Saturday, January 16, 2021

Slovenian CHETNIK Zmago Jelinčič signed with war criminal Vojislav Šešelj even a contract on how Croatian state will be divided between two CHETNIK states


Slovenia - a country not big enough as we Slovenians are tutored(brainwashed) to govern own affairs, but lethal to the point of endangering others globally. This isn't about Croatia only - its about war on Ukraine and in Bosnia. Its about neonazism which new eastern European autocrats support in an great effort to destroy democracy worldwide.

Zmago Zmago Jelinčič is a roma peoples hater who deems himself to be half Jewish(he is but per convenience - something Israeli state should pay close attention too). Racist neonazi bigot. Calls himself as Glorious"Plemeniti" for inciting in violence

This very Slovenian CHETNIK(and latter his son) was involved in my case since 1995 - almost day 1 if not day 1.

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