Sunday, December 20, 2020

@PRINCE HURRY: Forget about CRESSIDA BONAS - how about Rhodesian South African 卐 卍AWB卐 卍 bride !!?????

Media talks about Cressida, but how about Mr. FAST AND FURIOUS's neonazi South African bride with whom one spent some decent amount of time before regaling himself to Meghan !!??? Yes, I know - life is hard.

COVID19 in South Arica(virus which plagued Italy already in December of 2019 and who knows whom else) prefer to murder young rather than old - new scientific fact about o called Coronavirus.

The only normal family I know of in Britain are off course our favorites - they argue only about candies and are sad due to weather whenever more and more crime leaks about about them...even dogs get poisoned here ad then.

Now already welcome because its all about China :))))

Welcome to United Lunatkingdom

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