Wednesday, June 16, 2021

There few people I identified yesterday while taking father to hospital yes, but not worth posting it due to mistakes I have also made

 About Bela Krajina lady I knew beforehand husband was of Bosnian origins - he divorced Bosnian wife in 2002 or so I think and took her and pointed out walking distance home from work - she told me they would try to trick me via her case do...

Gentleman who came in new alike Renault Espace at midnight worked at Komunala as maintenance or inspector maintenance as was promoted to in 2008/2010 - I remember his location/building...

For another gentleman who came at about 2400 and confirmed me was there to pick his wife(does farming) I can also say he lives in direction of Bircna vas(Škrjanče pri Novem Mestu), but before Bircna vas...

To lady from Dvor I pointed how to turn to her house from road.

I did made mistakes do and will therefore no go about publishing any of above...tahnk you for coming do.

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