Thursday, January 14, 2021

DIE BY THE LIE OR LIVE UP TO THE TRUTH: First American doctor involved in my MK Ultra case now KILLED(murdered make no mistake about that) !!!

And you all though that this was all about me heh... you should have known from moment you realized he didn't have reason to engage against me with what he boys and gals signed up for overseas deaths not careers alone. I have seen many parish along the way of which some in my opinion presented to Trump greater risk and others(I concluded) almost none. But it comes down to proofs and this is what you all are to them. 

When you signup for deals across the seas that aren't government supported or are(in this case were totally) even forbidden as those strictly engage with constitution/laws, you should take time about that clause that is not written anywhere but is explained above because one well may cost you life.

Donald Trump will get you MURDERED even if you supported one and more so if he knows that your witnessing could damage him in any way....its when you are the biggest liability - ask Cohen about it....

American psychologist told me that may involved in MK Ultra will try to visit me, but will be too late as they won't let them near...I guess name Bornstein I can easily scratch off the list now. Rest in peace my heart is broken, but spirit decided.

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