Sunday, February 17, 2019

FAKE REPORTER AND FAKE YAHOO NEWS: Reporter glorified for wrong reasons allows to be treated like trash

As an reporter when given the opportunity by the White house via press conference, you have same rights(DUTIES ACTUALLY AS AN REPORTER TO MAKE MYSELF CLEAR) as White House representative for as long as you respect code of comunication ethics of civilised world, to ask questions in a same form as all other human beings have....YOU DO NOT ALLOW AGRESSIVENES FROM THE OTHER SIDE AS THE CASE WAS YET AGAIN WITH DONALD TRUMP WHO AGRESSIVELY HAVE REPEATEDLY INTERRUPTED YOU AND THEN YET AGAIN ORDER FOR YOU TO SEAT LIKE A DOG(USED OVER AND OVER AGAIN)...YAHOO SHOULD KNOW BETTER AS WELL BECAUSE EVERYTHING BUT CONFRONT IS WHAT THIS REPORTER DID...reporter and news were both used to brainwash other reporters to comply with unseen US abuse/disrespect of democracy(journalism).This is how reporters were treated in USSR and its time for someone to explain this(such journalist doesnt get to parcitipate on WH conference do as is all staged) very fact into Trump's face. DISGRACE FOR JOURNALISM - both of you.

Not USSR yet !!!! Not Hitler is Germany yet !!! But national emerency yes, insude of the White House as ms Ann Coulter have stated !!!! May be too late already !!!

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