Saturday, January 30, 2021

WHERE IS OLEG: Arkady Rotenberg says owns large Black Sea property - not Vladimir Putin. Really !!???? And where is owner of former tsarist mansion located in Vyborg Bay and who made Arkady Rotenberg(not only long dead Oleg Rudnov) !!!????

Oleg Rudnov served his purpose and is six foot under if you understand. Murdered in Germany, but I am not certain if murder alone was "made in Germany"

Yeah, Putin anticipated loss of best friend ever Donald Trump at one point and knew very well how to protect his assets(OHHH BOY THAT CLEANING LADY WAS A TOP KILLER - SHE MURDERED MORE THAN WHAT YOU CAN COUNT AND ITS WHY SHE GOT IMPREGNATED FOR THE ONE SHE MURDERED - CANCER PILLS - CALLING HER PUTIN'S SERIAL KILLER IS NOT EXAGGERATION), but facts are facts. Arkady Rotenberg is just a Putin's toy. One wrong move and he too can become easily Oleg Rudnov or many others.
The thing is that I wouldn't even object Putin having his properties, but what have one done for Russia to deserve it on the first place when compared to impoverished Russian workers/pensioners of which 20% survives in bellow poverty line conditions !!???? The answer is nothing.

And to make myself clear. Putin and Navalny DO WORK TOGETHER. Putin's luck in respect to Navalny will be judged once upon Putin's removed according to Navalny's actions. There is a lots of data in Navalny's movie I disagree with. Putin did have doppelganger - at least one with silicone mask, so his claims about Putin from 1995 to 2001 DO NOT FIT MY EXPERIENCE IN SLOVENIA WHERE BROUGHT from USA. House was packed with KGB and Slovenian police was everywhere - that included forests.

From Putin's blah blah online paper: 

Russian construction mogul Arkady Rotenberg says he's the beneficiary of an extensive property on the Black Sea coast, which has been widely touted by Alexey Navalny and Western media as a secret residence of Vladimir Putin.

The businessman gave a short interview to Telegram channel Mash, on Saturday, regarding the construction site in the Krasnodar region, which remains the focus of intense rumors both inside the country and in foreign media. Asked if he was acknowledging ownership of the site dubbed ‘Putin’s palace’, Rotenberg said: “This will be a secret no more. I am the beneficiary.”

He added that he intends to use the location as an apartment hotel, once it is finished.

“I like the hotel business…and have been involved in it for several years now,” Rotenberg said, adding that he owns several ‘objects’ throughout Russia. He explained that the site in question has a troubled financial history, but he nevertheless acquired it a few years ago, putting faith in its “gorgeous” coastal location near the resort town of Gelendzhik. 

“This project is somewhat scandalous and difficult. But mark my words, in 12 or 18 months I’ll invite you to witness for yourself what beauty it will be,” he told Mash editor-in-chief, Maksim Iksanov, joking that the journalist may get a discount since he already visited the property.

The so-called ‘Putin’s palace’ is located at Cape Idokopas, about 17km southeast from Gelendzhik.

The team of Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny last week released a two-hour expose, complete with corruption allegations against Putin, floor plans and computer-generated images purporting to show what the palace is supposed to look like eventually. The video was touted as displaying the Russian president’s mindset and called on its viewers to take part in anti-government protests.

The Russian president denied owning any of the property featured in Navalny’s video, while Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov branded the corruption accusations as “an outstanding myth.”

The film was launched days after Navalny returned to Russia from Germany and was taken into custody, pending a court review of his parole from a previous embezzlement case. He was flown out of the country last August after a medical emergency, which he claims happened after a failed assassination attempt by agents of the Russian security service, the FSB. The Russian government denied targeting Navalny and accused him of working with foreign intelligence to discredit Moscow.

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