Sunday, June 13, 2021

Microwave Owen with oven was purchased as Merkel told me case would be for this stage of MK Ultra - sold via Lidl and purchased by mother

Timed by Angela Merkel, microwave with oven found its way to Lidl stores perhaps one week before truth about crime will be released publicly. Very nice.
Old murderous microwave which was destroyed/modified as totally new into a radiation bomb will be stored in atic area now, but I will not use this all new Deutsche produkt. Doesn't make sense for me to follow insane criminal patterns designed for me by those who exterminated over 70 million people in WWII - just 75 years ago, earned more than gold(I EVEN CREATED GERMAN IMMIGRATION ROUTES TO EAST PART OF THE WORLD - I DID THIS NOT YOU AND ITS WORTH GERMANY MORE THAN GOLD) via my case, and in return sent me million angels of death. Doesn't work like this. Working on MK Ultra about Germany well - its where/and how Borut Pahor brought on picture niece's husband Mitja Veber for whom Angela, I understand, even designed escape route(him and my niece).

@Angela Merkel - we will see about that ;)

I was told justice or money....well, it didn't worked like that for me when you piled gold and I lost 26 years of life ended poisoned and with broken I stated, we will see about that. You are not bigger than world Angela. or you are nor Biden is. Happy meeting. I will charge percentage not your offers. Mehrwertsteuer along court subpoenas.!!!

The healthy food I should eat/lifestyle and all that other great German stuff as per "what we want/need and not"...hehehe😎

ps. I am NOT Kohl.

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