Thursday, December 31, 2020

Why did West promised wealth in my case if I ever manage to point out what took place

#1 so they were capable to steal one from own taxpayers(Vucic, Putin, Babis and many others didn't live only like tsars, they have also THIS WAY accumulated wealth via public theft from own taxpayers).

#2 so they(West) were capable to terrorize own congress/senate members - present them with financial threat rather than to allow concern for US constitution/treaties to be alive.

#3 Because this is a Buckingham palace Berlin imperialistic fascist politic with which they hoped for would lure more and more victims into their net.

#4 To stimulate(hypnotize) people into total lunacy - crime. To create market in which people compete for failure is why - they needed to expand fascism and to do just that one has to find the way for people to tolerate(allow) one on the first place.

It never ever was about my ability to prove what took place - this demand in fact grew into poisoning issues, play with directed energy weapons, psychiatry and all this out of most severe forced unemployment you have ever heard off - either this or that and nothing in between.

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