Monday, December 21, 2020

Slovenian police(SAME AS IN CZECH REPUBLIC AND SAME WAS USED IN POLAND) created another setup against me and was physically assaulted tonight - however, police will now have to confess to MK Ultra crime

At restaurant Gedzo in Novo mesto. Family was involved in MK Ultra as early as in 1995(mother was). In 1996/1997 she took as tenants two individuals of which Mr. Gedzo was told is Serbian from Bosnia. Another individual whom I have also seen tonight latter became waiter or restaurant helper.
Time and date when written.

Father Gedzo(tenants who married Slovenian) who physically assaulted me is a power lifter. Has 100kg weights upstairs(took me up there demonstrated them to me) which he lifts due to amount of cevapcici food he consumes. His son a judo wrestler sportsman who learned sport from his father since his young hood(before high school).

Identified tonight as the two exited restaurant and I was passing bye were also wife of Mr. Gedzo(blondie) and one of the first tenants who still(at one point went away and then returned) works there I believe.

Police officers who responded:
#1 Individual(I think half Serbian or Serbian) was transferred from Maribor to Novo mesto because of this case sometimes in 2008.

#2 Individual who also responded was transferred to Novo mesto I believe from Krsko but sometimes in 2013.

There were another two police officers for whom I am not completely certain as far as identifying them.

Will stop bye tomorrow for police report and press court procedure against foremost police or perhaps even to thank them after they ALL PARTIES MENTIONED ABOVE will declare stated here as factual.

Thank you to all participants 😉

This was written at 2205 hours on 12/21/2020 and I again won.

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