Wednesday, February 27, 2019

POLISH IMMIGRATION(second application attempt) MEETING Video - Political Asylum Procedure in Poland During 2019

NOTE: Dripping blood clip REPEATED(I would use one, but not as many times) because it was anticipated under MKultra I would(one is same color as Polish flag) because I dare those who dared me. 

Was highly discouraged from using one(resident of center also made big time noise just as was promissed for my skake to restrain myself from going forward with such clip), MKultra but that didn't stop me from completing one right infront of psychologists' office inside of the building(BIG sign "psychologist" posted at entrance in the office where I met that same day with attorney).

No suicidal feelings on this end, but want people to understand my age and situation I am in for no less than 23 years. It is serious. Rejected debit card which made me walk in rain over 30 kilometers at night was rejected on tram because Trump want to have one rejected(Have seen I have more than just enough founds available on one today)...walk was repeated from MKultra and from very same location - guess yourself why. Americans and others, however, did have tremendous advantages over me...lets put it this way...American with whom I was back then(he works by the Warsaw airport at the bank), wasted smugled US Dollars(exchanged off course) in food stores of which I could only dream off. I have recognized those stores...this is not lunacy, my Belarus roomate gave me and reminded me(gave me verbal OK for what I thank very much) of information how Boris Yeltsin(Ex Russian president who liked me a lot and have died in 2007) had own room inside of the Debak's immigration center in Warsaw where I was...audios and proofs about MKultra will rain after I complete this documentary...library again closed yesterday/today and son on....much much to discuss.

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