Saturday, June 19, 2021

The insanest from Biden under MK Ultra I heard was for me to

 wait till he talks with Putin since one is Irish...I, US CITIZEN, WILL WAIT FOR BIDEN TO TEA WITH PUTIN...

Biden is a lunatic, but above statement from Biden today after going through what I did(I now understand just how insane/sick this individual is), does horrify me.

@FBI/CIA - you don't think perhaps this infantile brainiac now lodging after Trumpet even in the White House already made us all enough damage !!???? He is not Irish extremist in Putin's pocket only...This Irish perverso expected from ME to accept logic on Putin as the one who will decide about see, theories such as "Irish never ever existed on face of the earth" are born this way ;) you get it !!???

Racist/fascist bigot atop of SICK is what Joe Biden is. Seating in the W.H. and sickening world - not only America and in same way as Trump did.

Ego megalomaniac !!!

@Joe - w.t.f. are you even doing in USA !!!????

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