Sunday, January 31, 2021

Supper I prepared and mothers purchase of game seen bellow(man ärgern sich nicht/človek ne jezi se) would according to MK Ultra mean farewell from parents

 who would find themselves in home for elderly people and which I have already identified - this would happen right after my absence from home. As I would go for a walk. Then director of home for elderly would release them back home to me if I would sign document and so on and so forth...100% from MK Ultra game pertaining to my case. Mother bought game yesterday as she stated would want to ensure if they go father would know how to play there with other people. Thanks but not thanks. 

Aleksandar Vucic had a local individual of Serbian heritage(family friend and NOT guilty as one was forced into) report to parents with fake videos on how great it was in Serbia on each abduction

First it was a death threats(more than what I could even count as I stated - once perhaps 50 death threats) and then as ended in 2015, I ended drugged up handing envelope to him on what there was an applause and so on...just example. But already at home in Novo mesto as one of the Serbian chetniks complained, they were video recorded torturing me at this location by locals.

Aleksandar Vucic eventually came to Krka pharmaceutical and all other companies where introduced by Borut Pahor ad collected "contributions". Contributions for you to understand in Serbian language is like "give or die". It was the money for what you see now(another war).


WHERE IS OLEG: Arkady Rotenberg says owns large Black Sea property - not Vladimir Putin. Really !!???? And where is owner of former tsarist mansion located in Vyborg Bay and who made Arkady Rotenberg(not only long dead Oleg Rudnov) !!!????

Oleg Rudnov served his purpose and is six foot under if you understand. Murdered in Germany, but I am not certain if murder alone was "made in Germany"

Yeah, Putin anticipated loss of best friend ever Donald Trump at one point and knew very well how to protect his assets(OHHH BOY THAT CLEANING LADY WAS A TOP KILLER - SHE MURDERED MORE THAN WHAT YOU CAN COUNT AND ITS WHY SHE GOT IMPREGNATED FOR THE ONE SHE MURDERED - CANCER PILLS - CALLING HER PUTIN'S SERIAL KILLER IS NOT EXAGGERATION), but facts are facts. Arkady Rotenberg is just a Putin's toy. One wrong move and he too can become easily Oleg Rudnov or many others.

I will continue to support US democrats(American democracy option vs nazism what republican party firmly stands for) but Joe Biden as far as myself no longer exists

 Aldo not in same criminal rank as Trump(not anywhere even near), I will press criminal charges against him as well. It was a long long week in post Biden election, but even longer was pre-election period during which Biden profited and extorted via this case while ignoring one at large. No more.

Joe Biden will not be solving this case as for me JOE BIDEN = DONALD TRUMP(the same neonazi s*** in different political association)

"Certainly not my case about which he knows to the slightest detail - he was the one who insisted on my having even surgery(that will delay that long till I...) on our way to Zagreb in 2012/2015. At times dreamed about retaliation against me for his son and got into game in 1995 for the sake of $$$$".

He didn't hesitate to bring on news about his brother Francis W. Biden whom I also have supposedly insulted for his physical looks - explains just how insane this family actually is.

Biden's presidential tactic is classic political MK Ultra tactic = torture individual under MK Ultra enough for one to remember pain/trauma and ignore one after obtaining support from one on what you destroy one by simply reminding one of crimes which you have involved on in. This way your supporters will be compelled to ignore one too and this is what Joe Biden is.

Joe will now a) either gradually fade American democracy into total failure for the sake of Trump's return on political stage or b)blackmail American public(democratic party) with work on this MK Ultra case. But he will under no circumstances allow for MK Ultra crime to become public. You also understand where Donald Trump got his 48% from(he didn't get even 20% of support among US voters - it was and is a super scam and its also why I predict Trump's return).

Donald Trump is more likely than not taking a "well deserved break" only prior to his return - but there will be no one to stop him next time

I think Joe Biden will just serve above stated purpose.
I haven't seen anything done in respect to Trump. I alone haven't received even a phone call/email or is obvious to me where whole thing is heading too. Obituaries remain in main focus and real democrats almost whisper about dead serious issues !!!

Where Slovenian money went - Not for Kosovo(primarily this is meant for Bosnia and Croatia)

Its obvious Serbia is preparing itself for war. Slovenian problem is not lack of money. Problem is excess of money in here. Country too small to govern itself, but big enough to slaughter other nations. I think(I am pretty certain about it) this time when it starts in Bosnia and Croatia, it will rain also on Slovenia from every side imaginable.

Father goes on to protest my news into my room via pissing spree at 0300 am - he refuted question per whether he did or not after washing himself in bathroom.

Aleksandar Vucic with his chetniks insisted that if I ever mention Bajina Basta city, the only thing would happen I would endup in some other Serbian city which wouldn't be as pretty...he indeed very much indeed attempted in PERMANENT abduction(hijacking) to Serbia.
Video can be also seen at
Some US democrats(TRAITORS TO US FLAG AND CONSTITUTION WHO IN FACT SUPPORTED AND SUPPORT TRUMP) claimed me that I will have to undergo surgery and Belgrade hospital is definitely qualified to perform one - that they checked for me in advance....was told under MK Ultra also that I will have to spend some time by-myself - that father/mother will be gone...and this jobless. Lets see 
Video can be seen also at

Going on a surgery would be like going on a shopping spree

 Fix one and damage another one or do something even worse while police covers up whole thing for them against me and am blacklisted on employment market !!???? I don't think so. I don't throw health away like this as I am not that wealthy. Chetniks will have to wait a bit more for that matter.

2400 hours to 0200(am)

Going from almost zero pain in just at our to severe pain and mentioned sound in my head. Two doors bellow me(garage and main entrance) in unlocked position. Door upstairs locked and key hidden. I also heard from bellow sound as if someone would push through hall something into my room area - I heard this sound numerous times(have two holes to room - one from bellow and one from room next to my room). I shouldn't even talk about this as brainwashed under MK Ultra because and told in real time with mothers' tears in her eyes both of my parents would go into home for elderly people and I would stay without income as I am most severely blacklisted(police didn't even clear false accusations about me nor did they correct as I asked them, mental hospital's claims) on job market. Car from neighbor Andrej Uhl parked on our parking lot up to today's date.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

As for the photo seen here, I was ORDERED(LIFE THREATENED) to not even approach

 Told on many occasions by chetniks in Slovenia even per where I am allowed to walk ad where not - this included streets in my own city as well as forest area in vicinity. 

Ad I was accused of attempt to exterminate Slovenian nation when brought for torture to psychiatric hospital Ljubjana Polje !!!????? Just waw....

MK ULTRA - Bosnian EDEKA Jusić(store is located in Munich in Germany) was also involved in MK Ultra, but far back due to political pressure on Bosnian and Croat involvees(Serbian and Slovenian government didn't want them anywhere near)

They treated whenever meetings took place at Otocec area in Novo mesto, Croatian delegation of Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović like retarded/demented. Americans would as a result endup commuting to Zagreb. Ousted them after even killing Croats in Novo mesto !!!

REMEMBER !!?????

Croatian government WILL confirm photo seen bellow - they reprimanded me about one even that I had no power to do anything about it at the time. Tragedy in which father from Zagreb lost everything including his life just for wanting to help and so did his daughter and others....

MK ULTRA - @Discovery Channel - here is a talent for you and unmatched(TOP) if you ask me

Involved in MK Ultra along with girl you see bellow. I was brought to US even in 2017.
If  had a TV brand like that, I wouldn't hesitate to offer her top travelling job. She is natural talent. 

Facebook's hidden chats marketplace feature

Video can be also sen at 
only bone message was delivered to regular box in respect to marketplace - all others into hidden chat box...that is insane email feature anyways.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

MK ULTRA - Local girl reminds me of MK Ultra trip to China

Video can be also seen at

Trije narodi ki so podprli novo Jugoslavijo(kakor so jo imenovali) so Slovaška, Češka, in Polska - po besedah njihovih politikov "ker je najbolj potrebna pomoči"

Po besedah Kayznskega se je Poljsko poslanstvo odločilo da mora Polski kapital četudi za ceno izgube v Srbijo. Sicer nevem če takšen kapital obstaja vendar lahko zagotovim da Kriminal(SOVRAŠTVO) proti Slovenskemu narodu iz strani Poljske še kako DA obstaja. In zaradi tega kar sem skusil na svoji koži na Slovaškem, Češki, Poljski sem se odločil za Hrvaško Slovensko varianto ki bo dala prav tako nujno potrebno podporo za obstoj Bosanskemu narodu. Združenje Slovenije in Hrvaške v enotno državo bi prav tako garantiralo Slovenskemu narodu tisto suverenost o kateri je in še naprej gobezda Borut Pahor "je premajhna". To pa pomeni Francosko Nemški vlak o katerem Pahor z sarkazmom gobezda - povezovanje z ostalimi naprednimi narodi kakor je to Ukrajina ki je sama utrpela posledice omenjenega sovraštva.

Solidarnost Poljskega kriminala z novo Jugoslavijo za ceno izbrisa Slovenskega naroda ki NA ŽALOST JE DEL ZAHODNOSOVANSKIH NARODOV se ne ustavlja tukaj ampak je bila(še vesno je) prav tako koncentrirana v vojno proti Ukrajini katera je posledično izgubila Krim in Donetsk.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

MK ULTRA - China now also demonstrates I was not and am not insane paranoid - 謝謝中華人民共和國

Video can be also sen at
You can see in this video how things(how far whole thing have gone) from internet were delivered and why.

I was SEVERELY ASSAULTED with directed energy weapons - despite everything, day of diabetes in my case about which Borut Pahor, Vucic, Putin and others dreamed about still didn't come so they could lie

 When I published video about poisonous pot, directed energy attacks stopped for 2 days. Same happened after purchasing vitamins and once I commenced as told under MK Ultra to drink water every hour...then it continued - feels like as if someone would stick long needle through your head for 3 years now and this step bye step all the dots I was told about will go through. They know when to stop, but whole concept was/is based on directed energy weapons and poising. Whoever gets in the house at night also ensures he pulls for me to hear one internet cables from downstairs - how they/he gets inside of house I have nooo clue. 

About neighbor Andrej Uhl for whom I have stated have murdered two people in traffic accident

 Mother claims now he never did, but everyone knows HE DID. Accident took place most likely in year 1986/1987 when he raced his motorbike(could have been also car Lancia) and have smashed one into vehicle coming from opposite direction - two young people were killed on the spot and from what I was told few years ago the police from this very city covered crime for one once one got involved into this very case to the point that entire family(whatever remained) from deceased was somehow bullied out of vicinity of the Novo mesto city. This individual is in my eyes regular reckless killer - assassin.

Western media MESMERIZED with scam - amid genocide(extermination) accusations, royal Battenberg family from London finds new puppy to worry about(is Britain today the most serious threat to the world !!???)

but BREXIT WAS REAL(more real than puppy they lost and the new one) as filth knew what is coming for them next !!!

OTHER SLOVENIAN TRAITORS(disgrace/shame/sellouts to Slovenian nation): Zoran Thaler Slovenia Slovenija SDS Janez Jansa


Plan(revealed entirely on how THEY planned on with betrayal of West) to build new Yugoslavia or was it perhaps CHETNIKOSLAVIA ????

Video can be also seen at

Facebook censorship update

Video can be seen also at

NOT IN CZECH REPUBLIC TO WHOM WE SLOVENES AND SLOVAKS ARE RELATED THE MOST: Slovenia and Slovakia at the top of the world in respect to colon/Colorectal cancer rates - in Slovenia MEN GET TO BE MURDERED FOR the biggest part

Človek za vse čase. River(in this case lake Bled) president of the Slovenian state Borut Pahor bragged about to me. One grew over the years specially if you add seen here stream of people running out of our Slovenia across the border. IN COUNTRIES SEEN BELLOW ITS DONE TO PROTECT OWN NATIONS(its a practice I most severely disagree with either way, but this here is far too much) - IN SLOVENIA AND SLOVAKIA TO WIPE US OUT OF EXISTENCE. AND I WAS THE ONE WHO WAS FOUND GUILTY INSIDE OF THE MENTAL HOSPITAL OF EVEN ATTEMPTED EXTERMINATION OF SLOVENIAN NATION.
Slovenian AND Slovakian MALES seems to die a lot for stated above - what happens with their spouses and properties you can guess on your own. Main purpose of what you see here is OFF COURSE ETHNIC CLEANSING KNOWN ALSO AS GENOCIDE. 


Not like this in Czech republic, Poland, Ukraine and even in Croatia when compared to Slovenia(never was prior to Slovenian independence in 1990) and Slovakia.

Monday, January 25, 2021

In 1997 with William, Harry, and Diane

We stayed at two houses in Switzerland(Klosters). Diane was so polite toward me that she even refused to stay with kids at large hotel according to her which offered welcome amenities for children(in reality she stayed with kids at smaller Hotel Walserhof and have us separate in two private houses in vicinity). We did stayed for few days(perhaps two/three) also in hotel for kids to have water fun.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Trump's golf course in beautiful Scotland because

 Royals deemed South of Scotland to be just a ugly dirty shithall. Pardon my words, but conscious of dramatic sexual escapades royals have made since begging of 1995 when I first participated in their private circles(they wouldn't even vacation south of Scotland), wouldn't forgive me. Prince William struggled with wife search till he encountered Kate and prince Harry was according to Queen Elizabeth a sacrifice to me da goat - she blamed me for it ;) 

Psychologists Daniel Smith's code name was Rex

 Its name he used on his MK Ultra missions. I have forgotten to mention this earlier somehow.

US Government should implement law concerning job application as for employers' requirement to submit competed application confirmation upon submission of one

 Its an utter abuse to spent time on job applications upon which no confirmation is ever delivered to your email for completing one. Not only such jobs don't exist from my experience, but insanity is returned for the cost of stolen time from job applicant as one have no actual proof on how he/she searched for job. 

Sending out resumes for purpose of employment was a hell too

Video can also be seen at

Friday, January 22, 2021

BERLIN'S NEONAZISM MARCHES ON WITH OR WITHOUT TRUMP: EU Court for Human Rights expresses TOTAL DISDAIN for lives of Georgians destroyed in Putin/Bush'S neonazi pact prior to 2008 war with Georgia

European Court for Human Rights orders a payout $6.600 per victim of which only 1500 are considered. We are talking about not only Christian state here against which Russia commenced ethnic cleansing, but also state in which 700.000(of which 350.00 have died on front lines defending both homelands from nazi evil enlisted themselves into lines of Red Army during German invasion on Russia. It became evident for European Court for Human Rights to be nothing more than institution global political lobby of Berlin and more than willing to kill for political interests.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Some of us may never cross that bridge/river, but for mentioned cost many will - my personal thoughts dedicated to Whitney Houston(relentlessly believed in me) who was involved in this case and consequently lost life

I don't know if I will ever cross one, but I know I live and have lived up to the bridge/river she is singing about.

MK ULTRA - Vladimir Putin is using porn actors for his missions - purposes(will use them to seduce foreign or domestic diplomats or even enemies who can afterwards endup drugged up under MK Ultra or even poisoned - used to spread misinformation to the world about state itself).

Aleksandar Vucic does THE same. Think twice before you climb in bed with any of these guys as life may change for you afterwards totally. Goes same for Putin's girls. Dudes like these are used to drug also local women up - prepare them for MK Ultra on what grandpa Putin would stick his penis in it as well - many often times don't even know whose children they carry or feed. Its same all over Great Britain(what prince Andrew greatly in charged himself for while Charles stayed in shadow - more discrete, but also had his rounds) and US(Hollyhookerpimpwood not Hollywood) or Scandinavia Berlinia where these types of practices are tradition. Its not about locking doors(keep them secured) only...
I remember Mulatto guy since day 1 in Moscow where he first arrived to start his new life(white guy landed porn business after completing his degree). EVERYTHING. Same with other individual who was observed as talented with his penis individual and assigned by Putin such role....not only single, but also wives go down like this and along with them murdered husbands(not saying these two are directly killing, but two know very very well what I am talking about).


 The one who hated you more than Muslims which they imported is the one who imported from North Scots(Royals already bragged me about extremely successful wipe-out of English in primarily BANKING/INVESTMENT/CAPITAL ventures which traditionally were owned/operated by English). These are those who had to marry half white and selected English for the sake of their crown. Related to what caused ethnic mixing and why you are hated so much by Battenbergers(Mountbattens). You owe to yourself FREEDOM just as to those who have fallen them a pray for the sake of ethnic genocide against you alone in  your beautiful Britain.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The bigger you are(the best of the best), the bigger your liability even for existence of your race can be become

 Related to watch what you do as your actions don't carry implications for your deals only, but possibly for much much more in fast changing and super challenging world in which many don't know if tomorrow will even exist for them and their families.

THERE NEVER EVER WAS REVERSE DISCRIMINATION IN MY CASE EVER: What means be subjected to MK Ultra - well, its not only implanting you with cancer and latter poisoning you for one to explode or brainwashing you after 15 years of forced unemployment to break your own spine via work you are compelled too

Its more and for that matter I do like to thank Ms Paris Hilton who participated in it also since early days. Sheldons, Hiltons, and many others off course
@Paris Hilton - thank you very much for reminding of just what you will do to express your disdain for my life - not only human decency. Nah, its never personal for me with mentally ill people, but it explains what older billionaires are made off.

Monday, January 18, 2021

GREAT GERMAN PLAN FAILED: Putin's agent Alexei Navalny(THE FAKEST MAN EVER) decides to fly straight back into "trouble" since there was nothing left for him to do in "Europa"

Alexei Navalny(YALE GRADUATE INVOLVED IN THIS CASE ALONG WITH PUTIN SINCE DAY 1) was one of the main actors in my case concerning Putin and Merkel. Both anticipated would at one point lure me someway somehow into their great neonazi game for the sake of tsarism and neonazism via conspiracy games of which great part was also human rights advocate Navalny(individual to whom Putin entrusted his own data on how to bully Russian officials and exhort Russian government into compliance with Berlin), but they all just like Donald Trump failed. 

You won't see Aleksei Navalny much longer now - Putin will make one disappear for good as there is no longer any profit(Navalny is at this point useless - Putin and Merkel in last scam insisted me via Navalny how "this" will be my last opportunity to join him in Germany but it became obvious what the two truly wanted to go on as the case would be if I would depart Slovenia) for great plan in it...bye bye Navalny, but also bye bye Putin as will not let go.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

@Karađorđević - you are gonna get sued to(I never ever agreed to be tortured for the purposes of your family blunder which ceased to exist 80 years ago after siding with neonazi regime on what you ran to London on plane)

 You tortured and even attempted to mislead about jobs brought to Serbia. Related to

Lukashenko audio recorded in NON EXISTING EXCELLENT OUTSTANDING(as they claim) audio recording from EURO OBSERVER in which one threatens to kill opposition but then again its his whoever who does it without my being capable to find any LEAKED audio recording on internet

I found this audio recording on the other hand....

I have seen Czech(German owned Skoda) factory to threaten total withdrawal from sponsorship if Belarus hosts hockey worlds....and again, I have seen a lots of noise about Lukashenko's intentions to murder all over Europe but not actual proofs for leaked audios and even less videos while disregarding audios of my own because the biggest enemy we face is the one who brought death to us time and again. Continuation of deaths and diseases(bloodshed that Putin and Vucic brought) which commenced in Slovenia, Czech rep. Poland, Croatia, and Ukraine wasn't the same...Those stopped in Poland and in Czech rep. as early as in 2002 - but not in Slovenia where still went on. In Poland and Czech republic Putin's executions were replaced by NATO agents(Morawiecki, Andrzej Duda, Kaczynski, Andrzej Babis etc.) who contemplated on bloodshed in Belarus during 2020 with idea to blame it all on was a real Trump's strategy designed by Berlin and in total accord also with Vladimir Putan Putanowich who attempted to use even Alexei Navalny with idea to extort Russian government into total submission for the sake of his tsarist title. In Serbian Belgrade, disgrace is even greater as family of famous Karađorđević TRAITORS already settled there and via lies too. 

Slovenian CHETNIK Zmago Jelinčič signed with war criminal Vojislav Šešelj even a contract on how Croatian state will be divided between two CHETNIK states


Slovenia - a country not big enough as we Slovenians are tutored(brainwashed) to govern own affairs, but lethal to the point of endangering others globally. This isn't about Croatia only - its about war on Ukraine and in Bosnia. Its about neonazism which new eastern European autocrats support in an great effort to destroy democracy worldwide.

Friday, January 15, 2021

US is a 330 million people country - not a lynch mob of 15.000

 I am proud of police officers(CAPITOL HILL) sustained use of arms during assault as human blood was prevented from being spilled all over magnificent structure erected in 1793. Yet another Trump's scam stopped on time and this time by best of police force US has something Black Lives Matters have done throughout Trump's presidency time and again - assault on Capitol Hill was the last in his book of scams against people of US.

Jack Dorsey was/is a #1 supporter of Donald Trump in case you didn't know - Jack Dorsey got Trump 80 million IMAGINARY TWITTER supporters of which SOME WERE REAL and numerous totally FAKE ACCOUNTS

 Accounts of dead people, supporters from abroad, and for the big part FAKE as word fake can possibly be accounts. Twitter(Jack Dorsey's / Zuckerberg)'s temporary accounts suspensions were used as planned well in advance to increase Trump's popularity. This man should have been for his actions already jailed long long time ago and have suffered so far only twitter/Facebook temporary suspensions.

Norh Korean Kim Jong Un is one deadlier than dealy NEONAZI FASCIST SUPPORTER(maniac) arming Japan and fueling global tensions for the sake of 卐 卍.

Why was I repeatedly brought to North Korea by Donald Trump's team(not in 2001 as I explained in video, but as early as in 1998) is and answer to question itself. I was wrong about his views which he used temporary (I was lied/brainwashed on how one is motivated bringing both sides together) to cloud his real him which seems have exploded with departure of Donald Trump. 

Facts about this animal talk much louder than even his schizophrenic actions(alike or firing rockets to Japan/ South Korean proximity) which he insists implements for the sake of North Korean people.

@Kim Jong Un - When people are running out of country for whatever reason is one thing, but when they run out of system due to HUNGER and you execute them for doing so - that's totally another !!!
You are guilty of the worst crime against humanity. GENOCIDE OF YOUR OWN PEOPLE.

I met Roma girl whom I have fallen in love in 1998(I think ?) when brought to Novo mesto City from US for MK ultra sessions

 For Trumpets it was a horror - a panic a NO NO and would make her disappear from picture for several years...

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Polish psychologist learned to speak also Slovenian language

 I mentioned my niece's husband who learned highly improbably Polish as is the case with Slovenia, but Justyna learned Slovenian what is even more improbable for Polish individual...I wonder what made up her mind about that...

DIE BY THE LIE OR LIVE UP TO THE TRUTH: First American doctor involved in my MK Ultra case now KILLED(murdered make no mistake about that) !!!

And you all though that this was all about me heh... you should have known from moment you realized he didn't have reason to engage against me with what he boys and gals signed up for overseas deaths not careers alone. I have seen many parish along the way of which some in my opinion presented to Trump greater risk and others(I concluded) almost none. But it comes down to proofs and this is what you all are to them. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

MK ULTRA - Home for elderly in Slovenian city Novo mesto identified

Video can be also seen at

People were hurt badly via this MK Ultra case - people "believed"(often times faked hate against me as they knew precisely who, so they could help me somehow) wrongfully in some cases I hurt them

Truth is that PUTIN, VUCIC, PAHOR, DUDA/KACZYNSKI/BABIS NEEDED SOMEONE like myself to hurt people, so their systems were capable to truly hurt them afterwards. 

Its an easy system. You drug individual loyal to his nation up and involve ideology in it which is condemned universally and will be used to erase his nation - it wasn't about Slovenian nation alone, but others LISTED AS GOOD TO GO too. 

Torture individual and embed one into lies(wrongfully accuse one like Lech Walesa did in 1995) enough for him to consciously reject entire eastern European culture of which part he is - Serbian CHETNIK movement in 1995 where brought didn't hide who/how nor did Putin...

Beat him up more, use electroshocks, and introduce one to people from entire eastern Europe and in other cases as intended by West globally.

Zdaj se vse lepo vidi vse lepo ve zakaj sem bil ničvredna baraba - resnica je Slovenske države sovražnik #1

Joint Chiefs Affirm Election Results, Condemn ‘Assault on Our Constitutional Process’

American shizoic president(pigeon dancing on chessboard #2) Donald Trump now officially out of any military powers

Entire FIAT factory in Serbia built via this case - Italian Fiat CEOs and investors built one because of this very case - my case

Same as case was with Skoda in Czeh republic. Its actually a real shame that I had to write this down as all employees(not only Aleksandar Vucic who used me to lure Fiat to the table) in Serbian Fiat knew here stated. Payback for me(and they bailed out of Hague even Vojislav Seselj) was a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia and torture inside of Slovenian mental hospital. Nice....

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

THE WORST CRIME CASE IN HISTORY OF THE WORLD: Why beatings in Slovakia, Poland, Czech rep. and Slovenia !!???? Because Trump who became authorized by London/Berlin to blow my case out of proportions and this with proofs, attempted to blackmail entire Congress with it into total compliance gesturing them that



With violence against me(next to proofs I provided), he  signaled to congress alone on just how capable one was - how much one was in control of the situation.

Self portrait of couple also involved in MK Ultra from Czech rep. - this was organised theft for which I fear did nothing good to anyone


Too late and the worst possible support to Donald Trump at his climax - worst possible time.

Apparently one of my telephones stolen in Czech rep. went on for 12 Euros - these are photos that were uploaded after I boarded already Slovenia

And here is how....

If I don't see dems AT LEAST impeach Trump TODAY, I will consider ENTIRE party to be corrupt to the core - consider one even as initiator of crime against Capitol

Trump should have been arrested for his criminal deeds against US already, but lets seen if they can at least call out impeachment.

Monday, January 11, 2021

1995 - its when war of the cancer pills entered Balkans

 You can get translation yourself

MK ULTRA - 3 of 4 Ratež Novo mesto - Political massacre in independent Slovenia after 1995

Identified are gentleman I talk with, Škoda factory in Czech rep., slaughtered couple, assassin, house from couple, daughter from deceased couple, older brother from young man I talked with in video part #2, Sandi Papez and his son, and much more...
Video can be also seen at If I were British specially, I do watch these videos specially.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

@World - and now you know the whole(almost watch coming videos about what was done to Slovenian people during my absence when supposedly abroad) truth about BAD MAN Avsec Boštjan - man so evil that even enemies of Serbia according to Vicic invested in one. Am I right Ilham Heydar oglu Aliyev !!???? And this TWICE to make myself clear(second time to cover up for the first time - money which Vucic obtained from you via this very case and via which his bankers and even he alone as told became wealthy) !!!

About Vojislav Seselj and Slovenian president Borut Pahor who latter exclaimed to people around us(whenever he knew one is recorded by international audience) how he hates both Ustashas and Chetniks

 Borut Pahor had me visit Vojislav Seselj via Aleksandar Vucic on regular bases since 1995 up to 2001 while at the same time Pahor brainwashed Slovenian partisans on WWII partisan commemorations how cooperation with Serbian chetniks IS IN THEIR BEST INTEREST !!! UP TO 2001 AS BARACK OBAMA AND OTHER US DEMOCRATS LEARNED ABOUT BORUT PAHOR'S DEEDS IN RESPECT TO BELGRADE TO WHICH THEY COMMENCED TO PROTEST !!!

I TOLD YOU SO: Alexei Navalny NOT DISSIDENT, but instead Putin's agent - Yale World Fellow's student lobbyist for Berlin's NWO in Berlin to exhort Russian government per Putin via "human rights"

Non European Union citizen protected by European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is IN-LOVED with Donald Trumpet...whole thing is a soap opera comedy

HAHAHAHAHA: Jack Ma's PRIVATE VACATIONS now a matter of political disappearance and all sorts of CONSPIRACIES FROM THE WEST

 Real conspiracies man - not 9/11 alike Al Gore FACTS which are referred to the world as "conspiracies", but real conspiracies....

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Vojislav Šešelj before taken to court in Hague just for you to know

 Lived inside of the Belgrade "blok" - apartment building(area with lot lot of apartments) with about same age lady whom he afterwards(upon return from Hague) probably got read of - she was about to leave him either way. I spent lots of time next to him or I should say, its where I was brought to drugged up from Miami by Donald Trump as someone wanted global 卐 卍 at all costs. Its also what bailed Vojislav Šešelj out of Hague.

@US Democrats and rest of the normal world who at one point dreamed about SERBIAN CHETNIKS without knowing whom they dealt with

Just google "DODIK TRUMP" about "SESELJ TRUMP"...

MK ULTRA - 2 of 4 Ratež Novo mesto - Political massacre in independent Slovenia after 1995

Video can be also seen at
Identified in here is young man as car mechanic from Ratež(vicinity of novo mesto city), his deceased mother and father, involvement of police officer detecive who ensured young boy without parents would stay in Novo mesto city during last two grades(years) of his high school education in semi high-rise apartment building on Ragovska in city of Novo mesto from where he continued to commute at work upon completion of school at the same location as to where he completed his practical part of work during school for car mechanic profession. CATALYTIC CONVERTER FROM POLAND(CAR SCAM), AND AND CZECH ISSUE WHERE CAR WAS VANDALIZED WERE WELL KNOWN/PROGRAMMED ANTICIPATED BY POLITICIANS INCIDENTS - HERE PROVEN.

His brother whom I also identify by pointing his age at this opportunity is few years older(I rate one even as about 5 years older and of light completion - totally opposite from one I spoke with) and didn't participate much in MK Ultra in late stages, but did in early stages ;) so I remember him as well.

1 of 4 Ratež Novo mesto - Political massacre in "independent" Slovenia after 1995

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Friday, January 8, 2021

WARNING: Practically NON EXISTING Trumpets were never ever stronger in US history(since fall of confederacy) and its thanks to democratic party who rigged not only US elections for the sake of Trump, but also US congress

Order to me was "keep silent or we will hand victory to Trump at any time even after elections date" - not difficult to see how. From reality to what you see bellow as public concentrated mainly on presidential elections !!!

Here is the new reality they project in our eyes with idea for us to comply - accept seen here.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Luckily my loving young niece and her husband warned me about danger to spell truth about my old father

 She had with her husband issues of her own going, but didn't miss to warn me about what the case will be and whose fold if I will dare to speak truth about one. I am left with choice no other but to thank all and wishing them to settle issues with politicians just as they did against me for no less than 26 years. 

I was needed because politicians need someone GUITLY. I am needed no more since - that I never needed them on the other hand, they unfortunately couldn't understand(get this even that I repeated them time and again million times) for 26 years.

Janez Drnovšek knew Putin got him poisoned and Slovenian politicians insisted for him to become president in return, so he could according to them alone

 retaliate to me as number 1 reason.

Out of his anger and sadness(bitterness) as he alone told me, took his "big secret" about me into the grave - he knew very well why/who whacked him and whole thing got even better as Russians loudly confessed that he was murdered by mistake and unfortunately was nothing they could do for him - too late they claimed...

Najbolj izpostavljena po besedah Pahorja(rečeno z velikanskim priokusom posmehovanja) je Dolenjska regija in osrednja Slovenija - najmanj Gorenjska regija vendar

 se je Pahor hvalil da jim je uspelo prebiti čez leta 2015 po dolgotrajnih naporih. Namen je dobesedno uničiti Slovenski narod - hišo po hiši. Glavni instrument pa je prisilna nezaposelnost vzporedno z delom drugih javnih organov kot sta policija in psihiatrija. Tako je to dragi moji 30 let po "osamosvojitvi".

In this very video I have explained in details who seeded in me cancer when/how

 Video will be translated from SerboaCroat(Bosnian) language into English

Serbian and Slovenian CHETNIKS in this very case despite all the violence against me didn't manage to accomplish absolutely anything - and this with all the help of Donald Trump/his Rep. party and eve some confused(not guilty but confused on issues) democrat party members

 We can say today they failed 100% in this case while they did managed to grab lots of money via lies and murder lots of far as myself nothing.

My dear loving father FAKED his medical condition since day 1 of my return from Poland according to instructions from local police and Novo mesto psychiatrist

I am not surprised. Slovenia is Slovenia - where never anything changed after all.

Happy New Year to my orthodox friends in Belarus, Ukraine, Serbia, Russia etc...


After mob disrupts proceedings, Congress turns back Electoral College challenge, certifying Biden as the next president

I am under no obligation any longer in respect to Biden's elections. Will now continue with my work as one involves very unpleasant facts about elites for which democrats claimed me would be best for me to leave them out of affairs - conditioned me even election result with it

Na Bosansko - Srpsko - Hrvatskom jeziku: Tužilaštvu Unsko-sanskog kantona u obziru pogleda na doktoricu Nikolina Balaban koju sud usudio na 4.5 godine zatvora

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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Trump's "Fight like hell"(he is 100% behind criminal mob attack on Congress) came into reality as few hundred armed violent thugs descent U.S. Capitol building

This is what happens when calls for impeachments(greatly overdue) are ignored - was this Trump's act finally enough to constitute for his arrest !!???? It wasn't difficult to foresee yesterday what exactly will happen today 

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Donald Trump says will 'fight like hell' - he will / make no mistake about that and soon

Pa fotografije i filmovi postoje i od mene pored Vucica, Putina, i ostalih ratnih zločinaca ali to ne znači da sam jedan on njih

Related to

Same people who "cured" doctor Nikolina Balaban inside of psychiatric institutions made her visit funeral of Arkan and set her up with false accusations after she proudly accented her Bosnian heritage in 2016

It is safe to conclude Bosnia lost its media compass entierly - I am not surprised as disinfo behind is humongous(next to Vucic, its entire Putin's initiative pushing forward to eradicate them, yet they prefer to fight ne another and even more so if those are women).

I cite "Prije izbijanja afere imala je status "zvijezde", zbog bloga koji je pisala o ratnim dešavanjima i kritike vlastima RS-a zbog nepriznavanje zločina u Srebrenici. Čak joj je i Face TV dodijelio priznanje "Ličnost godine", po glasovima gledalaca". from <==those who senteced her into prison admit that her writing benefitted Bosnian people, but still rather stick to photos which they produced to lock her up one day if still not fit for greater chetnik agenda.

Na Slovenskem plebiscitu 1990 smo volili za PRAVNO DRŽAVO o kateri državni zbor od leta 1995(če sploh kdaj) ni imel nikakršnega pojma

 Pravo in Slovenija sta dve popolnoma različni si stvari med katerima ni nikakršne povezave.

Tam kjer policija "ne zmore" morajo prevzeti v roke mladi fantje


Največji problem v Sloveniji je denar ker ga je daleč preveč - ne premalo kakor trdijo

In ta še denar nobenemu Slovenci ni naredil ničesar dobrega. Se uporablja za izsiljevanje in izseljevanje Slovenskega naroda iz Slovenije. To je denar ki pobija dan danes po Bosni moril pa je prav tako po drugih delih Evrope ker pač "Slovenija je premajhna zase".

Brata Kaczynski sta na pobudo Boruta Pahorja celo IZBRISALA SLOVENSKI NAROD iz evidence Zahodnoslovanskih narodov ker

 so jih prepričali preko mojega primera MK Ultra da je tako za Slovenski narod najbolje. Kacyznska šizofrenija pa se je nadaljevala v ranku Putinove ki je zahteval popolen izbris Hrvaške kakor Slovenije zavoljo nove "Jugoslavije". Politiko Kaczynskega nadaljujeta na Poljskem Andrzej Duda in Mateusz Morawiecki - Kaczynski je bil mentor obeh kakor Borut Pahor ki je inštruiral Marjana Šarca.

V Sloveniji se bojo postavili še ene vrste spomeniki in to žrtvam pobojev v samostojni republiki Sloveniji ki so tukaj načeli čas od leta 1995.

Beginning of the end for pathetic crime king and his global mafia cronies

Monday, January 4, 2021

URGENT APPEAL TO EUROPEAN COURT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS: Immediately FREE Bosnian Doctor Nikolina Balaban from chetnik's imprisonment

Aleksandar Vucic's fascism worked along Slovenian colaborants as a double razor against me via lies - on one side they claimed my being racist/nazi and on the other whenever I liked woman they scorned me/laughed at me(zahmhjehivali me) !!! Well - she was/is Bosnian is why - a Muslim and as such listed as good to go under the knife...

She was involved in MK Ultra case and is guilty being Bosnian from Bosnia. I remember her personal details such as her housing and can prove my claims if necessary. Chetnik's politic in Bosnia chased her for the last 19 years at least.

WAR AGAINST BOSNIA TODAY IN 2021: Why problems with immigrants in Unsko-sanski kantona !!???? Because its leadership is engaging in crime even against own Bosnian population - MK Ultra became number ONE chetnik tool

Aleksandar Vučić used to come to one by using masks as he used to brag about it(he had his individual who would drove in and out same height on what he used obviously a mask so that guards wouldn't detect one in entry and exit into the state). He is very very good relation with top boss of Unsko-sanski kanton where as a result immigrants are persecuted tortured like animals and Croatia blamed for it all. Its a CHETNIK's massacre that goes on and this against all - including African immigrants.

Problem niso Slovenci u Sloveniji - problem je četniška politika Srbije

Aleksandar Vučić naime imao me drogiranog ćak u JZU ZAVOD ZA FORENZIČKU PSIHIJATRIJU SOKOLAC !!! Zavod poćeo da se gradi nemam pojma koje godine ali kako Aleksandar Vučić kazao nama nije bilo dovoljno para za njegovu izgradnju pa je trebao da čeka par godina za nastavak rada...prvi sam puta mislim bio tamo neke 1998 godine pa se čekalo možda 4 godine za nastavak rada. Kad se dovršio ope su me privjeli i terorizirali pretnjama kako čo provest tamo život doživotno - bilo je ovako i u Beogradu pa i u Moskvi i na mnogim drigim krajevima međudim govorili su sami sebi.
Evo doktorice u koju sam se zaljubio kad su me privjeli u Bosnu - sada je i ona proglašena za opasnu osobu koja je naškodila pacijentima. Nadam se da razumjete nije rjieć o krimanalcu nego dobroj osobi koja voli svoji Bosnu u kojoj su joj bili rođeni i otac-majka etc...radi se politički gonji protiv naroda bivše Jugoslavije i samim Srbima kako bi se ostvarila velika četniška država.

Čistke idu napred - i to protiv Bosanaca u Bosni, Hrvata u Hrvatskoj, Crnogoraca u Crnoj Gori, Makedonaca u Makedoniji !!! Ethnic cleansing goes on with accelerated rate/speed. This beautiful doctor was involved in my case MK Ultra - Serbian regime held me even inside of notorious psychiatric forensic hospital known as 

Thousands of National Guard Troops Set to Descend on DC to Support Biden Inauguration

 Looks like tough times for totally schizophrenic US president Donald Trumpet(regular neonazi puppet Benedict Arnold#2

Trump didn't get in Georgia not even 15% of votes, but don't get excited with elections of 2020 just yet as Donald Trump might have used his private group to prove otherwise

This is a looser like no other, but also a criminal unlike any other I have seen - known for. 
He is not alone in the game - government awarded one with 48% of votes(Trump never ever reached 20% of votes nationwide) in this soap opera for one thing...

His real supporters are super few, but no one can underestimate neonazi fanaticism(they don't mind jail time either). They well could record themselves doing something illegal and use it as desperate last rigging step against US on this elections.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

@United States of America

 Don't worry - Vladimir Putin, Aleksandar Vucic(supported by Andrzej Duda, Babis, Kaczynski) and their political manipulator in Slovenia Borut Pahor had a nasty 卐 卍 plan against you which Trump counted on would use as possible bailout, but I will not let them realize one not against you, not against Serbs, not against Russians or ANYONE ELSE FOR THAT MATTER.

I cite Aleksandar Vucic to me in Slovenia(he tried to desperately make friend with me in late stages of MK Ultra brainwash - in 2015/2017 he became brazen to the point): "THE POLITICAL SYSTEM DOESN'T MATTER - WHAT MATTERS IS THAT WE ARE ALL TOGETHER IN ONE STATE".

@Vucic(from me to you Vucic and Putin) who complained about me as per being nazi along his mentor Vladimir Putin for no less than 23 years to international society via whom he managed to continually penetrate(they covered up for them without knowing often times what went on) into my life and its surroundings via MK Ultra :

Videos about poisoning in Slovenia of Slovenians were temporary suspended till January the 6th at Democratic party's top leadership request

 in 2015 and 2017, but will go in full motion after that date - reason is I do not want anyone to point(despite all damages done to me thats right) fingers at me for "loss" of his(their) presidency. Extended(they pulled and continue to pull with lies outcome of election in 2020) gift to Donald Trump at Democratic party's request - another theft from me as they time track together progress of cancer related gland nodes problem in me.