Wednesday, February 27, 2019

TOTAL LUNACY IN KREMLIN BRINGS WORLD CLOSER TO END: Russian State TV Lists U.S. Targets for Putin’s New Nukes--But One Target Doesn't Make Sense

You have to admit even if you were his supporter, Putin is a madman. Mad(sick) as it gets.
Donald Trump will do nothing as whole thing is synchronized with White house in advance - the core idea of nuclear war threat from Kremlin is to present one  to America and world as unfortunately unavoidable Russian ability to nuke US and as such acceptable. FBI/CIA must act and grab the greatest threat that embedded itself in the White House. US must further ensure that nations willing to exercise their right to existence(celebrate freedom = life) are secured with very same options Russia is using against them.

Russian peoples should know and recognize three things...
List of lunacy as seen in article is straight out of terrorists context...

#1 War in Ukraine and terrorism across the world(specially news as seen above) makes your nation Al-Qaeda NEONAZI alike despire red parades on Moscow square.

#2 West lifted you from total Soviet failiure(you didn't have enough on budget even for transport of MIG planes from Eastern Germany to russia upon fall of Soviet state and same car models were produced for 40 years on the row) into secure and semi advanced country(I am wittness of stated here as I participated negotiations deepest Russian internal afairs between 1998 - mid 2006).

#3 Poland/Ukraine(even gave nukes away for the sake of peace and prosperity and just to be threatened with them today)/Czech and so on declined first Western post cold war assistance package just so you could benefit from one in Russia...

DO NOT AS  AN INDIVIDUAL OR NATION BECOME AS SICK AS PUTIN AS HE WILL ATTEMT TO DRIVE YOU(just as he drove Iran and North Korea into self isolation and radicalism) WITH HIM IN THE GRAVE. supported all this and what do we have just 20 years down the road !!????? Seems like your great friend will now as an final reward nuke you out after all...

He did what you see here first which means he will assoult Ukraine and is using nuclear option as seen in news bellow against US alone, so one wouldn't assist Ukraine in self defense.

Our latest glimpse at Russia's hit list reveals a batch of targets that's decidedly weird.

On Sunday, February 24 Russian state television broadcast a map of targets it said could be hit by the new nuclear weapons President Vladimir Putin is threatening to bring online. The report mentioned several facilities, some very small and manned by less than two dozen people, in isolated areas near U.S. coastlines. On the outside, some of them have no apparent military use, but Popular Mechanics has uncovered the role of at least one of them in American nuclear war planning.

The reason behind this posturing is the impending possible end to the U.S.-Russian INF Treaty that bans certain nuclear weapons. Putin, concerned that the United States could reintroduce intermediate-range ballistic missiles into Western Europe that could strike Moscow in minutes, threatened to counter any such deployment with a Russian deployment of cruise and hypersonic missiles. These missiles would be based nearby or on submarines cruising off the North American coastline.

In the TV report, Russian state presenter Dmitry Kiselyov, described by the UK’s Guardian newspaper as “close to the Kremlin,” listed a number of targets scattered across the U.S. that would be struck by the new weapons, stating they could be hit in five minutes or less. (The American Pershing II missile, banned by the INF Treaty, could theoretically hit Moscow in as little as six minutes.)

According to Reuters the targets were described as “U.S. presidential or military command centers,” and included the Pentagon and the presidential retreat at Camp David. The list also included Fort Ritchie, Maryland, McClellan Air Force Base, California, and Jim Creek, Washington.

Some of the targets, such as the Pentagon and Camp David, are obvious targets in wartime. Others are more obscure or a downright mystery. Fort Ritchie was an above-ground command center for Site R, also known as Raven Rock, which was an underground facility designed to shelter the federal government in the event of nuclear war. However, Fort Ritchie’s role evolved away from supporting the underground facility, and it was closed completely in 1998.

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