Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Doctor Fauci by far one of the nicest people I ever met - have NO clue, whatsoever how one ended next to Trump

He and his wife had me in their house. But....yes, there always is that "but"😄 I flattered also his wife and not only daughter and it was time for me to go father and husband Fauci concluded. 

Fauci who observed me acting careless(I didn't commit to idea of taking his daughter as truth love, but would instead continue act as if killing time by flattering whatever walked past me) demanded from me seriousness which translated in my vocabulary to soberness even when subjected to MK Ultra - that was a NO NO for me as I figured out in my head it would really potentially hurt my feelings if I would made commitment as big as this even that only under MK Ultra and one would fell apart for the sake of ridiculing me yet again... Fauci and his daughter Jennifer who just finished high school(I think she didn't have a year break in between, but instead talked about it only... but she did enrolled a bit late to university which entrance she passed with ease as is very intelligent young woman) then decided it would be best to part....

Doctor Fauci is in his private life totally different individual from what I observed one acted like near politicians which surrounded Trump...he is real gentleman/family man proud of his beautiful family and I bet great friend.

I don't think I was wrong. His daughter observed my behavior under MK Ultra and was more(its how I felt) comparing me to other MK Ultra subjects - I concluded wasn't first one tested like this as she felt in her element(she acted automated and most likely have used video cam during her absence) while engaging in MK Ultra ;)

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