Thursday, February 28, 2019

VIDEO - Regarding knife issue at the meeting with Polish immigration(just 7 days ago) when applying second time for protection in Poland

Related to Polish border patrol officers at Lodz airport who were eager to find my pocket knife and then harass infront ladies on issue till I have tose one in a trash can infront of them

I was told(promissed by Polish auhorities) under MKultra in 2005/2006 that I will walk naked to Germany from Poland...either naked(will destroy everything to me incl. clothing) or jail as explained here.

I feel pitty for people whose only happines in this world are causing others suffering. Have never ever seen as many and as miserable people as in Poland...

German garbage was present in Poland big time. To tell truth, I don't feel like associating with this filthier than filthy neonazi filth  in any way and what was happeing as well as what is happening did/is happening with permission of one. 

5 of 7 - Second Political Asylum Procedure in Poland During 2019 - meeting with Polish immigration

Video can be also seen at OR OR 

4 of 7 - Second Political Asylum Procedure in Poland During 2019 - meeting with Polish immigration

3 of 7 - Second Political Asylum Procedure in Poland During 2019 - meeting with Polish immigration


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

CRIMEA AND DONETSK BOTH BELONG TO UKRAINE: United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission and other international organisations have reported grave human rights violations in Crimea against the Crimean Tatar ethnic minority, ethnic Ukrainians, the non-Russian orthodox religious minorities and civil society activists.

West must give clear sign to Russia about its stand(Kerch strait conflict/crises shouldn't replace issue of Crime/Donetsk - its why those were created) in respect to occupation of Ukraine. Economic blocade against Russia, arming Ukraine, and accepting one in NATO/EU family are a good beginning.


Was told by attorney(very very slick attorney who ciomes to our center to meet with people, but in my case only to discourage me - she allways has "good luck" answer in advance ready for me) with whom I have met to just forget about previous reponses from Warsaw on how I have no right to apply for protection in Poland since since I am citizen of another EU state...gestured on how I don't have worry about it since I reapplied for political asylum...

My war to be accepted in Poland as a human being will continue to go on for the sake of Poland

Till seen by authorities as such(you will see my complain and answer one like it or not - will not accept this as an answer) or simply kicked out.

POLISH IMMIGRATION(second application attempt) MEETING Video - Political Asylum Procedure in Poland During 2019

NOTE: Dripping blood clip REPEATED(I would use one, but not as many times) because it was anticipated under MKultra I would(one is same color as Polish flag) because I dare those who dared me. 

Was highly discouraged from using one(resident of center also made big time noise just as was promissed for my skake to restrain myself from going forward with such clip), MKultra but that didn't stop me from completing one right infront of psychologists' office inside of the building(BIG sign "psychologist" posted at entrance in the office where I met that same day with attorney).

No suicidal feelings on this end, but want people to understand my age and situation I am in for no less than 23 years. It is serious. Rejected debit card which made me walk in rain over 30 kilometers at night was rejected on tram because Trump want to have one rejected(Have seen I have more than just enough founds available on one today)...walk was repeated from MKultra and from very same location - guess yourself why. Americans and others, however, did have tremendous advantages over me...lets put it this way...American with whom I was back then(he works by the Warsaw airport at the bank), wasted smugled US Dollars(exchanged off course) in food stores of which I could only dream off. I have recognized those stores...this is not lunacy, my Belarus roomate gave me and reminded me(gave me verbal OK for what I thank very much) of information how Boris Yeltsin(Ex Russian president who liked me a lot and have died in 2007) had own room inside of the Debak's immigration center in Warsaw where I was...audios and proofs about MKultra will rain after I complete this documentary...library again closed yesterday/today and son on....much much to discuss.

I AGREE: Politicians launch impeachment proceedings against Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko

When your money becomes priority over nartions' security which elected you as president, its time to go - I agree(@Poroshenko...what the hell is money to you sir).
Money is very important, but when it comes to your own nation which have faced and is facing existance threat, one should be rather spend on her defense than asnything else. My nation's  enemy is my enemy(will not bent to anything or to anyone) is how I see it as, as I alone wouldn't exist without my poeple on the first place.

@Ukraina..demand only the best of best from US diplomacy. No place for KGB proxy in the White House.

TOTAL LUNACY IN KREMLIN BRINGS WORLD CLOSER TO END: Russian State TV Lists U.S. Targets for Putin’s New Nukes--But One Target Doesn't Make Sense

You have to admit even if you were his supporter, Putin is a madman. Mad(sick) as it gets.
Donald Trump will do nothing as whole thing is synchronized with White house in advance - the core idea of nuclear war threat from Kremlin is to present one  to America and world as unfortunately unavoidable Russian ability to nuke US and as such acceptable. FBI/CIA must act and grab the greatest threat that embedded itself in the White House. US must further ensure that nations willing to exercise their right to existence(celebrate freedom = life) are secured with very same options Russia is using against them.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Poland admitted her involvement against me on behalf of Moscow by not responding with other than torture to my request for political protection in one. Silence is a sign of admission.

You did this along with torture for no less than 6 months.

Only have one word for Polish state and is in Polish


You will no longer stand on two banks of the river. Trump won in your(not mine, but yours yes) case.

Offer Accepted - If you can get me out of here as fast as possible is appreciated

Polish state made a step too far and I don't have time for this. 


Will not be closed as a single deal as brainwashed either

Each state(country) has own bourdain. As much as you got involved in it. As much as you have contributed.

Related to

Was told by Trump how I will never ever close the deal if not under his term

This is not against you personally dude...this is foremost against those who allowed spook like yourself to even step in front of my face(basically US Government that allowed you to interact with me in any way).

For what Germany owes, Israel owes 4 x times as much(it started with Netanyahu and his daughter Noa Netanyahu-Roth). And for as much as Israel owes, US owes at least 10 x times as much. And so should be interesting :)))) According to whoever contributed to whatever...

Related to

Will not support any of the two

Both were handpicked in advance by Donald Trump as possible choices for replacement. Both are into money and both knew about my case already in 2006.
 Both were motivated into money deals on the side. Trading with human rights in another words(Trump gestured me personally how I would only have to pay them few millions on the side out of my own pocket).

Library will again be closed tomorrow and probably because of me(as told by librarian in the face) again the day after tomorrow - take a walk was additional gesture

Video on meeting with Polish immigration is coming next

I am everything but impressed with one. 6 months was used for torture and video recordings purposes only. They didn't bother to even answer with other than

Polish immigration system was also careful enough to brainwash with word "Dublin" throughout this very process(from point A to Z)....

Video will be submitted to UN.

Poroshenko places his personal billions in front of lives(mine and Ukrainian) - to be patriot is okay, but to keep stolen money pilling up for personal interests is more important

With news seen here, my support also indefinitely ends for Mr. Poroshenko. Watch next video documentary(Political Asylum  Procedure in Poland During 2019) to see a bit more about why.

Mr. Poroshenko(member of billionaire club just as Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin) should know that USA is not Donald Trump alone for whatever help(so far almost nothing) he received from one on behalf of Ukrainian nation. The key word here, however, is "stolen" as seen above and those who steal know not not other than lie.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Immigration meeting

Have made video, but one needs to be improved. Will add 4 hours of voice recording to one - entire interview.

Got extension for another 3 months in Poland, but this doesnt matter as much as am about to reveal in video. Officers treated me along with translator exceptionally well and would like to express my gratitude to them. Problem, however, was that same as on first interview I dudnt face any questions about US - situation related to Melania Trump.

There is no place till Monday where video could be made do, but this is part of the logic.

Polish, Lithuanian presidents sign surprising joint security declaration

Great news(not bad at all) is how I see one as. Lets just hope one won't end here, but will instead expand expand expand to other near areas which face very same danger...Poland also managed to successfully overcome another issue(for now - I just hope and hope for best) about which I will discuss in next video - concerns yesterday's immigration issue.
The document, signed in Warsaw on Thursday, includes coordination of security and defence policies within the framework of NATO and the EU, as well as collaboration between the two countries’ armed forces, Poland’s PAP news agency reported.

Mr. Poroshenko updates media statistics on Russian aggression against Ukraine - Russia occupies 7% of Ukraine's territory, and 13.000 Ukrainians murdered and 28,000 have been injured

Best Ukrainian president ever. A real chance for Ukrainian nation's survival and even possibility for democracy in Russia as such is how I see it as.

Poroshenko at UNGA: Russia occupies 7% of Ukraine's territory, kills 13,000 people

"NEUTRAL"(just a joke as I will not forget money exchange game in Minsk where I lended in 2017 - Ukrainian money was everything but financial currency in Belarus already back then) in conflict(there is no conflict here, but instead repeated for century long Russian aggression on weaker neighbor) Belaus sells stolen coal from Russian-occupied Ukrainian Donbas area back to Ukraine

"NEUTRAL"(just a joke as I will not forget money exchange game in Minsk where I lended in 2017 - Ukrainian money was everything but financial currency in Belarus already back then) in conflict(there is no conflict here, but instead repeated for century long Russian aggression on weaker neighbor) Belaus sells stolen coal from Russian-occupied Ukrainian Donbas area back to Ukraine.

Coal from Russian-occupied areas of the Donbas, which is at war with Ukraine, may be passing through Belarus and being sold back to Ukraine, according to reports analyzing Belarusian government statistics.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Got up eatly today

Just so I can throw away 18 Zloty(wevget 70 per month) away and whole day, because Polish immigration can do so.

Time is 0540 when writing this.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Situation became even more hactic from side of Polish immigration system on night before my departure to appointment with immigration

As I returned from city past 10pm, security officers have told me to stop bye at state bureau located in the building tomorrow. The two stated that documents are awaiting me there, but wouldn't answer what documents as no information was ever given to them. They both agree how I should meet with immigration tomorrow first as I have to depart here at 6am to be at appointment at 9am and state office in our building opens at 8am.

Will most likely make trip to nowhere tomorow as documents are probably related to my passport. Now you get real idea about USSR Polska or what govenmnt actions(not their blah blah) stand for.

This here was not an coincidence either.

I have more MKultra proofs coming, but have to concentrate on more important stuff right now

Very insane public authorities(in my opinion you are nuts/insane as it gets) who seems not to deliberately understand situation at all need to realize(STICK TO THE FACT WHICH IS MISINTERPRETED) foremost that I am 47 years old. 

Case dragged thanks to you for no less than 23 years now and I will be 70 years old(OLD if you understand meaning of wor old at all) within next 23 year if alive at all. 

My life thanks to you was life of abused stray dog. Its extremelly bad wheather I look backwards or forwad.

You have no right to drag on(postpone/delay under pretense) this case as such.

Hey Trumpy

You are closer and closer each day to
Really is just a matter of time now.

Student should be investigated for very very possible link between him and Trump

3 DAYS AND NOT 23 YEARS FOR 250 MILLION USD: Trump more than just cheered Cavington student's case - he is a pioneer of law suit against Washington post and possibly inside architect of one as are people everywhere that can be bought to blow crime(anarchy and we all know who is using one to drag entire world on knees) out of proportions

3 days for 250 million sure siounds as insane as man who seats inside of the White House on behalf of KGB. There is no attorney that would be as insane as going as far as seen under this news, and when I hear word "Trump" involved in one, I know it all.
WHAT STUDENT GOT IN THIS CASE IS WHAT DONALD HIMSELF GOT FROM GANGSTERS MANY MANY TIMES BEFORE...Student should be investigated for very very possible link between him and Trump

If it stinks, know its Trump !!!

Donald Trump's father has a long long gangster history and apples don't fall far from trees(in this case apple stinks way more that already rotten trea).

Student seen here yet another garbage in progress. 23 years of my life destroyed because criminal who seats insiode of the White House and not via intimidations only...not three days...its time for US Government to take proper action(side) in this case. See nothing/hear nothing won't work and the long you will take the more will hurt.

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You don't know real menaing of word filthy till you get to meet Donald Trump ;)

Trump cheers Covington student's lawsuit against Washington Post: 'Go get them Nick'

President Trump on Wednesday cheered the news that attorneys representing a high school student involved in a now-infamous confrontation with a Native American activist last month are suing The Washington Post.

The lawsuit, which was filed in federal court in Kentucky, accused the Post of practicing "a modern-day form of McCarthyism" by targeting Nicholas Sandmann and "using its vast financial resources to enter the bully pulpit by publishing a series of false and defamatory print and online articles ... to smear a young boy who was in its view an acceptable casualty in their war against the president."

In an early morning tweet Wednesday, Trump threw his support behind Sandmann, writing: “Covington student suing WAPO. Go get them Nick. Fake News!”

Sandmann, a junior at Covington Catholic High School, became a target for outrage after a video surfaced in January of him standing face-to-face with a Native American man, Nathan Phillips, while wearing a red "Make America Great Again" hat.

Sandmann was one of a group of students from Covington attending the anti-abortion March for Life in Washington, D.C., while Phillips was attending the Indigenous Peoples' March on the same day. But while the students were initially portrayed as antagonizing the man, other details soon emerged showing he approached the students, and another group called the Black Hebrew Israelites was instigating with profane comments.

The suit is seeking $250 million in compensatory and punitive damages.
Earlier this month, Sandmann's attorneys sent preservation letters to more than 50 media organizations, celebrities and politicians -- including The Post, The New York Times, CNN, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and actors Alyssa Milano and Jim Carrey -- the first step in possible libel and defamation lawsuits.

Last week, investigators hired by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington concluded that the students did not instigate the confrontation with Phillips. Bishop Roger Foys, who initially condemned the students' behavior, wrote in a letter to parents that they had been "placed in a situation that was at once bizarre and even threatening."

Washington Post spokesperson Kris Coratti told Fox News in an email that the paper was "reviewing a copy of the lawsuit, and we plan to mount a vigorous defense."

Fox News' Samuel Chamberlain contributed to this report. 

Ukraine MUST criminalize Russian terrorism/warmongering(main stream media falls in same category if one had pre existing knowledge of future Russian provocation aganst Ukraine) by equaling one with with neonazi crime laws

Neonazism crime laws for neonazi provocations(if foreign main stream media found guilty of crime same should apply to one as one attempted to spill dirt on Ukrainian nation via neonazi swastikas for the sake of the war - new genocide against Ukrainian poeple) is how I see as !!! Eye for an eye !!!
Ukrainian government must thoroughly investigate possible links between Israel and Russians residing in Ukraine which provoked mall incident.

Tomorrow regarding meeting with Polish immigration/border patrol authorities

#1 Appointment with Polish border patrol at 9am

#2 Visit to Warsaw to either get passport if rejected to file for another political asylum procedure or to reapply for social benefits which will also run out tomorrow(meaning that I have no place to go to after tomorrow if not approved). Either way, return(same or next day) to Lodz for my belongings will follow. 

All this will be financed(will go here by autostopping as Polsih state refused yet again to grant trip ticket; I don't feel like placing myself in same situation as I did in Slovenia where once wrongfully accused of fishing and other time charged for never used internet services - in both situations Slovenian government atemted to get me jailed bye charging itself super interest rates - will not go in detals about how scenario in jail would play against me) by me personally.

They didn't ask Germany for recognition

I won't either !!!!
They didn't ask Germany for recognition, but you Poland did asked one(AND OTHERS POLSKA - AND OTHERS) to be silent in my case against me...

Israeli press changes its mind very fast - Israeli warmongering gossip against Ukraine didn't last single day

Sweden must reject and challange Poland on Stalinist era judge issues - point out case of my own which clearly explains real intentions and direction(THE LONG TIME SEMPER FI TRADITIONAL DIRECTION) of Polish state

SEMPER FI - The one we all know existed and exists behind courtain for already quite some times. Actions talk louder than words. If you want world to belive you, you have to prove them(you actions suggest exactly opposite of your words - you are as Russo fascist state as it gets) with actions.

Sweden must reject and challange Poland on Stalinist era judge issues - point out case of my own which clearly explains real intentions and direction(THE LONG TIME SEMPER FI TRADITIONAL DIRECTION) of Polish state

SEMPER FI - The one we all know existed and exists behind courtain for already quite some times. Actions talk louder than words. If you want world to belive you, you have to prove them(you actions suggest exactly opposite of your words - you are as Russo fascist state as it gets) with actions.

Poroshenko Signs Constitutional Amendment On NATO, EU Membership

Ukraine President Signs Constitutional Amendment On NATO, EU Membership

Ukraine never had president like this before...from
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has signed a constitutional amendment committing the country to becoming a member of NATO and the European Union.

GAME OVER: Russian nukes stationed along the Ukrainian border dismanteled at once

Kremlin's lunacy ended with presence of deadlier than deadly USS Donald Cook's presence in Black Sea. Russia which got outdated(way more sophisticated than inherited arsenal from USSR, but still far far behind West) American(Western) military technology have no answer for seen here. Russian nukes if released will be for the most part(one even two perhaps may get through, but then real firework will commence on Russian side) detonated before entering Ukrainian space - most likely on their own position on Russian side. But it doesn't end(there is more to goodies when it comes to US defense system - lots of beautiful goodies) here as no single US troop is ever left behind...

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

URGENT Response Required in Respect to Illegal Immigration Procedure Against Me in Poland (illegal from side of the Polish state) :

Serves as a sole assistance request letter for agencies/attorneys whom I have contacted via their websites per what exactly I am asking for in addition to UN/Amnesty etc.

Avsec Bostjan
Ustronie 29
Ustronie 95-073
Tel. 48-579-822-625

Those who my personal contact(request for immediate assistance) via your website might concern:


Dear attorney/organisation,

I am asking for urgent help(ASAP RESPONSE) in this matter as Polish immigration system may deny me even the right to stay on social assistance in one already on this Friday(have to meet with them possibly for the last time on 21st of this month for reasons as explained in here to see if allowed to resubmit polytical asylum application at all). 

When applying for political asylum in Poland last year on August 6th, 2018(it was a day/two perhaps earlier, but my Polish state issued ID dates to August 6th), I was compelled to face with several very complex issues, but before I get to those please allow me to explain what brought me to Poland.

Issues that first brought me to Poland involved creation of documentary on MKultra torture which went on in Poland ongoing for almost 9 years as brought repeatedly from US foremost on behalf of American(also other Western governments and state of Israel) and Russian government(Eastern European governments on general due to their need to modernize Eastern Europe which have under Soviet iron curtain rule fall economically as well as technologically far behind).

For MKultra( proofs in Poland, please scroll to the bottom of this very complain which was submitted to Polish commissioner on January the 4th of 2019(she never ever contacted me back and violations within Polish immigration system continued - a reason why I am contacting you today).

After completing documentary(as I was brought back to Poland time and again for 8 years and MKultra staff members helped me out to memorize city developments in certain areas of city ZakopaneNowy TargPruszkow etc. I have created my own documentaries and use them as a MKultra proofs), however, I decided to apply for political asylum in Poland to see how things would turn out for me here. I should say beside liking one vey much if situation would develop for me in any different way from previous situations which I have encountered when applying for political asylum in Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus(before than in Germany, Norway, Belgium, and Canada), and Slovakia since Slovenian government insisted on psychiatric torture for already no less than 5 years(keeping me forcefully jobless and torture me mercilessly via psychiatry with idea to silence my voice in respect to MKultra torture that went on for no less than 11.5 years ongoing - total 20 years as I was still brought randomly back to Poland to confuse me on timing due to fear of my creating previously mentioned documentaries which MKultra staff members from West offered me as ultimate solution - totally 23 years of my life was wasted on torture).

In short:
Poland which objected(not border guards who helped me as much as possible could in entry to Poland with immigration procedure, but instead Polish immigration system at Taborowa 33 in Warsaw - one is related to top of the Polish government) my right to apply for political protection in one during 2018, issued me soon(about two months after entering immigration system after my applying for protection in one a document known as protocol 24 from European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) to which I have objected as one clearly violates(specially as Poland alone was involved in MKultra torture) all rights and freedoms that pertain to human beings.

Poland has in other words violated EU Convention on Human Rights by engaging in direct physical and mental torture of American / Slovenian(EU citizen related straight to Poland as I am from Slovenia) via MKultra for no less than 9 years, have used  EU Convention on Human Rights  against me via protocol 24 to silence me in the future when complaining about torture from the past to protect itself and its criminal partners from future liabilities, and have gone as far as using EU Convention on Human Rights  against me via protocol 24 for repeating partial MKultra torture from the past when my filing for political asylum in Poland during 2018/2019(multiple reasons existed for here mentioned and those ranged from anywhere as primarily protecting Russia/Serbia/Slovenia from legal liabilities for engaging in extreme ethnic cleansing methods in the past as well as in present - primary idea of Polish immigration was to make me quit procedure via creating impossible circumstances during political asylum procedure in Poland during 2018/2019 as entire electronic equipment was destroyed and nearest library was 10km distanced, using abduction issues from past MKultra scenario which gestured heavily with real abduction and by offering via extreme torture methods escapade(not escapade as brainwashed to under MKultra, but instead attempt to exercise human trafficking via constant torture of victim while offering one perfect solution to problems in other parts of the world which would push me away from my existence and this way release involved parties from liabilities for crimes against humanity in my case) to either Israel or Muslim states as well as to repeated video recording of event itself for the sake of financial profiteering as remote location in Grotnikih where I was placed was tested and video recorded before me by multiple foreign governments to see what one would have to go through to survive under extreme circumstances within Polish immigration system if filing for such option in Poland - only 20 km away is second biggest city known as Lodz where world-class politicians were meeting due to above mentioned reasons for no less than 8 years - primary such interest was expressed by countries which had plan to engage in criminal behavior against own citizens and of which citizens would likely search for political protection in Poland) in and to even decline me the right to work after 6 month waiting period by throwing me out of Polish immigration system when work permit was due(after my replying one with very clear explanation as seen above on why I am entitled as human being to apply for political protection in another European country despite my being EU citizen, Polish state delayed with answer for another 3/4 months till 6 months already passed bye - delayed till I have finally requested for information on work permit in Poland to which one is legible after 6 months on what Warsaw slammed me with very same response - gesturing me to reapply for whole immigration procedure and if re-admitted to immigration system by border guards to wait again another 6 months for work permit - question also therefore appears here as what exactly was I within Polish immigration system for this 6 months - looks like again less than nothing and answer from Polish immigration alone as per work status was delivered to me two days after 6 months period which is yet another violation of Polish law alone - Polish immigration silently declined to have any meeting with me in person during this 6 months in respect to my claim as one knows how there is nothing to discuss in respect to 100% correct claim).  

Poland is also DIRECTLY liable for ethnic cleansing against Slovenian nation(from total 1.5 million, about over 30.000 leaves country each year) because Polish Kaczynski brothers have along with Czech Milos Zeman used my "example"(they have turned me first into a neonazi via MKultra torture and then into Stalinist) to convince other politicians on behalf of Serbia and Russia to reclassify our tiny nation from group of Western Slavs(same as Poles and Czechs) into category of Southern Slavs(Serbs) to permanently delete our nation from map(create Yugoslavia what was nothing else than greater Serbia which have occupied other Slavic nations on Balkans). The only one who attempted same before Borut Pahor and Milan Kucan was Adolf Hitler which reclassified our tiny nation into German and its where the two along with other politicians got an idea for here pointed out genocide 

Beyond dirty politics and a lots of money involved. When I say "a lot", I mean a lot a lot and it goes same with "beyond"(beyond of beyond)...for "beyond" I was chosen via "alot" as no other person on this world could carry on anything as seen here for no less than 23 years now.

I am asking for urgent help(ASAP RESPONSE) in this matter as Polish immigration system may deny me even the right to stay on social assistance in one already on this Friday(have to meet with them possibly for the last time on 21st of this month for reasons as explained above to see if allowed to resubmit polytical asylum application at all).   

Thank you will never be enough. 

Sincerely yours,
Bostjan Avsec

Extra explanations on text above:

MKultra neonazi manipulation(creation of nazi went on since 1996 to 2003 - started first with Americans under Clinton's administration and continued with both sides under George W. Bush) issue partially explained above was mainly used for Russian invasion on Crimea and Eastern part of Ukraine. As soon as one ended(it ended with occupation of certain parts of Ukraine as you know during which I was even forcefully hospitalized in Slovenia - I simply disappeared), another portion of MKultra brainwash was triggered which pertained to creation of new USSR(it pertained to my sponsoring Stalinism via internet) as Russians brainwashed me under MKultra torture on greatness of USSR and Stalin alone - Russian KGB led by Putin/ MedvedevLavrov and Donald Trump(Donald trump viciously opposed under MKultra any resistance to Russian or Serbian offers - have gestured time and again how one is best option for me and if I wouldn't comply with one on how Americans would get me even in North Korea/China where I was brought by Americans - first brought by Russians and then Americans who got in one via Russian diplomacy - as strange as it may sound, both regimes collaborated under the table as Americans and West were interested in New World Order - to create one global pact had to be established and to create one, nations that could resist one militarily had to be lured in and were) insisted on my replacing Putin and how Putin is doing it all for me personally(that I would marry his daughter while Slovenian traitors insisted on how I should just shut up in respect to Russian and Serbian immigration to Slovenia since it will be Slovenian I myself who will become Russian president - super deep emotional and physical torture during which numerous life threats for total compliance were created in own residential home vicinity environment in Slovenia - threats ranged from assassinations to abductions for which many were blamed and were expected from me to blame them in the future on Israel).

Note that I have spent personally LARGE amount of time next to Putin and his family members. Beside Poland, I was brought also to other parts of Eastern Europe(and in Israel where Putin alone would pay visitations with his team) of which Belarus was preferred Russian option(most of the time as Putin feared to meet even behind curtain with Western leaders in Russia alone) and at times(in latent stages of MKultra as Putin already managed to prove to Russian system on just how profitable such relation was with West) was also brought more and more often also to Russia. Stalinism portion of MKultra begun to develop sometimes in 2003(to mid 2006), but it went on to year 2015 whenever opportunity for hijacking(there was a great reason why I was not allowed to work in several countries and even rent place of my own with savings in pocket for several years - over 30.000 job applications declined on two continents between 2006 and 2010 - no right to protection/unemploy.compensation etc. of any kind and hostels/ Slovenian parents residence were the only two options granted).

Grotnki library - often times closed and where I was facing with more problems than ability to perform tasks as desired. Two androids were destroyed as well as laptop charger(twice and if repaired or replaced same would repeat - 4 telephone chargers either stolen, destroyed and so on) to compel me into library dwelling(with 18 Euros per month, one can't afford 3+ Euros per day train tickets, but is instead compelled to walk minimum 20+ kilometers to get to the nearest library whenever one in Grotnikih was closed)..

Videorecording - Foreign governments wanted to know exactly how procedure against me will develop in the future as I have gained considerable amount of knowledge by my being around biggest politicians world have seen on political stage lately. Americans figured out that Eastern Europeans and others have to be entertained(I was the biggest entertainment of all as Americans have found irresistible challenging for Eastern Europeans neonazi bait) somehow for show to go on... Therefore, Hollywood found its way inside of this biggest ever global operation to which we already witness for two decades(started with Russian 911 operations which led into war with Chechnya and then repeated American 911 operations which led into war with Iraq/Afghanistan and so on)....It didn't end here, Americans tested global facial profiling of Hollywood actors via Eastern European elite(have involved different faces - MKultra staff members to see how those would be accept in whatever country) - Donald Trump(his both fathers-in-law were KGB assassins - fathers from Ivanka as well as from Melania both have/had criminal KGB files - Melania same age as I am and from same city in Slovenia as I am met Donald Trump in my Miami Downtown's store in 1996 when UDBA sent her to lure me back to Slovenia via marriage proposal) as you know was a king of reality shows...THE BIGGEST interest to them of filming events in the past and what turned into present, however, was future New World Order agreement reminder(I have even heard they were compelled to watch and engage in taking sides by state services - was watched even in China and in North Korea) which took place under the table. To fulfill one, reality show for global elite had to involve beside well known myself also those against whom war would take place in nearest future(its why we have reminder of past Chechens involved in the center as well as members of few other national groups whose nations are on the NWO's table - they engaged in crime against me for the money, but very few of them even knew up to this moment where whole thing is taking - its a big game).

Human trafficking related to Israel and Islamic states - Israel tried to lure in me in Israel via female and colonial issues(Netanyahu promised same as Putin did) and Islamic states(top state positions again offered) with just about the same except that I would be entitled to multiple females.

Both have used same excuses and both were assisted by same partners of which Poland against happens to be main one(for Iran, Chechnya, Russia, and also Israel).

Israel insisted via Netanyahu that crime against me by European states is necessary as one would grant me total immunity in the future from the laws(international tribunals for crimes committed against humanity as they would point out on how I was even compelled to immigrate out of Europe - see in how many countries I have attempted to find new beginnings and you will understand that here stated are facts only)Islamists had idea(opposite of Israelis on how I would be immune from international criminal laws) an idea that rather strong leader is necessary in their world.

Both(Israel and Islamic states) have seen my option against same as Poland did in respect to past and basically obtain financial resources that rightfully belong to me based on acts of genocide against me - they all gestured to West on how they can do job for them(make me disappear - silence with my consent) for less rather than dealing with me.

Islamic and Israeli options were also the only two options(beside Russian one) that appealed Slovenian and other Eastern European political elites as they all deemed that I am simply unrepentant neonazi(real truth is that they committed horrific crime by first torturing me and creating via torture the biggest lie ever which was sold to the world - they want one to stay that way and turn into truth !!!).

AT MINIMUM, POLAND OWES ME AN IMMEDIATE APOLOGY AND IMMEDIATE POLISH CITIZENSHIP(forget about temporary residence and the right to work, citizenship ownership in one instead) !!!