Wednesday, December 16, 2020

With what we see in Poland(not only in Russia), neonazis worldwide have the right to celebrate Adolf Hitler and its where the whole thing is leading

 Eastern Europe scored NEW HISTORICAL LOW in respect to international and domestic relations. Every Andrzej Duda/Morawiecki/ Andrej Babis/Vladimir Putin's news(nails dodged in coffins of their own and normal part of humanity) helps Germany score higher and higher on international reputation ladder.

With boorish eastern European politic like this just as Angela Merkel stated me some 15 years ago to cheer me up because of how Donald Trump treated me drugged up under MK Ultra, "let them celebrate Donald Trump and we will celebrate Adolf Hitler" - I agree just that Germany celebrated in Trump's case four times not once(Hitler, great investment options and extremely lucrative trade, and Donald Trump alone who promoted hatred and this free via eastern Europe), and it is about to become 100% fifth time if you manage to guess how/why. Then perhaps even sixth and more times.

Far more hateful and perhaps even more racist than what neonazi Germany alone was !!!

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