Saturday, February 16, 2019

How far did Polish immigration process arrived in ordeal against me

Filmed in uniform ONLY because I am in the will not see me elsewhere in durable uniform other than in forest or if cleaning arround the house LOL...just want to ensure you all understand this issue.
Video can be seen also at

Not priest but instead old time terrorist who even life threatened Poroshenko

Poroshenko a real heroe. My favorite of all times. Someone to admire. Man who made nation out of scratch.

What Eric trump looked like in 2004/2005(when MKultra almost already ended). For that too I was guilty...Trump gestured others in my presence that he would love to strangle me.
Donald Jr. was obedient(both were MKultra tested) and wouldnt resist, but Eric did...his own daddy was willing to whack him for that matter according to own words...HOW IS MY MEMORY DOING DONNIE !!??? You claimed others on how you want to have a proof of one, so I hope you got instead a great taste of one.

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