Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Sweden must reject and challange Poland on Stalinist era judge issues - point out case of my own which clearly explains real intentions and direction(THE LONG TIME SEMPER FI TRADITIONAL DIRECTION) of Polish state

SEMPER FI - The one we all know existed and exists behind courtain for already quite some times. Actions talk louder than words. If you want world to belive you, you have to prove them(you actions suggest exactly opposite of your words - you are as Russo fascist state as it gets) with actions.
You all know what I have gone through in Poland for the past 6 months and how all ended(tomorrow, I have to reapply for political protection in Poland as no definite answer from Polish state was ever delivered to me within time limits - after visiting Lodz where I will meet tomorrow with border patrol, I will have to proceed to Warsaw to either pick up my passport and leave Poland or if approved for another six months of social asistance, file for one and then return back to Lodz area - trip expences will be financed out of my own pocket). Related to Entire political protection process in Poland was used for violation(physical and mental torture - laugher in my face by Russians alone who have engaged in one center of the Poland) of domestic and international laws/treaties.

What was done to me in Poland(Poles have hosted in Poland under MKultra BETWEEN 1998 AND MID 2006 entire psychitric crew from Slovenia/Ljubljana to make myself clear - way before I was diagnosed bye them officially as paranoid schizophrenic meaning that Poland clearly anticipated psychitric torture in Slovenia done on me for the sake of new Yugoslavia), Poland have done to Ukrainian people already in the past and not even under USSR occupation - way before Polaska !!!!!!!

You will NOT be allowed to recognize(you are FILTHY in my case just as Germans were in WWII against concentration camp internees and just as liberated concentration camp uinternees didn't ask Germany to recognize them once liberated, I won't ask you either) me in any way.


Poland lodges protest with Sweden over Stalinist-era judge

Poland has lodged an official protest with Sweden after a Swedish court turned down a request for the extradition of Stefan Michnik, a Stalinist-era judge who is accused of communist crimes.

The Swedish ambassador to Poland, Stefan Gullgren, was summoned to the foreign ministry in Warsaw.

Deputy Foreign Minister Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk voiced Warsaw’s indignation over the decision by the Gothenburg court, according to which the crimes that Michnik committed in Poland decades ago were covered by a statute of limitations under Swedish law.

The Polish official told the Swedish ambassador that in Poland’s view, communist crimes are tantamount to crimes against humanity and are therefore not covered by a statute of limitations under international law.

The Swedish ambassador stressed that courts in his country are independent, adding that the verdict of the Gothenburg court may be subject to appeal.

Stefan Michnik is suspected of committing 30 crimes “bearing the hallmarks of crimes against humanity” in Warsaw in 1952 and 1953. They include issuing unlawful death sentences to anti-communist fighters.

The 89-year-old has lived in Sweden for decades and has Swedish citizenship.


Source: IAR

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