Friday, June 18, 2021

Father's car nothing more than either modified directed energy assault weapon or one had directed energy device installed

 Taking my father today to hospital and waiting to pick one up left me within hour with nothing but excruciating headache and sound in my head. It was nice after I exercised 6 hours this morning, but it all changed after taking father to hospital. I video recorded what appears to be radiation, but I believe electromagnetic radiation went far beyond recorded during my stay in the car. Father's illness issues under MK Ultra ranged all the way to my not having the right to inspect weather person cremated was he or another - same with mother...

HE IS A FAKER. SIMULANT AND A LIAR LIKELY ENGAGING IN CRIME AGAINST ME PER EVEN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA GOVERNMNT  CONSESNUS - NOT ONLY SLOVENIAN(Russo Polish Serbian alliance) AS AMERICANS ALONE BRAGGED ABOUT DIRECTED ENERGY ATTACK ON CAR ALL OVER THIS CITY - the thing is attacks didn't take place from outside as I was brainwashed case will be from inside of the car while brainwash was used to convince on attack session from outside at planned ahead locations. As planned and with criminal goal to hurt/destroy as much as possible.

His weakness as far as him having difficulty to even seat inside of the car was gone as fast as sexy lady who had car parked right next to his car placed belongings in her car...he seized moment to act like sexual hawk(spiked his attention to buck level within second/two) without realizing of being observed...

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