Tuesday, June 29, 2021

SINCE 2006 AND TOLD CASE WILL BE UNDER MK ULTRA: In Slovenia when compared to Poland

 Sirens go on(less loud and less frequent, but still insane specially when I remind myself about what went on with Krka pharmaceutical FIRE DEPARTMENT which death threaten tirelessly for years whenever brought to Novo mesto or taken for a walk drugged up) with difference of local vehicle and motorbike mob for which I was told will get even in physical confrontation with. They watch whenever I exit and then speed exceeding 60km per hours inside of the village(there is criminal sign posted as 30km per hour speed limit which should have been 30km per hour at the beginning and end of the village - encouraged to speed through the village) while if outside of the village, police has drivers push cars exceeding 80km per hour easily. No signs whatsoever. 
THEY VIDEO SURVEILLANCE EVERY ACTIVITY I DO AND WILL NEVER EVER SPEED IF MY PHONE IS RECORDING. Tactic is to speed toward me with cars or bikes roaring...Ask Borut Pahor about it as this isn't new.

Its like all the time WATCH they can hit you...PER POLICE !!!

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