Wednesday, June 30, 2021

V HAG IN NIKAMOR DRUGAM: Milan Kučan in Borut Pahor sta s pretepanjem in pogojevanjem sovraštva širila po Sloveniji preko MENE OSEBNO teorijo o nacizmu zavoljo nove velikočetiške države Jugoslavije

 Preko mene(kar je imelo za reultat njuna pretepanja-grožnje s smrtjo po Sloveniji, Srbiji, Bosni z Srpskim prebivalstvom, Rusiji, Češki, Poljski etc.) sta dva nadalje razvijala teorijo zavoljo nove velikočetiške države Jugoslavije preko ustrahovanja Slovenskega naroda - tako z grožnjami češ da gre za napad na Slovenijo tako z fizičnim-psihičnim nasiljem katerega so lahko mimoidoči opazovali onemelo med celo mojo nastanitvijo v umobolnici kakor ogašanjem mnogih Slovenskih življenj.

Jocko Willink INVOLVED in my MK ULTRA case and appeared as one of staunchest supporters till I got completely lost in one



@Milan Kučan in Borut Pahor

 Z malce pozornosti vaju dobim na Haško sodišče in obsodim največjih zločinov proti človeštvu - vsekakor pa izdajalstva in uničenja Slovenske države-naroda. Related to 

At the final of conversation with association for handicapped in Novo mesto, I also identified year of association's building year purchase as 2005 where previously store was located but

 my memory would go back in time even into before store opening time - store was opened in 1997. Related to 

Pogovor z medobčinskim drustvom invalidov v Novem mestu glede poškodbe hrbtenice in možne pomoči(nasveta) Junij 30 2021

Video prav tako dosegljiv na 

MK ULTRA: In the past three days, I identified and several people self identified per MK Ultra

 --Top of Trska Gora - 3 families identified and self identified. 

-- One of the earliest men involved in MK Ultra along politicians Bavčar-Peterle self identified and identified about 2 kilometers from here.

--Brežice man along his family identified just yesterday

--Man from Trieste and his sister in Triest identified and self identified. I remember sister-mother situation in Trieste and have plentiful proofs for that matter as well. These people all go as far as to 1995-1996

--My Avsec Boštjan initials displayed on a way to Trska Gora's church of St. Marry for over 10 years already

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

SINCE 2006 AND TOLD CASE WILL BE UNDER MK ULTRA: In Slovenia when compared to Poland

 Sirens go on(less loud and less frequent, but still insane specially when I remind myself about what went on with Krka pharmaceutical FIRE DEPARTMENT which death threaten tirelessly for years whenever brought to Novo mesto or taken for a walk drugged up) with difference of local vehicle and motorbike mob for which I was told will get even in physical confrontation with. They watch whenever I exit and then speed exceeding 60km per hours inside of the village(there is criminal sign posted as 30km per hour speed limit which should have been 30km per hour at the beginning and end of the village - encouraged to speed through the village) while if outside of the village, police has drivers push cars exceeding 80km per hour easily. No signs whatsoever. 

For bad relations between Russia and Slovenia and others - Slovenian nations is guilty alone

 Because where there is NO self respect among own people, nobody from outside will ever respect you either. Not about Russia/Belarus/ Poland/ Czech rep. and others so much...question here pops up whether you should defeat your internal enemy first or run on outskirts of the country to defend its borders...

NOT DIFFICULT TO KNOW WHO IS GUILTY FOR IT ALL/HOW AND WHY: For the broken watches Sergei from Belarus and other claimed problems, Borut Pahor consoled them with words I cite, "don't worry, when its turn comes YOU WILL GET HIS WATCHES AND HE WILL GET YOUR BROKEN WATCHES"

 It was like this with ALL THE items. Here is who, how, and whatever(not why). Perhaps worst was Andrzej Duda who dared me buying a decent smart watch with pledge to send bills for Skoda car from Czech republic/ Poland and so on....

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Involved in MK Ultra

REPEATED NEXT DAY - After 4 hours of radiation(this is what painful "sleep" I got used to it was), I am ready for new day

 I suppose an answer to 

Video can be also seen at

Russian politics unstoppable British royals told me back in 2013/2015 - reality is that to "annex" territory is not the same as to "occupy" and British media continues to brainwash via planned conflict and controlled media that occupy when it comes to Russia is to annex

Of course I am referring to Ukrainian Crimea/Donetsk area. Why Russian politic is unstoppable you may want to ask Black Lives Matters - Jeff Bezos will not tell you about truth behind "Mars Exploration" 

HERR Sebastian Kurz ALSO impregnated in Smarjeske toplice(Slovenia) area ;)

Sebastiani wouldn't trust me in 2017 who/where because of what he claimed I became "radicalized leftist" Further if necessary would take them to Austria(daughter is now over 18 and as such a adult) :))))

Friday, June 25, 2021

No such thing as medical care(NO MEDICAL ASSISTANCE OF ANY KIND) here till case is recognized as ultimate crime of the century and in the history of the world

NOT SIGNING FOR ANY JEFF BEZOS "MARS'S EXPLORATIONS": Abduction a very very possible scenario in my case. Not signing up for Jeff Bezos Mars explorations - Mu Mu Land.

Funny I stated at the end of video "not signing for any Jeff Bezos's explorations" and laptop refused to save video, so I had to pause one and then repeat save option to get one finally saved - still end of video is missing. Will watch one over myself to see if anything else is missing or if any wrong parts are connected in one...
Video can be also seen at

ANGELA MERKEL DREAMED ABOUT DISAPREANCE FROM POLITICAL STAGE ALSO VIA FAKE DEATH OPTION IF NECCESARY: Angela Merkel given Moderna as second COVID-19 jab after having AstraZeneca as first injection

Very diligent concerning vaccinations, but lets slow down this vaccination game a little :)))

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

An visit invitation for Angela Merkel to Novo mesto

Video can be also seen at

They have gone as far as planting fake Andrzej Duda into scenario - idea was to confuse who was who as Duda alone had MK Ultra scenarios changing from extremely violent to what would help me and so on

For here seen individual who appeared on Facebook on several occasions, I can only say was involved few times in scenario as a "violent" individual, but in reality is softy(NOT VIOLENT AT ALL -  ACTUALLY A NICE GUY FROM LODZ) who even apologized to me. Andrzej Duda who got him into violence for his own sake, however, paitned one back on picture with idea to either excuse him or for the sake of dialogue sake which I absolutely decline. Pollacks new better in 2020 when they departed to voting poles once again to express support for their beloved leaders.

In respect to Polish psychologist only that I was told would see online news about accident in either Zakopani region(Tatra mountains) or lake drowning

 You will never ever see her again is what I was repeatedly gestured. They had sorry ass scenarios basically for every individual involved in MK Ultra. Specially those close to you which in this case were used to cause more harm or as much as harm as possible - led by psychiatry implying to parents even at this stage.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Kim sister derides US official, dismisses chances for talks

Not only because of hunger issues Nort Korean people suffer under psychotic criminal regime of Kim Jong Un and his sister(their role model for hunger and domestic as well as

regional terror is no other than Vladimir Putin)
, but specially due to Kim Jong Un's murderous the right to work policy for those who somehow manage to escape his lunacy with escape to China where they are disallowed afterwards to obtain even work and must be repatriated for execution purposes - I believe it is in best US interest(global interest) to stop communication of any kind with North Korea and instead channel one via China. Simply transfer all your government phone calls from North Korea to Chinese authorities and have them handle lunatic unless those need your assistance. Paying attention and displaying even concerns for North Korean psychotic(not powerful, but mentally ill - extremely poor and poor choice of words by American journalists contributes to problems) commander will only deteriorate his health and consequently well being of everyone else.

Kim sister derides US official, dismisses chances for talks

Tue, June 22, 2021, 5:32 AM

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The powerful sister of North Korean leader

On June 19th after taking father to hospital, several other people involved in MK Ultra appeared

 Two police officers whose names I will not state and brother of Mr. Gedzo. Father had no apparent signs that would indicate serious problems and he somehow wondered out of hospital due to his "here and then" dementia situation- its how I accidentally bumped into two nice police officers involved in MK Ultra.

INVOLVED IN MY MK ULTRA CASE SINCE 1995 - UN elects Guterres for second five-year term as secretary-general


MK Ultra - The day before yesterday(June 20th) several more people involved in MK Ultra identified

 In Novo mesto at Zihovo selo a couple from near bye while working on their field - have a house on the other side of the river right next to river. Husband is from Bela Krajina in fact old Slovenian house. Possibility even from Desinec center...


 You do whats best for your interests, but don't make your own WWII legacy, basically our grandfathers(Slovenian and Chinese were on the same side) die during WWII for this 

@NANCY PELOSI AND POPE FRANCIS IN VATICAN CITY: I do like the answer on how many US democrats were involved in 9/11 - September 11th, 2001

After Mr. Mike Tyson's departure to China in 2001(he wasn't nervous about all the money he invested in his factories there, but one spent all the money investing in his Chinese factories once he was informed in China during his shopping spree about "MISTAKE" he committed and for which one was warned well ahead on not too YET, but did because he was in rush to get cheaper deals before others arrival), Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known by his ring name The Rock also involved same as Mike Tyson and Mike Tyson's partner(best friend till then) WOULD NEVER EVER be seen next to Mike Tyson again...Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known by his ring name The Rock also departed to China on a factory shopping spree, but latter as he refused to break US Democrats rotten "saw, nothing, heard nothing, know nothing 9/11 protocol" for which they cashed as you see super substantial amounts of money.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Polish branch of MSN news just releases news for which their godly peoples have warned me case will be if I would somehow see myself as a human being

Released one hour ago...

There you have it a Yugo Florida ambulance vehicle...all I can add to it is MY advice and even personal bon offer in value of 200 Euros to Mr. Kaczynski and Mr. Milan Kucan for stay at Smarjeske toplice where invited Polish psychologist as was told case would be, can suchkhh their viagra dicks at the main pool area afterhours. One more time truly won't make difference, and I am not into free bons at expense of "Slovenian" state anyhow...keep in mind Smarjeske toplice therme was a favorite destination for Polish(FREE FREE FREE FREE S LOVE NIA FREE FREE) and other eastern European visitors of which KGB organization was the #1 fan - only for good people.

If Slovenes TODAY would have as many human rights in "independent" Slovenia as they have in Austria where Slovenian minority still exists

We would do really REALLY well. And whatever is nooooo good for us Slovenians(I was

brainwashed will be poisoned, killed there by Borut Pahor's association)
, seems is really great for others including his own son. It was Miami where I lived that bothered them the most or at least till they commenced with children's births there to obtain American citizenship for them and it grew into broader issue which seem they(psychotic liars - violent Moscowian Belgrade Ljubljana schizophrenics) alone violate quite a lot.

It was my father's Swiss knife that almost cost him life during MK Ultra times(it wasn't about cars only - German or Italian cars were NO NO), but it was Putan Putanowich who got Germans Mercedes factory near Moscow. Borut Pahor's son graduated on the other hand in Wienna...a bit more than a double standards, but than anything whatever is NOT GOOD FOR US AND WHATEVER WAS WRONG WITH US APPEARS IS BEST FOR OUR ENEMIES.

The US Government idea of having laptop destroyed at his command was very very realistic

 Damaged fan can seal computer's destiny once multiple tasks on laptop are spurred into action simultaneously and you have CPU/memory/disk heating computer till one gives in. They tried...they tried and continue to try.

COMING CIVIL WAR AGAINST SLOVENIA: In Slovenia, 5/6 years old(obviously children) on Chetnik side are even trained on MK Ultra issues

 The youngest I have seen trained on MK Ultra was a brilliant daughter of Polish psychologist - probably she was 4/5 years old. Situation appeared to me indifferent with children from Russian immigrants I have seen at Grotniki's immigration center. My prognosis for the future of eastern Europe is a bloodshed via civil war related issues.

@Milana Kučan - Borut Pahor

 You and your families will pay for your bloody deeds too.

You murdered my moral character with lies(you committed character assassination via torture) while even using your own personal body guards for beating purposes, then you followed up against me with surgeries, poisoning, and other health related issues of which main instrument was psychiatry. Regards to your daughter who threatened me so much with legal issues...

Milana Kučan - Borut Pahor well prepared to face truth which the two silenced for 26 years while using every repression tool accessible

What disturbs me the most is filthy hope the two and their supporters carried on despite torture proofs I submitted publicly...they believed in poisoning/torture to somehow(IF ONLY LONG ENOUGH AND WITH TRUTH SILENCED) turn into one of the common diseases of modern time. Local pharmaceutical claimed me how I will never ever be capable to prove reality from created.

Once Germany handed me via MK Ultra to Poland in 1999, I knew will be killed

 They damaged surgically one of the main gland nodes to me under MK Ultra already in1996 when brought to Belgrade for didn't have to be genius to realise even drugged up on what will follow. 

Their human rights(LIES) were/are my death.

According to Milan Kučan in 2013/2015/2017, it's a deadly injury because it's where lymph nodes connect with spleen - super delicate

 Russians and Serve butchered me with assistance of United States of America which brought me to Europe for exactly here stated. Throwing American citizen on a Russian/Serbian surgical table to have one chopped as pleased and complain about being discriminated against by me drugged up and tortured...

@USA - I don't believe in any of your human rights claims. You used fake death certificates to inflate Covid19 and you use fake concerns to cover what otherwise should be media's real space in news concerning real victims of this case genocide your country orchestrated. You use fake human rights concerns  as well as  scream to out scream cry for help from those truly in need. 

THIS WHOLE THING DONE ON ME WAS A MASSACRE/NOT MK ULTRA OR WHATEVER: Sergei from Belarus realized in 2005 once I started to exercise next to him under MK Ultra that I suffer from sharp pain on the right side of the body(close to center)....

It was doctor Igor Kotar(neighbor) who told me a must surgery sometimes in the future and to not do any pull-ups - told me this under MK Ultra and it sounded horrific whatever told me(another nightmare and reason to disbelieve MK Ultra if willing to function normally in normal life). He resolved cancer related problem(yet another location of the body and found at age 34 - weird for what used to be top athlete to suffer from so many cancer related issues at that age) and what he referred to as temporary issue with injection used, I believe, to decrease swallowing in that part of the body and ordered Sergei to no longer push any exercises other than was more than funny to m when Milan Kučan knew all about my problem laughing at me along Pahor in respect to spleen and lymph nodes...

The biggest problem is everyone knew about it and some even pushed issue further(increased chances of cancer) via poisoning example Is Poland where I was poisoned to beyond toxic, Buckingham palace who knew totally everything about it never reacted/acted...

This is not my body lol - just as an example.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

SOON NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT: If China’s top spycatcher has "defected" to the US, whole thing is nothing than a matter of formalities

Fri, June 18, 2021, 9:18 PM <-- yesterday's news

Rumours swirl that China’s top spycatcher has defected to the US ( 

The insanest from Biden under MK Ultra I heard was for me to

 wait till he talks with Putin since one is Irish...I, US CITIZEN, WILL WAIT FOR BIDEN TO TEA WITH PUTIN...

RETURNED WITH MOTHER AT 0310 HOURS: Taking father to hospital, local Serbian girl with group of young people even waved in the car like crazy in Kandija intersection in Novo mesto

 For that matter I was told father will be gone for good...few days ago, mother begun to worry about winter heating of the house or rather what I was told will be purchase of briquettes. Its how far father would be with us according to MK Ultra...

Nevertheless, I told mother that I will transport father to hospital any time she wishes, however, will not hand around him or wait for her all night long any longer - not even one single hour. I cited her example of father who wouldn't wait either for her or myself even 5 minutes. Advised he in case she would like to stay with him next time to either call taxi or have him return with ambulance vehicle(didn't go as far as farther did/would, but what normal people would do).

Joe Biden spent in this very city of Novo mesto over the course of 26 years for over

 few months of time...came right here from overseas on at least 100 occasions before one became a president. He is not a newbie here...

They are in process of fathers' removal

 Also as was told, his presence and possibly even mothers' is undesired in my public life once the case becomes factual - "recognized" by state. It was a state which engineered for father/mother problems against me(THEY HAD TO FOLLOW CRIME PROTOCOL - like it or not) with here stated reason as reason number #. He has another emergency going right now, but strangely wouldn't want me to take him to hospital...real state's reason for his removal is his knowledge of what one have seen went on over the course of the years in this very house and elsewhere with me on picture...Joe Biden prefers to go this route after me possibly even due to financial reasons.

Black Lives Matter Fights >>>Disinformation<<< To Keep The Movement Strong

 @Black Lives Matters

F*** you and your 9/11 conspiracy theories from here on. Find someone else to redistribute them. and keep growing "strong" 


Friday, June 18, 2021

There is nothing other left for Irish extremist(terrorist) than to APOLOGIZE to THE PEOPLE of China and Mr. Xi Jinping personally for neonazi 卐 卍COVID19卐 卍 theories against one

 Be nice Mr. Biden

Just as Donald Trump stated, you lost this war - never mind election ;)

@Joe - Ohh, perhaps you do like to issue apology also to the people of United States of America even that - just like aliens, wouldn't believe s*** you have to say 😄

Father also keeps extra key set to himself with total mother's knowledge

 They orchestrated me even on how they would take one across the border via Gorjanci under MK Ultra in case "I would make troubles"...sworn to me under MK Ultra on how blah blah...

Father's car nothing more than either modified directed energy assault weapon or one had directed energy device installed

 Taking my father today to hospital and waiting to pick one up left me within hour with nothing but excruciating headache and sound in my head. It was nice after I exercised 6 hours this morning, but it all changed after taking father to hospital. I video recorded what appears to be radiation, but I believe electromagnetic radiation went far beyond recorded during my stay in the car. Father's illness issues under MK Ultra ranged all the way to my not having the right to inspect weather person cremated was he or another - same with mother...

Off shore factory is an investment tax dodger made to avoid paying taxes in own country and is not listed officially as a factory owned by investor who made an investment

 Related to

MK ULTRA: Angela Merkels sents me gentleman from Weißenfels whom I have identified today

 In cooperation with local Slovenian company(everything secured via my MK Ultra case - from money to technology) which experienced repair needs, Merkel sent me German machine serviceman involved in MK Ultra with his family since 2002 or so....

Mike Tyson, Dwayne Johnson in 2001/2002 went as far as investing their entire capital into Chinese factories to become super wealthy capitalists

Same case goes for Donald Trump - question opens not only about US Government off shore agreements shielding super wealthy from tax payment, but further about credibility of US human rights claims - Black Lives matters could well be a totally FAKE supremacist KKK alike organization working in direction opposite from justice system as well as human rights.

Wikipedia claims Tyson went broke in 2003 - well, upon his return from China in 2002 Tyson and Dwayne and others were confused about investments they made as per weather they would even see their money again...they LOUDLY begun to doubt own investment options as too risky....

My problem with American politicians was/is that they ALL placed personal interests over interests of American people

 Every Irish extremist, make no mistake about it, is a Russian puppet as I pointed out in THE VIDEO - I have had problem with Biden 26 years ago just as I had with Donald Trump...this traitors formed crime net and one is not divided into rep/dem parties, but instead in common interests which they represent in both parties. Espionage !!! Betrayal/treason of US abroad and DOMESTICALLY.

NOT AMERICAN PRESIDENT AND NOT AMERICAN: Joseph Robinette Biden Jr is in my view foremost Irish IRA terrorist - before American

 THEY have had and have LONG tradition of cooperation with USSR for well known reasons. How individual like this even participated at the top of the US government for 26 years is a very very good question ;) Related to

I sure can describe American embassy in Israel on what one looks on the inside

 Just as I did Camp David and such...

@Kamala Harris

 They have sperm banks all over US.

GOD DOESN'T APPROVE HOLODOMOR BUT DOES THIS VIDEO MESSAGE 100%: Joe Biden Vladimir Putin meeting in Geneve Switzerland 2021

Here is, I learned, why God PROVENLY hates Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin
Video can be seen at
And its how terror reign of two Soviet lunatics ended after 26 years.

@ Biden/Putin - God told me to tell you ;)

Thursday, June 17, 2021

@Snoop Dogg

Who "lizard king was" !!???? 
I cite Snoop, "the worst would be he will play my music and not know whom I dedicated one"...

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

TALK BETWEEN PUTIN/BIDEN JUST ENDED AS I POSTED THIS NEWS: As soon as MK Ultra project is completed, attack on me follows and its why I am in here in this torture chamber just as was also done in Poland

 Related to 

and off course what fallowed on me I warned about this Amero Russian/ British German Polish

Czech Serbian torture chamber many many times before....its where 26 years of torture was done and one goes on at satisfaction/needs of all parties involved in one. Taking world down day bye day...this is why I prompted myself to write about people who haven't done evil against me only, but are causing one to others as well.

REPEAT: 3 of 3 MK Ultra in Germany Munich area WITH involved German MK Ultra staff members identified

Just a week earlier on June 7th, 2021 - Mr. David Dushman, involved in my MK Ultra case, passed away at age 98. Mr. David Dushman, Russian Jewish Red Army tank driver involved in liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp, loved me/ the two of us never meeting each other in real time is one of my deep regrets.
Video can be also seen at 

Song was released in 1994 prior to my departure to US - NOTHING like Busho claimed me in 1997 and even less Polacks with video about Skoda in 2007 or 1994 prior to my departure to US.

Related to 1 of 3 MK Ultra in Germany Munich area WITH involved German MK Ultra staff members identified


2 of 3 MK Ultra in Germany Munich area WITH involved German MK Ultra staff members identified

Minorities in US suffer - I know so, but its their leaders that act like a pack of blood thirsty hyenas

 Indifferent from seen bellow. Engaging even in a worse than slave trade issues for the sake of their own $$$.

There few people I identified yesterday while taking father to hospital yes, but not worth posting it due to mistakes I have also made

 About Bela Krajina lady I knew beforehand husband was of Bosnian origins - he divorced Bosnian wife in 2002 or so I think and took her and pointed out walking distance home from work - she told me they would try to trick me via her case do...

My mother just reminded me off father's problems of inability to control urination

 and yes, he is experiencing one since Serena Williams' pissing in father's bathroom on father's bed. Since her wild sex orgy one had after spending good time in Novo mesto...nope my mother doesn't speak English, but does communicate with someone over the phone who reads blog faster than I can almost write.

Why dry/molded lemon this time

Because I didn't clean prior to departure to postal office my portable John - learned to use one in Poland where I had no toilet inside of the torture chamber and each time had to cross yard to get to one, and so since doors from my room are made in a way to cause cracking which was for several decades a subject to verbal extremely aggressive(even with psychiatry involved threatening) attacks on me by both parents upon each entry and exit from room, I decided to use one here too...just as on other occasions for which I was told urine analysis will be done on each occasion which will demonstrate my cancer rate in body, this time I was reminded of issue with what you have seen

Physicians haven't find weird about my father yesterday, but dry and molded lemon did waited on me downstairs just as mother told me case will be in case my lymph node

This is her way to demonstrate me parental concerns for me. It was Buckingham palace which, however, bargained for photo of my teeth they would obtained via this very case - will all depend on degree of damage endured is what prince Harry claimed me, so I decided to keep certain photos to myself. I could title here seen and since return from Poland basically as fake emergencies vs real needs. Related to

Mother anticipated would accomplish in me pathos with exampling me here seen...not her first.

REPEAT: 3 of 3 MK Ultra in Germany Munich area WITH involved German MK Ultra staff members identified

Just a week earlier on June 7th, 2021 - Mr. David Dushman, involved in my MK Ultra case, passed away at age 98. Mr. David Dushman, Russian Jewish Red Army tank driver involved in liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp, loved me/ the two of us never meeting each other in real time is one of my deep regrets.
Video can be also seen at 

Song was released in 1994 prior to my departure to US - NOTHING like Busho claimed me in 1997 and even less Polacks with video about Skoda in 2007 or 1994 prior to my departure to US.

Related to 1 of 3 MK Ultra in Germany Munich area WITH involved German MK Ultra staff members identified


2 of 3 MK Ultra in Germany Munich area WITH involved German MK Ultra staff members identified

Building himself tablet factories in China via this very case(not piling financial wealth only) and playing in hands infront of me when drugged up with what would become my future substitution for vandalized used laptop upon return from Poland

 @Mike Tyson

Listen to me very good dude. Your play with my hope, your death threats, and CONDITIONING(daring me) ME TRUTH WITH EXISTANCE OF MINORITIES IN US(basically positioning yourself in front of Donald Trump as his top torture and defense team - pulling behind yourself as influential black individual entire minority movement) may land you and your supporters in a group of supremacists indifferent from David Duke, Hitler and goes same for Dwayne Johnson, Barack Obama, Jennifer Lopez, and others...

Republicans count on this very MK Ultra case - they have facts in hands about democrats' involvement in one and Joe Biden was/is nothing more than democrat party's suicide(I ignored his criminal involvement against me during and in post MK Ultra period, but just to be ignored by him alone once he became a president)

On my news posted online yesterday about June tenth as a national holiday marking end of slavery in the United States tangues of failed republicans spin quickly. Must say I didn't post one here to give 卐 卍them卐 卍 hope, but with intention to build America Great Again in spirit of Mr. David Dushman - well think of me just as you would about his commander. There is no post WWII America(a real great America as was for sometime before nazis begun to climb up letters again) without truth and truth my dear friends knows no colors and truth has no political affiliations. 

Black Live Matters movement if interested in justice should consider here stated or will find itself along KKK in a trash yard(trash bin) of the history - basically, indifferent from Ku Klux Klan. This is a warning for which I hope will bring to MY negotiation table a normal people from BLM movement. Hope on time for the sake of those whom you claim to represent. REAL justice matters !!!


I do like instead of insane 卐 卍 Chinese COVID19 theory, a real Elon Musk's Starlink investigated - connection between satellites and auto navigation systems in vehicles

This isn't about meddling into your country's elections, but instead much more than that...don't wait for Americans to do this one for you unless you want to go totally broke - dead. I assume COVID19 Chinese lab theory was mass hysteria produced to cover as one of the issues seen right on this page. What else can you manage via Starlink and auto navigation systems(semaphores/computer systems !!???)...Musk not alone...

During serious crises in Ukraine, Stoltenberg claims ‘NATO needs more’ from Ukraine before Ukraine can join NATO" while Biden who expressed even support for Russian petroleum/gas(used by Russia to cover costs for the war against Ukraine) points finger at one citing "corruption issues"

West clearly cares about territorial victory in eastern Europe, but not for eastern Europeans. What do you call it if not occupation then !!???? Support for Russian gas pipe(main initiator is Germany) during occupation of Crimea and Donetsk and not even military donation/assistance of any kind if already rejecting NATO membership to one...
What Biden(GERMANY) is up to is clear....I explained everything in details.

During worst human rights case America had throughout its history(my case), American senate passes bill to establish June tenth as a national holiday marking end of slavery in the United States

Best about this national holyday which is dedicated to end of slavery in the United States is thats its minorities present most serious fiasco(jeopardy) for the rest of the world with beyond corrupt attitude - engaging in corruption, crime, most severe violations of human rights, and utterly HUMAN slavery itself this case have proven as some even billionaires from their league attempted to earn $$$commission$$$ with it - competing with republican party mafia/assisting one(assisting KKK members of republican party) with crime...

Just returned from city and taking father to hospital into emergency room(2030 hours) after meeting three Czech guys involved in MK Ultra

These Czechs were used by governments at times as transport me during MK Ultra to Czech republic and Poland. Two got local employment in Slovenian Novo mesto already back in 2005/2006...returned back at 0100 hours(am) after father got intravenous infusion and that was it...

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

When I get through this ordeal(and I did), the #1 PRIORITY of mine will be to immediately annihilate every drone on four wheels operating on Slovenian state infrastructures

 That much for Teslas and cars operated possibly via satellite navigation systems. Making your everyday needs possible and not task impossible for the sake of few high budget elites who built for themselves special one way "boring tunnels to nowhere".

MK ULTRA - 3 of 3 MK Ultra in Germany Munich area WITH involved German MK Ultra staff members identified

Just a week earlier on June 7th, 2021 - Mr. David Dushman, involved in my MK Ultra case, passed away at age 98. Mr. David Dushman, Russian Jewish Red Army tank driver involved in liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp, loved me/ the two of us never meeting each other in real time is one of my deep regrets.
Video can be also seen at 

Song was released in 1994 prior to my departure to US - NOTHING like Busho claimed me in 1997 and even less Polacks with video about Skoda in 2007 or so...

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Microwave Owen with oven was purchased as Merkel told me case would be for this stage of MK Ultra - sold via Lidl and purchased by mother

Timed by Angela Merkel, microwave with oven found its way to Lidl stores perhaps one week before truth about crime will be released publicly. Very nice.
Old murderous microwave which was destroyed/modified as totally new into a radiation bomb will be stored in atic area now, but I will not use this all new Deutsche produkt. Doesn't make sense for me to follow insane criminal patterns designed for me by those who exterminated over 70 million people in WWII - just 75 years ago, earned more than gold(I EVEN CREATED GERMAN IMMIGRATION ROUTES TO EAST PART OF THE WORLD - I DID THIS NOT YOU AND ITS WORTH GERMANY MORE THAN GOLD) via my case, and in return sent me million angels of death. Doesn't work like this. Working on MK Ultra about Germany well - its where/and how Borut Pahor brought on picture niece's husband Mitja Veber for whom Angela, I understand, even designed escape route(him and my niece).

Saturday, June 12, 2021

2 of 3 MK Ultra in Germany Munich area WITH involved German MK Ultra staff members identified

Video can be also seen at 
Bike shop existed there prior to renovation in 1996 and is the oldest shop - one did expended to two stores after renovation as another store(food store I think) moved out...

POLISH TALIBAN IRREPLACABLE POLISH MEDIA CLAIMS: Mateusz Morawiecki absolutely the best of the best - nocked them out all(his competition dead)

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki knocked out competitors. Only he could replace the president

Obama: Poland and Hungary are now “essentially authoritarian”

@Obama - I am afraid always were, but glad you realized what truly went on and goes on. Poland is whichever way wind blows money from - never ever was any real political option 

Poland and Hungary are now “authoritarian”, says Barack Obama, who cited the two countries as warnings to Americans of how “democracy can die at the ballot box”. In response, the Polish government has accused him of “lacking knowledge” about the situation in the country and invited him to visit.

Ex-Mossad director dismisses China threat, criticizing hardline U.S policy

Cohen stressed that China is a friendly country to Israel with extensive trade, science, research and tech relations.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Do you know what lie is ? A real definition for one ?

 A theft of intellectual property - needless to explain how much I hate theft.

Castle mentioned in the video was erected(completed) in 2001

Related to

 They first had smaller version of whatever that was and then larger scale castle as seen in video was created. Chinese Beijing delegation which insisted me during opening ceremony on how castle was completed for me and my Chinese empress, luckily realized upon my expressing total satisfaction with one on how drugs have way to powerful effect on me and I was in no control of real thoughts whatsoever. 

Mayor of the city Novo mesto - Mr. Gregor Macedoni also WAS IN POLAND at Donald Trump's hunger games

 Involved in my MK Ultra case since I selected him for trip to Poland. Enough stated. Upon his return, he continued to obtain degree.

Involved in MK Ultra and whom I met today was daughter from Alexander Lukashenko located just 10 kilometers from my residence in Slovenia(Novo mesto)

 Remember her since she used to attended grammar school - this is how young she was when involved in MK Ultra. She got job at Smarjeske toplice's spa/recreation department latter...

MK ULTRA - Qinghai Lake China area some 26 years ago(AND since)

Similarly Czechs used me against Chinese at Taiwan where they built Skoda factory. There too I was used to for Czechs(Trump used them to blow racism/hatred against Chinese) and then #2 for Czechs to get discounted Skoda factory presenting me to Taiwanese as ultimate racist from Slovenia so they were capable to get their "good Czech" story at discounted costs going....Pollacks, on the other hand, who discovered Japan(they got in there via my case and got Fujitsu similar like this to Poland) brought Japanese to Lodz for me to discriminate them under MK Ultra - so Japan relied on holly Poland(done via introducing me to some beautiful Polish women and then by insisting on how I have to marry Japanese and throwing me infront of Japanese couple in Poland)...
Video can be also seen at 

MK ULTRA Elon Musk's house before one purchased one and after....

Video can be also seen at 
I was there before Elon Musk - in Elon Musk's house that is which portion is also dedicated and turned into business area(upgraded)...I remember about house of Elon Musk even what he alone wasn't capable to recall when challenging me in one and was there drugged up under MK Ultra...he went to ask for photos original owners so he could again become smart infront of me.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Nobody seemed to have cared for fish in Qinghai Lake China some 24 years ago(1996), but few poorest local fishermen who would still try their luck(but as told with less and less and no longer even a option as fish was totally gone they claimed) and myself

I cared so much about fish that local boss had no choice other than to pay attention to me...he was sick and tired of what he called watching local if they watch after me since I ongoing rushed to the lake(was in constant search for victims with whom I could exploit lake = fishermen)....he did paid attention when the right opportunity opened for him and I cite one when top Chinese delegation visited in 1999, "he is crazy and is doing this  and that and want to go to lake all the time looking for fish" English right infront of me...

But some two years down the road(2001), he thanked me as Mr. Xi Jinping paid very close attention to my crazy views(its area from where I snatched my ex girlfriend who even came to live in Miami - once discovered, chant about her beauty soon reached to Japan) and rehabilitation of native carp begun to take place. This is no ordinary carp, but fish with unique salmon alike quality which is growing into real industry - it is what Mr. Jinping told me case will be and presented me under my case as one of the biggest contributions to China.
In 2005/2006, local bosses as area grew extremely fast, were extremely pleased with fishing harvestry(THEY BUILT SOME SORT OF POOL THERE IN 2002 FOR FISHING HARVESTRY PURPOSES - OFF COURSE I ENVISION ONE AND WOULD EXPAIN EVERYTHING IF THERE AS THERE IS NO STREET MAPS) which started to sharply advance fish population and as can be seen bellow - a real success...

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

MY LOVING EBAY'S VERIFY YOU ARE HUMAN: More CYBER ATTACKS on me recorded/ clearly not difficult to know from where/who directed these at me

Part 1 of 2
Video can be also seen at

Part 2 of 2
Video can be also seen at

Duke of Sussex to take five months parental leave after daughter's birth

 Thats actually wonderful, so you can take your daughter and son(this time for change) and when compared to photo bellow, to Great Britain. Just too bad they were born in country whose constitution(1st amendment - free speech) you hate so much. And it must be really nice to be a chief impact officer of mental health company while fighting misinformation which your sources created to silence also real another words, to be a witch hunter...

TWO LITTLE HITLERS MEETING: For coming "summit" between Biden and Putin, Western media rattles with just what Russia has in a military field(nice replicas of NATO arsenal is what - freebies/handouts for the sake of new 卐 卍 pact)

Its how Biden/Putin summit answers ahead of mitting to Ukraine, but I do like to remind those who haven't see me as a human being per their racial issues in US and across the Western Europe that we eastern Europeans are people(humans) too worth no less than you and world is not as small as you would love to make one look as.

I AGREE: China State Media Calls Wuhan Lab Leak Theory 'Pathetic Story'

A pathetic neonazi hate hate hate story, if I may add to that. As pathetic(more more) as the two latest US residents. And laughable too ;) debil theory.

China's Global Times tabloid claimed a U.S. national laboratory report cited in an article by the Wall Street Journal offers no new evidence regarding the origins of COVID, describing the study as a "pathetic story."

Not even three weeks after supposed Jill's "go f**** yourself" REMINDER, Kamala Harris' plane grounded

@Joe Biden - A warning or more !!??? I think the two of you are a sick manji manji whack jobs. You seems to love threats violence...observing as Putin stated "thrill"(he loves this word) in other people...are we people for you at all !!????

Mr Robert Kegan was involved in MK Ultra since early beginings

For that matter(information), I do have to thank to Justice Elena Kagan of US Supreme Court.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

@Joe Biden - How about laptop battery - can one explode ?

 This is the stuff I was brainwashed with during MK Ultra here in Europe and back in Miami - asked question repeatedly in real time at state agency for employment(1STOP WORKFORCE ALONG BISCAYNE BLVD.). Traumatized, I refused to buy laptop till 2004...refused to otherwise appealing minivans(told will sleep in one during winter in snow)...refuse to purchase android telephone till 2017 - for that one, they presented all kinds of insane road to Poland unavoidable scenarios...

Undermining US Constitution - laws: Republican GOP quietly to rig voting rights of Americans via new voting laws

I am not Obama's supporter on personal issues, but do embrace his general views on politics situation in US.
Former President Barrack Obama suggested Friday that efforts by Republican legislatures to change voting laws amount to "rigging" the system.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Someone desperately trying to portray black people as Asian haters which is NOT the case

Because of Lenovo tablet I had in Poland and thorough brainwash inside this room, I decided to search a bit more for the right product

Destruction of my property inside of room in Slovenian Novo mesto house of my parents was I deem yet another origin of Polish crime. Mike Tyson insisted on PC Justin enough to make me understand just in.

The first individual involved in MK Ultra who DREAMED about tablets and tablets only(right inside of Novo mesto library and in 2003 before those even had any significant usage) was Barack Obama

 Went ahead to threaten after I dismissed one at the library and what one managed to produce cane clearly be seen here 

In 1998/1999 whenever brought to Germany and accompanied by Trumps, I got into almost physical confrontation on each and every occasion with either of two Trump sons who would

 take orders on attacking me when in Germany from Czech and Polish Governments. The main cause was envy/hatred for someone other than Czech/Pollack to earn something more than what their politicians had despite fact that Skoda factory exists in Czech republic because of me only. These two criminals LIED on German streets before German politicians about MK Ultra past(as how to pursue renovation/construction in area) - have brainwashed me into wrong information. Eventually Poland and Czech rep. ripped my MK Ultra case from Germany and I have to say today - FOR ALL THE WRONG(WORST OF THE WORST) REASONS. 

I am blocked(incapacitated) from creating video on MK Ultra in Germany

 @Angela Merkel

But you will be f*** too. It won't be so funny for you soon. 

Both computers are broken

 Using either of the two further would result in burning motherboard as was told case will be. American psychologist told me coolers didn't work for either of the two as they use specific cooling systems. Merkel insisted how I should buy new tablet from China at this point...Trump Eric(both Jr. and Eric involved - you prince from Bell Air also knew about it all) mawned about screen problems that I would have what indicates mentioned screen issue...there is no difference between US Democrats and republicans is what I can tell you folks - they both were in it from day one to MURDER/KILL ME. Republicans started big lie for which not only knew will end soon, but have used as time and again before a democrats to "STOP" one from know, a big secret "somehow" leaked out and then there was no way to "help me" any all Joe Biden witnessed for no less than 26 years.

SOME MORE "NSA USA": Please kindly mind your own business from here on as you sure did helped alot(already enough).

Who did this, doesn't even matter any longer. 
Video can be also seen at