Thursday, June 10, 2021

MK ULTRA - Qinghai Lake China area some 26 years ago(AND since)

Similarly Czechs used me against Chinese at Taiwan where they built Skoda factory. There too I was used to for Czechs(Trump used them to blow racism/hatred against Chinese) and then #2 for Czechs to get discounted Skoda factory presenting me to Taiwanese as ultimate racist from Slovenia so they were capable to get their "good Czech" story at discounted costs going....Pollacks, on the other hand, who discovered Japan(they got in there via my case and got Fujitsu similar like this to Poland) brought Japanese to Lodz for me to discriminate them under MK Ultra - so Japan relied on holly Poland(done via introducing me to some beautiful Polish women and then by insisting on how I have to marry Japanese and throwing me infront of Japanese couple in Poland)...
Video can be also seen at 

Donald's fortune is in a great portion "Made in China and Germany", so I am quite shocked about his views against China being indifferent from those on me via whom he made his ENTIRE FORTUNE.

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