Tuesday, December 15, 2020

I must congratulate Vladimir Putin to finally confirm Joe Biden as new US president(a big step forward for Russian president and a big step backward for Russia who allows such self embarrassing conduct to its president)

When Putin/Trump are in question, nothing is too crazy - the real story about two very very clumsy(awkward) pigeons on a global chess board.
@Russia - you do realize(I assume) that Donald Trump is seen by the world as a full time KKK neonazi individual !!????

This is to note that Vladimir Putin as Russian president cheered for nazism to very last moment that extended greatly into post US elections period. During MK Ultra when I was drugged up, Putin had a lot to say about my nazism blah blah even that totally nonexistent - nothing about his own real time neonazi actions which he implemented along Donald Trump through MK Ultra torture.

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