Wednesday, June 16, 2021

My mother just reminded me off father's problems of inability to control urination

 and yes, he is experiencing one since Serena Williams' pissing in father's bathroom on father's bed. Since her wild sex orgy one had after spending good time in Novo mesto...nope my mother doesn't speak English, but does communicate with someone over the phone who reads blog faster than I can almost write.

@Serena Williams - you left behind huge bills and those bills multiplied, I believe, by some folks who doesn't like you even less your kind.

@Serena Williams - you know people who watch through TV the type of b*** s**** as you promised to my father case would be and was used to intimidate him afterwards via cable tv or videos...

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I personally have had and have enough problems by pointing out facts about my MK Ultra case - issues you created for the sake of $$$ support with idea to destroy me(denigrate me infront of your minority society) was/is drop over the edge in a big way - problems I didn't need and don't need.

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