two separated in New York as early as in 1996) or so...

Donald Trump who sensed Max's involvement in MK Ultra case(Max was in it with idea to help me, and for that matter he planned on issue known as new Android rom installation which would most likely trigger in me curiosity for his internet presence and therefore ability to identify one via one after watching his videos - Trump had his thugs destroy android system time and again and it was only a matter of time when I would have to learn to avoid such issues with knowledge of android fresh reinstallations which I am learning today - but Donald Trump had even insaner ideas in his mind and took whole thing into totally unbearable abuse similar to computer issues) and had a severe allergic reaction toward Chinese since from forever, attempted to use Max against China by totally dismantling my mothers' android software behind his back to the degree that new operating system should be installed in one - problem is even such tusk as phone is as hacked as it gets will have video coming on subject. As Max arrived in 2017 to this very room in Novo mesto(I was brought back to Slovenia from Belarus where I filed for political asylum) he stated me, "you won't be capable to repair or make new installation of android via my method as this goes beyond my videos".

What you see here is Max's home and I hope still home of his beautiful parents(MOTHER WAS THE ONE DECIDED TO KEEP UP WITH ME AND HUSBAND LEFT HER THIS HOME DURING SEPARATION) located outside of the New York city on the left side of the Hudson Rive(Max would commute to work to Linwood Plaza Shopping Center from near Hackensack area and its where Max would commute for weekends once he moved to a new flat in 2008 and then another modern apartment flat located near ocean in New York city in 2012 to meet parents and his half sister whom he unconditionally loves).

Max was discriminated against once he joined overseas journeys. Was treated unequally around Donald Trumps white boys club, but did managed to secure major corporations help in reviewing models exclusively via this very case and used his intelligence(is very bright and hard working) to advance in other filming/reviewing areas of products areas what finally scored him super youtube standing.

Just as to Mr. Max Lee his sister Lauren Kwei(she is half sister actually as Max is 100% Chinese, but she is 50/50 on father's side), I off course thank to Alexandra Ocasio Cortez which is for me one of the most admirable democrats in US.

Max is about 190cm+ tall. Gentle(very nice, friendly, and very professional individual).



Nope, China had nothing to do with my telephone hacking and was in it to help me out only <3. 

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