Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Republicans count on this very MK Ultra case - they have facts in hands about democrats' involvement in one and Joe Biden was/is nothing more than democrat party's suicide(I ignored his criminal involvement against me during and in post MK Ultra period, but just to be ignored by him alone once he became a president)

On my news posted online yesterday about June tenth as a national holiday marking end of slavery in the United States tangues of failed republicans spin quickly. Must say I didn't post one here to give 卐 卍them卐 卍 hope, but with intention to build America Great Again in spirit of Mr. David Dushman - well think of me just as you would about his commander. There is no post WWII America(a real great America as was for sometime before nazis begun to climb up letters again) without truth and truth my dear friends knows no colors and truth has no political affiliations. 

Black Live Matters movement if interested in justice should consider here stated or will find itself along KKK in a trash yard(trash bin) of the history - basically, indifferent from Ku Klux Klan. This is a warning for which I hope will bring to MY negotiation table a normal people from BLM movement. Hope on time for the sake of those whom you claim to represent. REAL justice matters !!!


The No. 3 Senate Republican, John Barrasso of Wyoming, told a group of voters that he wants to make President Joe Biden a "one-half-term president."

"Mitch McConnell's come under a lot of criticism for saying, at one point, he wanted to make sure that Barack Obama was a one-term president," Barrasso said last Thursday at an event hosted by the Ripon Society, a centrist Republican think tank, which posted the remarks Tuesday.

"I want to make Joe Biden a one-half-term president. And I want to do that by making sure they no longer have House, Senate, White House," he said.

McConnell, R-Ky., the Senate minority leader, has vowed to block Biden's agenda and sharply criticized the administration's policies. McConnell said last month that he is "100 percent" focused on "stopping" Biden's administration.

"We're confronted with severe challenges from a new administration and a narrow majority of Democrats in the House and a 50-50 Senate to turn America into a socialist country, and that's 100 percent of my focus," he said.

Before the 2010 midterms, McConnell told the National Journal that "the single most important thing" Republicans wanted at the time was for Obama to be "a one-term president," adding, "I don't want the president to fail; I want him to change."

Obama was re-elected for a second term, but Republicans won control of the House after the 2010 midterms and gained the Senate for the final two years of Obama's presidency, which denied him confirmation of a Supreme Court nominee. Republicans lost control of the House during the Trump administration, and Democrats narrowly regained the Senate last year.

Barrasso said Democrats are the "party of socialism" in his remarks and excoriated the Democratic agenda as government welfare.

"I'm looking forward to a very successful 2022," he said. "Republicans want to continue to work on growing the economy, and the Democrats want to grow the government."

He said Biden is going "along for the ride" as the party veers left on policies regarding policing, jobs and climate change. Barrasso also suggested that Biden is a rubber stamp for the Senate majority leader and the House speaker.

"Joe Biden will never veto a bill," he said. "He will go down in history as a president who has never vetoed a bill, because he will sign whatever Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi put on his desk."

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