Friday, January 15, 2021

Norh Korean Kim Jong Un is one deadlier than dealy NEONAZI FASCIST SUPPORTER(maniac) arming Japan and fueling global tensions for the sake of 卐 卍.

Why was I repeatedly brought to North Korea by Donald Trump's team(not in 2001 as I explained in video, but as early as in 1998) is and answer to question itself. I was wrong about his views which he used temporary (I was lied/brainwashed on how one is motivated bringing both sides together) to cloud his real him which seems have exploded with departure of Donald Trump. 

Facts about this animal talk much louder than even his schizophrenic actions(alike or firing rockets to Japan/ South Korean proximity) which he insists implements for the sake of North Korean people.

@Kim Jong Un - When people are running out of country for whatever reason is one thing, but when they run out of system due to HUNGER and you execute them for doing so - that's totally another !!!
You are guilty of the worst crime against humanity. GENOCIDE OF YOUR OWN PEOPLE.

Its not China who does this - Its Vladimir Putin for whom we all know why he needs show North Korean People will eat Grass Before..." this to go on.

What happened to Otto !!???? Donald Trump delivered(lured one brainwashed into deadly trap possibly even via MK Ultra crime) one to North Korea and have him executed on what one delivered to Kim Jong Un 2 million Dollars in cash for "Otto's medical treatments". Kim Jong Un got paid for assassination also known as obligation - typical criminal contract via SILENCE CODE(if you tell we are both screwed and code was presented to US congress members as yet another obligation of foreign authority willing to peruse NWO's neonazi plan - further on just how much Trump is capable)....
Its Vladimir Putin that pursued Kim Jong Un into such mentality as one supported him even when China rejected one. Kim Jong Un is just a TOOL in a neonazi hands, so I am not surprised too much that some already are missing Donald Trump(freebies used to land here and then in the sea of nearby countries).

Kim Jong Un and Taiwan both pushed Asia into possibly even imaginary "arms race"(Taiwan is more of a real threat than Kim Jong Un), but if you want NWO plan to work major powers and their allies willing to engage in war must arm themselves. For that matter any pretense(pretext of fear in this case) is more than welcome.

Verdict: Kim Jong Un is a real threat to the world who also has negative impact on other regimes 

I am not even saying Joe Biden is the man to trust too(Biden must be judged according to his deeds/actions), but to rattle even with nukes against one as soon as one assumes office(he didn't even assume one yet) tells all about who Kim Jong Un is - tells all about relationship between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump or I should say our secret state visits to Norh Korea which commenced from Russian side(not Chinese) in 1998. Those FREEBIES he received(lunatic is highly entertained by reading foreign outlets about him alone and its also partially why he does such stuff while on the other hand enjoys also MK Ultra torture specially if people are brought from abroad to serve as slaves as was my case) I am afraid due to which his own people paid higher price than anyone else in this world. 

North Korea shouldn't give away its nuke damn certain not(no one should if you ask me and asking one to do such act would be a nonsense - they wouldn't give them away even if Vladimir Putin would ask them to do so) - not even a communism/socialism whatever, but one should become more productive in universal human sense and this without mentioned neonazi sympathizer lunatic.

As of 2016, the total strength of the JSDF was 247,154.[97][98] In addition, the JSDF maintained a total of 47,900 reservists attached to the three services. The Japanese Constitution abolished conscription on 3 May 1947. Enlistment in the JSDF is voluntary at 18 years of age.[99]

Credit Suisse survey published in 2015 ranked Japan as the world's fourth most-powerful military behind the United States, Russia and China.[6]

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