Sunday, January 17, 2021

Political massacre in independent Slovenia after 1995 my own Novo mesto village Krka on who how why

This is also to declare that I will charge Buckingham palace with attempt to exterminate me as well as my fellow Slovenian citizens for the purpose of CHETNIK state which in the past was known as Kingdom of SHS.
Video can be also seen at

And lets see as Radovan Karadžić stated, lets see if this video gets him bailed out out of Hague as the case was with Vojislav Šešelj !!!

Lets see if I can unite Pollacks, Ukrainians, Croats, Slovenes, Bosniacks, Czechs, and Slovaks for purpose of own existence, so we can liberate all together also Belgrade and Moscow - I am not NATO nor am I CHETNIK. I am just what I am as someone repeatedly stated me time and again, but who is not afraid to breath air. Proud Slovenian.

This screenshot and not what appeared after published movie seen above - both published on yahoo on Jan 17th, 2021. I was severely threatened by William for video as seen above if one would ever surface to life. This confirms royals are well aware of crime they caused.

Nice try....Blogger fixed photo for me - I didn't have to edit to what you see bellow - blogger did once I uploaded above seen screenshot to one.

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